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Sunday, January 8, 2017


San Francisco has a $9 Billion budget - and projected to deal with a $400 million deficit - over a two year period.

Truly speaking some years ago - we created a system to monitor our budget over period of 3 years - and now we have agreed to monitor  our budget - for a period of 5 years.

Included  - in our recent past - past budgets - and the one we are dealing with now - scenarios - if and when - we are hit with a recession.

We are fortunate to have a stellar and astute Controller  Ben Rosenfield - who has until now done a yeoman job - trying to steer our City's expanding budget - once in the high millions to now over $9 Billion in the right direction. 

In the past we experienced the spiraling of the economy - that hit us badly - but then we also recovered - and hit the high peak.

Economist call it the V pattern - going down steep and then rising high - forming the V pattern - that we all are familiar with.

I remember well the period - working at the Presidio of San Francisco in the Real Estate and Property Management Department - and dealing with the rich and filthy - who were ready to pay premium rents - trying to bribe and conduct themselves - in way that Federal Regulation - prohibit.

Then after a few years - all the razzel,  dazzle - and fizzle - and reality hit all in the face.

Many start up companies disappeared - and many who once had jobs - were jobless.

We all remember 9/11 and the repercussion of those events - starting in the year  2001.

Many establishment closed their doors - and many of my good friends did not recover until 2011 - or so.

We all remember the year 2008 and the spiraling of the economy then - more a U pattern.

Meaning the recession was gradual - and we are fortunate to be doing well soon after a few years.

More - considering - what is going on all over the Nation and with the world.

Again and again we hear - San Francisco is booming - and it is.

An influx of " techies " who have little to contribute when it comes to culture. All they do is throw their money around - the rents are sky rocketing - they have contributed to congestion - now even invading our " bus zones " with their buses - leading that department GOOGLE and its luxury buses - equipped with WiFi and other amenities.

We have several models within the major models of Health Benefit Models and organizations - that cater to our health.

For example the Kaiser Permanente offers one - Blue Shield  is another one.

The City and County of San Francisco has - Healthy SF. The State has University of California San Francisco with 11, 000 employees and caters to thousands of patients  - others - each convoluted.

How much you pay for medicines - how much for a major operation - most people who make less than $60, 000 - cannot afford the large premiums.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - better known as Obama Care - has cheated the people at large.

Promising benefits such as giving opportunities to choose your own doctor - that is not happening - the premiums are skyrocketing - people are confused - many a time - added stress leading to chronic diseases and even death.

Those in the age group 25 years to 45 years -  were supposed to pay into the system - and cover for those " indigent " - that is not  happening - those in that age group - are choosing to have no insurance and ready to face the penalty - and no one knows what will happen - once Donald Trump chooses with determination and quickness of power - to " drain the swamp " - and reject parts of Obama Care.  

Anyway you look at how the Health Benefits are doled out - the insurance companies - are raking in the millions. 

Right now they have the inherent ways - to use algorithms - and future projections -  confusing to the lay person and more the hard working, decent, tax paying - citizen.

The SF General Hospital now has been told that they have move large departments - to locations - that meet the seismic standards.  The SF General Hospital has been told several time - Notice of Violations issues - but has chosen to take the path - of deferred maintenance.

The SF General Hospital and Director Barbara Garcia has been aware of Notice of Violation - linked to the older facilities at Potrero Street and SF General Hospital - but chose to go with deferred maintenance - for reasons - best know to her and those that advice her - her sordid inner circle that has compromised the health and service of the citizens of San Francisco.

The SF Health Commission meets - the talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) Hotels - still cater to our needy - sent to recover in filthy, bed-bug infested hotels.

The SF Health Commission and Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his advisors - think nothing of this one singular fact - that must be investigated and more remedied.

The Mayor and Steve Kawa should spend a day in an SRO and experience for one night - what that trauma looks like.

Plans are afoot to move some Departments to Laguna Honda Hospital - there are other plans that Barbara Garcia is thinking about - anyway - you look at it - this recent " fiasco " - stems from very poor planing and vision.

Laguna Honda - once know as the " Poor House " was build by San Franciscans - not the City and County of San Francisco.

Then the City came and took it over - we all went through the trials and tribulation of Laguna Honda and its rebuilt - and thought the "indigent " would enjoy some comfort.

