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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Our Native American Youth from Tribes 
all over our Nation - keep their original 
tradition alive - always remembering -
where they came from - and more where they are going.

The United States Government - " with intent " -  tried their best to destroy - the very language, culture, anything that could keep the Native American Tribes intact - in the United States of America.

This diaspora is well documented - a sister sent from the East to the West Coast - to Los Angeles -  a bother to Oakland.

Not for their good - but so that they could forget where they came from - children from age two to five - and some older - sent to far off places to be brain washed.

Sent to boarding schools - their Native American clothing removed and burned - their hair cut short.

Forced to eat food that they were not accustomed to - treated like animals - and all this and more has been documented in our libraries and by historians. A part of the most sordid history - of the United States of American - bordering on the infamous Holocaust - that much is made about.

California governors issued edicts to adversely impact Native Americans. San Francisco and City Hall has adversely impacted Native Americans.

The Muwekma Ohlone have patrimonial jurisdiction here in San Francisco - and more will be revealed at time goes on. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not clue about this - preferring to brush off the Muwekma Ohlone and entice other entities - to celebrate the Native Americans History month.

The Host Nation must always be acknowledged - but the Chinaman would not comprehend that - lacking Cultural Competency - and more ignorant on issues.

Forbidden to speak their language - and punished severely if they did so -  forced to speak a foreign language - English.

Native Americans took care of Turtle Island for over 13, 000 years all Carbon documented - and here we have some horrible people - thinking they can undo - what the Great Spirit - nurtured for thousands of years.

Treated as animals - Native Americans called pagans - treated as sub-human and we have documented the happenings - and the youth and young adults today - are privy to this empirical data.

Those tyrants - hard hearted - tried their best - to brain wash the young Native Americans - thought they could make them change their ways - but had no control over their DNA.

The Great Spirit - has sheltered and protected many - all these years.

The Great Spirit has touched my soul in many ways - and what I have heard and seen - felt and suffered - cannot be explained in words. 

Suffice to say - I have devoted my time - and skills to bring about the required - change. Aho.

Today many of these children - now adults - are advocates.

They understand the plight of the many tribes - for example the Lakota Sioux Nation.

From that sovereign nation - came many youth and young adults - that we visited - not too long ago - at Standing Rock Reservation - North Dakota.

Why would anyone do this? 

Why  would anyone stoop so low and be so cruel?

This question has not been studied in toto - in detail -  those that perpetuated these crimes - must be charged and restitution demanded - now.

Some of these atrocities have gone to the United Nations - and to some International bodies - but NO concrete outcome has come from all the talk.

The United States government has NOT apologized for all the crimes committed and more they are committing to this very day.

Who is responsible for the many scars?

The youth and young adults have spoken to me? And I have kept those memories, their crying and sinking voices, and their trials and tribulation close to my heart.

One of many celebrations I attended at 
Friendship House in the East Bay  -
the Quakers once provided this refuge -
today many Native American Tribes - have done all in their power - to keep these institution operational. Aho.

The United States Government - has failed to acknowledge these crimes.

Many Federal Governmental entities - the Department of Interior, the Department of Justice - have been slow - to bring about justice.

More address the plight of the Elders and infants, children, youth, and young adults today.

Some years ago - I remember the Friendship House - situated at 523 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94606 -  was in need of dire help.

Good people from all walks of life came together - raised the required funds - and saved Friendship House.

Established in 1955 - not long ago International Friendship House celebrated its 60th Anniversary.

In all those years - Friendship House - stayed open - its Directors - more the volunteers -  helped thousands in need help.

That help under the guidance of the Great Spirit - has been bestowed to those that needed it - in their time and hour of need.

They in turn - many Native American from sovereign nations - now living on Ohlone Land - have helped others - and helped more decent human  - on this unique journey - go to a better place.

There are other Friendship Houses too - that I have visited - but for some reason - I am gravitated to the International Friendship House - in the East Bay.

We have reached a point - where we must be educated on issues - the more we know about our roots - the better - we can stand tall - and defend that which no one can touch - our inherent culture that is thousands of years old.

Here is one website we can use for starters:

Highlight - double rich click - and use Open the URL for best results. You many use other links to further your research.

Our youth and young adults have the ability to use the libraries in our Universities - one of them University of Berkeley.

There are experts anthropologists, ethnohistorians, historians - our Elders and that may required to going back to the Reservations and documenting - we can do it - and we must do it - before that required empirical data - is no more.

Recently - we saw first hand the role of the youth and young adults - and I am requesting good women and men - to get small groups - focus groups to chart a course of action.

This time is our time - and the digital tools we have at our hand - is all we need to keep the flame alive.

God bless our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders, those that have sacrifice so much to keep the flame alive - the " fire burning ".

With the blessing of the Great Spirit - our heart in the right place  - educated on issues - we can stand tall - and bring about the required spiritual change - first amongst ourselves - and then among all infants, children, youth, young adults - all good women and men of good will. Aho.