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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce  - revered by all the Chiefs of his time - did what he could - protecting his people - fighting for the infants, the children, the youth, and the young adults. 

He protected the Elders - and sacrificed so much - in the end he decided to head for the North - to what we call Canada - to take refuge.

Chief Sitting Bull did the same - both Chiefs understood that the land they lived on - was there to be protected and nurtured - not to be sold, taken over and destroyed by those that did not respect - Mother Earth.

Both Chiefs did their best to protect the infants, the children, the young, the young adults, the Elders - they did what they could in the given circumstances. They both took refuge - with those they could manage to take with them to Canada - then came back - to their land of birth - only to find it - in a worse condition.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the tribes - creating the Lakota Sioux Nation -
a sovereign Nation - he and his warriors defeated -
Custer as reported in the Battle of Little Bighorn.

It is not easy to be a Chief - keep your insanity - and protect the children, the youth, the young adults - the young braves and do it with dignity.

No decent person what to subjugated by those that have no values, less compassion, and treat human being with disdain.

This has been happening on this land - Turtle Island - for hundreds of years - with no valid reason - and this nonsense must STOP.

Chief Sitting Bull did all he could to protect his people.

It must be noted that his father made Chief Sitting Bull a Chief at the age of 14 years.

This singular anointing was a spiritual one.

Chief Sitting Bull - his valor at the age of 14 years - came about when he killed a Buffalo. A large Buffalo is not easy to take down - more with a bow and arrow and a spear.

A Buffalo is revered - a Buffalo also provides food and every single part of the Buffalo is used - its fur, the meat, the hoofs used as handles for knives and so on.

When  Chief Sitting Bull brought down the Buffalo - his father who was also a Chief - recognized that as a sign - for his son to lead.

His father -  had already noticed other signs - spiritual signs - monitoring the spiritual demeanor - of his son.

When I was young I would read anything and everything about Chief Sitting Bull. 

I was more interested why the historians always mentioned - that he was a Spiritual Leader - he had the power to do things - that were super natural.

There came an occasion when the White men - decided to encroach on land that Chief Sitting Bull knew they had no right to encroach.

The White men did that to lay down the tracks - for a railway - in defiance.

At that time the White men - had powerful guns - not so the Lokota Sioux Nation - that had some - but more loved fighting hand to hand combat - as warriors then did - to prove their manhood.

Chief Sitting Bull decided to lead his warriors a few hundred feet from the tracks - where the Calvary were ready to do battle.

After arriving a few hundred feet from where the Calvary and the White men were - Chief Sitting Bull - ordered his braves - to alight from their horses and form a circle.

Chief Sitting Bull then addressed his warriors - and lit the ceremonial smoking  pipe - and passed it around. 

All the time the pipe was being passed around - the Calvary took aim - shooting at the Lakota Sioux - warriors.

Chief Sitting Bull was unfazed and so were the warriors. 

When Chief Sitting Bull was done with his ceremony - he left with his warriors - riding away with their horses - not a single bullet did any damage to Chief Sitting Bull and his warriors.

The White men and the Calvary were aghast - but that was on them.

This story has been told again and again - and the White men spread the word - that Chief Sitting Bull, as did Chief Geronimo - and other great Chiefs of the time - they feared no one - because they were - spiritual.

It is critical that in this fight to bring about justice - we have to be patient - it is also important that we be educated on issues - if you are spiritual - everything will come to you.

For thousands of years the Great Spirit protected the indigenous people of Turtle Island.

In all those thousands of years - the millions of acres of land,
3, 717,  812. 8 miles to be precise.

The air and the water - the forest, the birds, the animals, - all that Mother Earth laid bare to those that had the intelligence and more compassion to take care and protect - Mother Earth.

You never find indigenous people - killing the Buffalo for the Buffalo coat  and not for the meat.

Taking the Buffalo coat and leaving the meat to rot - heaps and heaps of Buffalo meat.

Anyone that does that - is evil -  for only those that are saturated with " greed and avarice " - do such evil deeds.