Again and again Laguna Honda is targeted - some time ago sending " drug addicts " - mixed with the Seniors - who were threatened, things stolen, even assaulted - Go Figure!

Now - large Health Departments from Potrero Street - are planned to be moved to Laguna Honda - close to the Forest Hill Bart Station - miles away - and no one know about the logistics and the planning - and the inconvenience to the patients and the workers. Does anyone give a rat's ass?

When it comes to Safety in our City - and the SF Police Department - the most important factor looming on the horizon - is our inability to have a clear vision - and more sound leadership.

As things stand today - our SF Police Commission has no vision - and when it comes to " leadership " - we did not learn anything from the past choosing of a SF Police Chief.

We fail to understand less comprehend the mess that occurred - when we chose George Gascon an outsider to come to San Francisco - and made him the SF Police Chief. 

He messed the SF Police Department and now continues to mess the SF District Attorney office - when he chose to run for SF District Attorney and won that seat.

Our Police Officers Association (SF POA) continues to throw curve balls - upsetting the tax payers that care about our great City and County of San Francisco.

The City named after Saint Francis Assisi.

The SF POA fails to understand that it must at some point - learn to work as a team. 

Stop judging the tax payers who pay their salaries -  more the advocates that are working harder than the SF POA is - on many fronts because they love this City and County of San Francisco.

The Command Group at the SF Police Department is divided - some who work at the SF Command Group have had infinite patience and worked with the community.

Kudos to them for standing by the community - I know some of them and thank them sincerely for their commitment to our City and more allowing some of us access - to make good things happen.

We must fully understand - that our heart has to be in the right place and communication is necessary to make head way - we may NOT agree but let us - at least have a dialog - a meaningful dialog - our City deserves this at the least.

One of two think they can sit on the fence and jump on the greener side.  We know who they are - we still have the majority who want to work with the citizens of San Francisco - and pray to God that they will - help us serve all the citizens and constituents of San Francisco.

We all know this notion to shoot first and ask questions later must STOP.

All over the nation Law Enforcement now recognizes fully  that how " deadly force " is used - must be envisioned in a manner - where no officer is put in harms way - there must be a real cause to use one's weapon. No flimsy excuses what so ever. It also goes to training - and paying attention to one's health, psychology, readiness must as other Law Enforcement entities - do - and do well.

That - also NO citizen - is killed for any mundane reason - and that - the Police Bill of Rights kicked in - to give " rogue officers " a way out. This nonsense must STOP.

On Education our private, charter, and parochial schools are doing well.

Of course the parents have to pay  more for their children - to go to the above schools. The dividends are there - so many parents make a sacrifice - and children who go to the above schools - contribute better to Society.

The many extra-curricula activities - sports - and other opportunities - create a better person - and more one that contributes as I said to Society - we must learn to go more and bring about a better end result - with our Public School that are faltering.

Too much talk and less walk. Folks like Hydra Mendonza - and others - thinking they can hoodwink the Citizens of San Francisco - forever - she and other like her - panders - must step down and fade away - now.

The State of California must provide the necessary funding and does not - many children lack proper text books and other base line requirements.

The SF City and  County in the passed through ordinances passed by the SF Board of Supervisors and introduced by visionary SF Supervisors the likes of Tom Ammiano - who taught at the Public School - created a " raining day fund ". That find has come to the rescue of the SF Unified School District - again and again.

It  does not  help the Hydra who represents the SF Mayor Office does a " lousy "  job - pandering to the Salesforce and other private entities - and has done little if nothing - to enhance the education of our children.

In the past our students did receive a standard education.

However - in the past 12 years - it has become difficult for our children to receive a sound education - in our Public Schools.

Many poor children go to school very stressed - having no breakfast. Two and three families sharing a one bed room or two bed room - exacerbates chronic stress - a factor prevalent but not fully studied by the medical authorities.

Of course the dum SF Unified School District is ripe with dysfunctional personnel - and those in power - including many of the San Francisco Unified School Board.

Many of them - who have ulterior motives - and have no through understanding of learning, less imparting sound education - most of them panderers - the likes of Hydra and Walton Shammon and others. 

