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Monday, January 2, 2017


We just cannot take our children, our youth, our young adults - and those that we look upon as our younger generation - to address the issues that may seem perennial and difficult - without qualified support - that comes from WISDOM.

We the adults - the seniors - the Elders must stand united -  stand shoulder to shoulder to educate and more shine light where there is abject darkness.

 Guiding and nurturing our youth, our young adults - those who embrace the concepts and ideas of our younger - generation - must do it with micro-managing what the spirit deems - necessary at this time - because for too long - someone dropped the ball.

At the Oceti Sakowin Camp - our youth and young adults - showed the fortitude and tenacity - that is much needed and what is important the sacrifice - for where there is sacrifice - there is love.

In years past we saw what took place on Alcatraz Island - where paradoxically those key leaders hat their origins - to the Lakota Sioux Nation. Spread all over - because some one decided to destroy the culture, the language, that which was important to the tribe and sovereign Lakota Sioux Nation.

Today, the movement that matters - Nationwide - has come back to Standing Rock Reservation - to the Oceti Sakowin Camp - on Lakota Sioux Nation.

People have come from all over the world and all over the Nation - there could not be another clarion call - as powerful to meet and address the issues of our time- as has happened at Standing Rock Reservation - in North Dakota.

One could walk freely - all over the Oceti Sakowin Camp - and witness people what they do best.

Give orientations - genuinely take care to those in need.

Cook in the various kitchens, take care of those ill or who wanted some medical attention - professional medical experts - most young adults - catering to all sorts of medical - needs.

There were many meeting hubs - and places to gather to sing and dance and speak from the heart.

I witnessed it all and I felt the role of the youth and young adults - and was proud that I made it out - to Standing Rock Reservation - and witness all that to see and feel - myself.

Our youth are precious and so are our young adults - your prayers and good actions - are needed at this time - to send the best vibes towards the Dakotas.

 You are our future - and as much as many of you cannot make it to the land of the Dakotas - we need you in spirit -which is critical to the movement.

We need you now at this juncture - during winter - to warm the place and support the - " protectors of the water ".

 Payers are important to indigenous people - burning sage and cleansing - those things exercised by the indigenous -  those good folks that  support us all  - more, with their heart in the right place.

Early December the blizzard hit the Dakotas - this one
late night - and this one scene of a tent with the warm fire
burning inside - and other fires lit - create this beautiful scene.
All this and more at Oceti Sakowin camp - each one doing their thing.

In contrast late November - at the Oceti Sakowin camp -
the blizzard that was predicted spared us -
it was nippy but we all handled it - the many who came
were busy organizing and getting their act together -
we walked among the thousands and all was good.

This monument built in memory of Chief Sitting Bull -
at Fort Yates - a casino nearby - full of visitors -
this Casino has a hotel - near to Cannon Ball Reservation -
and Camp Oceti Sakowin.

The  " Protectors " - of the water - have been representing -
the blizzard and what it brings does not make things easy -
the work goes on - never mind the promises made by those
linked to the Dakota Access Pipeline - entities.
That project must go away - now.

Here is 2017 - the Treaty of Laramie was signed in 1851 fully assuring the Latoka Sioux Nation - jurisdiction over the land and protection of the water - and the Missouri River.

The Treaty of Laramie was again addressed in 1868 - with some amendment - again addressing all the salient and pertinent issues - land, water, jurisdiction, sovereign and so on - the details review and signed and agreed upon.

Our youth and young adults cannot stand " liars " - we know what happens when people lie.

More - as we know - those that speak most of the time " with a forked tongue " - we know who they are.

At this time we must be educated on issues - read the treaties - other pertinent documents - at least have a true history of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

If we do  so - with our heart in the right place - when those that speak from both sides of their mouth - they can be told the TRUTH and silenced.

It does not help when folks - do not know what they are talking about.

 Others write and talk because they want to impress - this is a battle that must be won - one battle at a time. 

It is for this very reason - I had to go to North Dakota to see things for myself - and much of what the land is all about - is there for all to see - the hills speak to one - they are unique and emit good vibes.

The Buffalo - if you are fortunate to see them - are majestic but they recognize those who have come to see the ancestors - and they were visited by us - free roaming Buffalo that came from somewhere - very near the Oceti Sakowin camp - to witness and show the " enemy " - who really is in control.

The Eagles saw the " drones " and assured the ancestors - that the drones could be take care of - and the Eagles snatched the drones - and brought them down. Shocking those that thought they ruled the skies of the Lakota Sioux Nation - but that was not the case.

Today the youth and young adults - are still facing the difficulties of the " blizzard " - the Oceti Sakowin Camp is prone to severe flooding.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp is located in a Valley - a ravine - and when the amassed snow thaw - or melts - there could be five to six feet of water - and this could cause - many adverse impacts.

Run off from the Camp - catering to hundreds and at times thousands - run off from many uses - could cause health issues.

Those that are in charge of the organizing are looking for other sites - better functional sites - where the logistics and strategies can be taken care off.

 The Veterans will have their own camp - away from the other camps - now - other sites are sought after - more on land that belongs to the Lakota Sioux Nation

The many thousands of United States Veterans - who have served our Nation well - in the many wars we created - have now decided to make the cause of the those who gathered at Camp Oceti Sakowwin theirs.

Our Nation's Veterans are  committed to protect all those whose heart is in the right place - more - the front line " protectors of the water.

Our youth and young adults - are learning fast with their heart in the right place. It was nice to see that sparkle in their eyes - saying good stuff  and ready to handle anything - with a little help from the Elders and those that have the WISDOM.