Such people will never, ever be blessed - they will never, ever enjoy peace of mind and soul.

You never hear indigenous people - taking about fences and boundaries - walls and stakes - try finding the words for such things - and you will have to task your mind.

The Muwekma Ohlone of the San Francisco area -
and beyond who were on the Federal Register until 1927 -
have Patrimonial Jurisdiction over all that we see in San Francisco and beyond - the Muwekma Ohlone
were then illegally removed - the Great Spirit sees it all.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - all that we call San Francisco and beyond. 

I represent them - and so I say to the children, the youth, the young adults - we must do right - our heart has to be in the right place. 

We must learn to be spiritually very strong at this time - it is our time - and the victory is ours in the short and long run. One battle at a time.

Do well studying your culture, learn the language of your tribe, be proud of your Tribe - and stand tall and speak to the Truth.

All Native American people comprehend - and understand the respect that should be given to the Host Nation.

More - in our prayers, in our salutation, in all that we do - in the land of the Host Nation.

We must adhere  to this one singular protocol - because it is right.

These protocols go to time immemorial - the land is ours - given to the indigenous people of the land - to nurture,  protect,  and offer praise to Mother Earth. We are her children.

In the 1950s and 1960s and beyond - Native American tribes more the children and youth - were torn from their parents and tribes and sent to far away places.

This was done   " with intent " - to destroy the Native American families - to destroy the Native American languages - to destroy the undaunted spirit of the Native Americans - second to none on this Earth.

A brother - taken from his loving parents and send to Los Angeles a sister to Oakland. This crime cries to heaven for justice.

We talk about this but we have to do something about it. 

It is only when we address this situation - and sound the clarion call - the healing will begin. It all starts with unity and purpose of mind.

We must NOT get angry - when we are spiritual the Great Spirit will lead us - to be patient with purpose on mind.

We must be educated on issues - then the Great Spirit - will allow us to deal with those we must dealt with - with a calm mind, a strong spirit - and give us a victory that is second to none.

The modalities are there within each tribe - we do not have to seek such wisdom - with those that have acted as the " devil " does. 

The wisdom is there with our Elders - and each one must seek the WISDOM - before it is too late.

Recently we traveled to North Dakota from San Francisco.

 On this sacred and spiritual journey to Camp Oceti Sakowin - close to Cannon Ball Reservation - not far from Standing Rock Reservation - North Dakota - we each experience a lot - guided by the Great Spirit who we called upon.

We have heard our Elders inform us about water - again and again.

Those that do not care -  defy our norms - as they are trying to do so - with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

If we permit it to happen - the Dakota Access Pipeline - can and will contaminate the Missouri River - that nourishes millions of people and has more in the past.

In today's world - with all the technology - we can " fact check " anything - we must learn to speak the " Truth " - seek the facts and study the "empirical data ".

Mostly important delve into the Wisdom of the Elders. 

If we do this - then those that try to deceive us can be taken to task.

Do not allow anyone to bully you - more here in San Francisco and the surrounding area.

If you are indigenous you a welcome and have every right - to defend and stand for what is yours to protect. Consider this your land to protect and defend. 

Consider it your right to take - all those who have their heart in the right place - to a better place.

Our Native American Tribes from all over the Nation who are here - are welcomed.

 I did mention about the protocols - not so much to enforce them as do dictators - but to follow what our ancestors have always - followed - for the good of Mother Earth - all over Turtle Island - and beyond.

The Elders must love and nurture our children, youth, and young adults - others.

As I said " spirituality " that which has been handed down for thousands of years -  by our Elders - our ancestors - going back over 13, 000 years and more - all Carbon dated - has proved invaluable all these years - until the strangers screwed it all.

The ancestors were powerful and today continue to guide us - those of us that are open - have our heart in the right place.

There is nothing that those who are greedy and full of avarice - can do to adverse impact those that are spiritual, have fortitude and tenacity to stand on.

 More to live  - showing compassion to their fellow human beings - guiding them - and taking them to a better place.

Always - respecting all that are decent and more treating all human beings who have their heart in the right place  - with compassion. Aho.

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