Fake statistics are thrown around - when you compare the result with Public School in some of the better cities nationwide - San Francisco fails - miserably.

We have the " rainy day fund " that the SF Unified School District  is quick to ask for.

The SF Unified School District loves to pander to private companies - receiving iPads and so forth.

 The children lack personal attention - and if immigrant children form part of the equation - our classrooms are a mess.

There are cases of  " immigrant children " kept aside in cages - and treated with " disdain " - this nonsense must STOP.

When it comes to the mentally and physically challenged - there have been reports - how the children have been treated with disdain - these reports are despicable to read.

Some of the SFUSD principals circumvent the issues at hand.

The SFUSD Board folks like Shaman Walton and others - have NOT represented the City and County of San Francisco - more our needy - children.

The Bus Rapid Transit plan for Geary Blvd - will take its own course - and the constituents will learn more about the Municipal Transportation Agency and more about the sordid - SF County Transportation Authority.

One single court action - will reveal the shenanigans, the ploys and the machinations .

I have been monitoring the many inherent flaws - in the planning - pandering to the Bicycle Political Pack - and to dubious character within the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - Tilly Tang its Director.

The SFCTA has been wasting millions - making changes and pandering to entities like the Bicycle Coalition that has a Political Pack - contributes money - so that with all the congestion we have on our roads - are accommodate with a Bicycle Lane.

The turn over within the SF County Transportation Authority must be studied - the many women personnel who gang up - and produce plans that are dubious in nature.

We need qualified people represent - and should not favor - the blatant discrimination doing on at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. An exception is Maria - who should have been heading the SF County Transportation Authority.

Again and again as happened with the Third Street Light Rail - millions are wasted.

The Third Street Light Rail - a project that starts at 4th and King Street and terminates in the middle of Visitation Valley - no where.

90% of the businesses on the Third Street corridor were impacted - no one thinks about that.

More -  on a corridor - where all the businesses were already suffering. Many cut their losses and to this day are suffering.

On the question of Street Violence - the Shootings and Killings - the mayhem in certain Districts and we have 11 Districts - things today and going from bad to worse. More killings and shootings.

Our Mayor Office has taken the easy way out -  for example once we had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - now - no more.

Now, the Mayor receives millions from the Federal Government to address Crime and related issues - has eliminated the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. Keeps millions for his disposal and stupid actions - and think less of accountability and transparency. 

The Mayor thinks he can fool all the people all the time. No more. The RICO ACT is starring at you - our links to Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi, other crooks one worse than the other.

Two lackeys - who know nothing much - Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - act as liaison with titles that belittle what they do in reality - work for the Mayor and handle all issues linked to Street Violence and Intervention - and do little about it - but talk from both sides of their - mouth.

Millions are out-sourced to HealthRight360 - and when something like this is done - it is done to circumvent - standards - accountability and transparency.

I tried to help the Street Violence and Prevention Program - but again and again the Mayor's Office has interfered for all the wrong reasons - and continues vigorously - to push for programs without " Safety " and all its aspects in place.

Recently - a young man working for the Mayor Program IPO  - fell prey to a shooting and murder.

 The Mayor has been playing with fire - milking Community Benefits - a case in point using Juliet Ellis to divert thousands of dollars - from the Sewer System Improvement Project and that Outreach Program - to facilitate the Mayor - Summer Youth Program. 

Juliet Ellis has been playing with $150 million - set aside for Outreach for the community - the needs it most - not for some drab Summer Job Program - with no consideration for Career Jobs. The Mayor thinks he can fool us all. No more - jackass.

Juliet Ellis who is shady will do anything to keep her job - including diverting money to Candidates in the recent November  2016 Elections .

Juliet Ellis was fined by the State of California - Fair Political Action Committee - for  diverting SF tax payers  money - an amount of $200, 000 .

This money was diverted to Green For All - a former non-profit that Juliet Ellis was connected with - in the East Bay. 

To make matters worse - she still had something to do with the Green For All Board - was on some pay roll - while acting as a full time employee of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

More - as as the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - what eve that means - and earning in access of $200, 000 if not more.

There is no doubt that today City Hall is very corrupt.

The wheeling and dealing at the Mayor's Office Room 200 - has reached saturation point -  too many people have suffered.

