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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


In San Francisco we must NOT lie to the people - hoodwink the tax payers - and look with disdain on those that need help most - our poor - our indigent.

 Those with compromised health - in short we San Franciscans - have always embraced those that need help most - here in San Francisco - and world wide.

We must protect our infants, our children, our youth, young adults, women and men adults, seniors, those with compromised health - more the physically and mentally challenged.

This is Ohlone Land - and when the strangers first landed on this land - they were welcome - and treated with respect. The Vikings, the Russians fur traders, the Spanish - all those that came to this land - as visitors - and stayed here - especially those that stole the land.

Today the world is just coming to the knowledge about the Ohlone - and more the Muwekma Ohlone - the Ohlone own each and every square inch of our so called territory or land  - we call San Francisco.

Unspeakable atrocities were committed on the First People of San Francisco and the neighboring areas - women and children murdered - the men fighting killed - with superior weapons - guns the other side have mere spears and bows and arrows.

This genocide - the word "  genocide " was not invented -  were the many atrocities were committed - is fact those that committed the atrocities - were praised, honored and rewarded.

Edicts were sent from the Governor of California - to scalp Indians meaning murder them - and a scalp could fetch the killer $5 - this was the way - of the then wild west.

Stakes were placed - and documented - then taken to Sacramento and other places where - vast land holdings - were recorded - by survey men - some visited the location to check - others noted the contents of the document - because they were paid large sums of money.

The episodes, the one sided skirmishes by those that had superior weapons - are all documented - praising the Whites - who thought they were doing right.

Trying to bring the First People - who lived peacefully for thousands of years - into their fold.

 More trying to brain wash the Ohlone - conditioning them to the ways of those who purported to be good Christians - even though the endorsed murder, atrocities - that today we deem as acts further - " genocide ".

Today - San Francisco continues to further the actions of adverse impacts - " financial institution here in San Francisco " - backing the Dakota Financial Access Pipe Line - that if laid at the bottom of the Missouri River - has the immediate possibility - to contaminate - trillions of clean drinking water.

We all knew the man who is an egoistical maniac - Donald Trump would defy - best practices - general laws like the Precautionary Principle - other laws that some of us as advocates have fought for a long, long time.

We visited the Oceti Sakowin Camp - and we saw with our eyes - what the Protectors of the Water - tried to accomplish - on their own.

 Volunteers - doctors, nurses, electricians, local security, those responsible for supplies be it food and clothing, plumbers, cooks, musicians, Native Elders who shared their Wisdom - you get the picture.

There are millions - worldwide that do not approve building the Dakota Access Pipe Line - and President Donald Trump can play with fire - and we the people - have the capacity to deal - with this decision - that defies logic - and speaks volumes - when it comes to norms, laws, rights given to those signed by treaties - as enjoyed by the Lakota Sioux Nation.

We the people will not be ordered around - more those that are knowledgeable.

Right now - it is too early - as this Executive Order - is just an Executive Order - with no details spelled.

The experts and there are many can take this matter to Court and dispute the many discrepancies - linked to the Dakota Access Pipe Line - this $3. 8 Billion plus project - that must NOT go forward.