Some serious and  urgent  " investigative reporting " must be initiated - to reveal the serious issues affecting the constituents - the " Truth " and all the ploys and machination - exposed.

Room 200 at City Hall - must be named - the " Den of Thieves ".

No one needs to be a rocket scientist to see and more witness the horrendous adverse impacts that come with the " congestion " on our roads in San Francisco. 

 The dangerous particulates are affecting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, seniors - those with compromised health - our mentally and physically challenged and more.

Respiratory diseases - heart problems, general fatigue - all sorts of  migraine headaches - still child births - many other chronic diseases are on the increase.

The poor and indigent slowly die - even with the fake services offered by the Hospitals - before with Saint Luke's we had Charity Care - no more - those Hospitals that pretend they are doing something - must pay attention - to the " hoodwinking " - you will be exposed.

San Francisco is no ordinary City - we have some very astute citizens - tax paying citizens - who are fed up with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lies - talking from both sides on his mouth.

The homeless situation - with the recent rains - has reached a situation - where the City must declare an emergency -our once middle class - now - living in tents on the streets of San Francisco are slowly dying.

The heavy rains, the extreme cold - affect us who are bundled up - I myself have seen the suffering - and have gone deep in my pocket to do something.

Those that know me - know where my heart is on this issue.

I am sincerely asking what is Naomi Kelly doing about this situation - where our indigent - and those vulnerable - are exposed to the extreme cold and heavy rains.

 Why cannot the City Administrator by pass the Mayor and do something - for the poor? She has the authority to do so - and can with the support of those that support her.

The City Administrator once was independent - that was until Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. changed the Charter - and brought the City Administrator under the Executive Body - that is the Mayor. This must change - we need a independent City Administrator - who can then work better with the Controller of the City and County of San Francisco.

Where are your Christian values?  Why are you playing second fiddle to a very corrupt person - who is not fit to the Mayor of San Francisco? You know better having been educated by the Jesuits - unlike the Mayor - who has a secular education - and failed - miserably.

It is not as if  I do not speak to the Controller Office , important heads of Department in the City and County of San Francisco - others that matter and see the Mayor having no leadership and less compassion. 

Stop this suffering inflicted on our " indigent population " because of failed City Polices during the last 12 years - on a War Footing - Stop talking from both sides of your mouth - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

As most of you know - for a long time - I refrained from using my power representing the Muwekma Ohlone - preferring to explain the situation - providing the empirical data - providing models to help the City and County of San Francisco - to NO avail.

I did this with the Street Violence and Intervention Program - and was shafted. Turing over 3000 square feet to the program - that has now moved to Building 150 at Executive Park - and still floundering.

I helped San Francisco Public Utilities Commission with its so called Contractors' Center - some 4000 square feet - with free parking - only for that Center to move from 5 Thomas Mellon Circle to 150 Executive Park. That was my conceptual plan - the location, the initial program was changed - other programs like the Reparian Program - too 4 years to materialize.

These two programs one addressing Violence and the other supposedly formed to address Workforce - both beg the question.

All - because of very poor leader at City Hall and more the Mayor Office of Workforce and Economic Development.

There is a lot of paper pushing - both programs lacking empirical data - both programs failing to take pertinent input from the advocates and the community at large.

The Mayor will be beset with real difficulties - more in areas - where he has been moving money - to cater to his mundane and petty needs - disrespecting the community and adversely impacting Quality of Life issues.

The Main Media does not bother to do investigative reporting - anymore - we have no sound newspapers - the "blogs " now fill that void and rightly so.

The main Commissions - love to rubber stamp foremost the SF Planning Department.

Coming second unabashedly - check out the fiasco - the Millennium Building - 58 story skyscraper sinking over 18 inches - the Department of Building Inspection.

Thirdly the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - ripe with nepotism and corruption of the highest order.  An audit must be done on its - " personnel  turn over " - Tilly Tang thinks she can get away with broad daylight - murder. A protege of the former Director Luis Moscovich - who groomed her - crooked to the core.

Time is running out - and when the audits are done - a can of worms will be revealed.

 Right now - there is a lot of hush - hush - going on - and thank God we have people in the know reporting to us - and the end result - will not be pretty.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is a disgrace to the human race. Aho.