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Monday, January 9, 2017


All over this Nation -  there has been an awakening - the Elders from the many Native American " Sovereign Nations ".

Those Elders from the " diaspora " - are speaking out, too - our indigenous people must be recognized and more respected.

Here in California over sixty percent of the California tribes are NOT Federally recognized.

Our fight to be recognized and respected is a real one - here in California - and all over Turtle Island.

This land - created by the " Great Spirit " bestowed - more - on those chosen people - given and bestowed - a spirit for the love of - 
" Mother Earth ".

As one travels all over this Earth - we have to travel to far off places to see and feel and more be with Mother Earth - where things are pristine - more, where the air is as fresh as it can be - and pure.

Where we can drink from the streams and rivers - and quench our thirsts and give thanks to the Great Spirit.

It is always great to watch the Eagle and other well nourished animals - who live in a habitat - that is not contaminated -  where humans have not defiled that which must be left alone - for those areas were created - by the Great Spirt - created to be admired  and respected.

Ceremony is NOT understood by those that are  " spiritually bankrupt ".

 No one can truly speak to the " Truth " if their heart is not is the right - place ".

No one can speak and try to be as sincere while tying to  fake it  " with a forked tongue " - and expect good results.

You plant a seed that is rotten and nothing comes from it.

Your word is your bond - you have to be " spiritually strong - your heart in the right place - from your deeds to live first and leave - a lasting legacy." 

Time is running out - the time for ploys, machinations, and shenanigans is running out.

Our Elders are struggling to stand up and speak up - more and more those that " are spiritually bankrupt " make noises - bring hurdles - just for the sake to great - divisiveness - we know this - but the few that know this - do not what to stand up for what is right. 

The few decent - who have the "  wisdom " passed through the ages - must stand up for what is right. We call them our Elders - and we must NOT forget that - never, ever.

There is something unique when an Elder - a wise woman warrior - a wise man warrior - speaks with authority.

More when an Elder - articulates - what is right and what is wrong. I have been in such circles - and have NOT said a word - because there is nothing to say - more to learn and still more to remember.

No one needs - to read the long diatribes - and convoluted paragraphs - with turns and twists - that say much and mean nothing - in treaties and other documents - where those that have no power - pretend they can use - " legalese " to deceive.

I have sat down with many such dubious entities from the Department of the Interior - the Department of Defense - local and State government - others - and just spoken from my heart - and turned their heart around.

We cannot generalize and condemn all - we  must seek the paths that are good - and explain our journey that the Great Spirit has given us to follow. 

The Great Chiefs Sitting Bull, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph - others too many to mention.

They all - were sent to help us all on our journey that we must all fulfill - each in our own way.

We must never forget that. These Chiefs that I have mentioned and others too - all left a legacy.

Be it - when they lived - on Mother Earth - life was made difficult for them - they all had to suffer the trials and tribulations - but they all over came - each of them - in their own way.

For thousands of years - those that " had their heart in the right place " - were chosen to speak to the Truth. These visionaries - many of them shamans - holy women and men - left their foot prints - on this Earth and to this day - affect us - directly and indirectly.

Then some three hundred years ago - the land that belonged to those that were chosen to guard the land.

Chosen to - take care of Mother Earth.

The air, the water, the land - the many birds, the animals, insects, frogs - all living beings - was sought after by those that had NO idea - about Mother Earth.

Less about decency - people who lied and continue to lie.

Spoke with a " forked tongue " and continue the same practice - because their heart was and is -  NOT - in the right place.

Our women were chosen to fulfill the promise that this Earth - that it be populated and our children - would carry on the mandates - unwritten.

Mandates one of the kind - unwritten - carried close to the heart.

Those that carry the goodness of the Great Spirit - do not need books, legalese - attorneys who lie through their teeth.

All sorts of twisted language - that say one thing and mean - another. That nonsense  must STOP - now.

Sometime I ask them what is the meaning of the " word " they use - please give me the etymological  and ethnological meaning of the " word ".

Words are important to Native Americans - and some words - will be used on certain occasions - and when used - have a special meaning - unlike English - one word can be used to say one thing and do another.

These that deceive get stumped - when they are asked to speak to the Truth.  We must be educated on issues - to throw a curve ball -  see the enemy reel backwards and fall down - in shame.

Camp Oceti Sakowin -
near Cannon Ball Reservation 
North Dakota - we were there
in November, 2016.

The ways of the Native Americans are unique - the way they lived - and the "legacy" they have left.

We remember the Chiefs but we also remember the followers of the Chiefs - for again and again the Chiefs - always referred to their following - and that is important to note.

We must always remember how Chief Sitting Bull - brought so many tribes - and united them - to this day - the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The Chiefs consulted the Elders - in circles of confidence - in " sacred dances " where only those " clean of heart " could be present.

The cleansing ceremonies - were not for the weak of heart - and your word was your bond and more. 

There is nothing more " sacred " than ceremony. Those that do not understand Native American values - learned from young - fail to bring " peace " and "  more understanding " - failure to incorporate such values in any dialog - brings more confusion and less harmony.

The places where most treaties were signed - were places where one party was forced - to follow dictates.

We call such actions - and term them under a word called " duress ".

Forced or led to - to sign with a thumb print - do what they were told to do.

This nonsense must be revealed - by those that analyze the many " treaties " - crafted by those evil to the core.

Some live today - speaking about lies as if it was the " truth" - representing the government and the agencies.

I have met them and continue to meet them - they must  be called out and the " truth " - must be revealed.

Our Native American children have suffered - many killed in atrocities committed by the palefaces - who have not bothered to - apologize.

We have done what we can for the children - and we must do more - because those that are innocent - must not be tarnished - by the deeds of those that are - " evil ".

Children sent to far off places - many here in California.

The victims are now in the late sixties and seventies - and have spoken to me in person - about the scars they have to live with - women and men.

Many of them have not had an opportunity to visit their homeland. Imagine dreaming of visiting your homeland - from where you were torn apart.

Sent to some strange land - so that all that you stood for, your language, your customs, all that made you - was meant to be taken away - and you brainwashed and traumatized in a strong land with absolutely no one to befriend.

 Such doings - only comes from those that we term - " evil " - followers of the - " devil ".

Here in the diaspora our children - learn the dances - and sing the songs - the stand tall and do what they can. We do our best to nurture them.

This land Turtle Island - was created for those that " had their heart in the right place ".

More and more we see - many contaminate - pollute, take more and share little - we see that right now - in North Dakota.

Only spirituality - will keep those chosen by the Great Spirit - strong - their heart beating - and their will powerful - to withstand - adversities.

We do not need weapons - the best weapons we have and must adhere - is spirituality and unity - trust in the Great Spirit.

Ceremony and harmony - unconditional love for our Elders - that is a must.

No technology, no kind of so called superior knowledge - supersedes the WISDOM - passed - down the line - for thousands of years.

Our Elders must be taken care of - never mind the past - the thousands of donations must first be addressed in a sincere manner.

The sky in North Dakota

We must take care of our Elders. This promise we must adhere with timeline - preferably within a year or two.

I have seen and heard things from reputable persons - actions committed - that are contrary to the way Native Americans must behave.

This has come from unwanted - " greed ".

Gossip and lies come from quarters not akin to Native American values - but from the " dark side".

The righteous have in the past stayed away from hearsay - gossip and lies - misinformation and disinformation.

Just because some have fallen for these temptations that must pass away - all is not lost - those that have their heart in the right place - must speak up and act.

The infiltrators and opportunists are many - only those who have their heart in the right place - can discern - and make good things - happen.

After this one of a kind blizzard - that give us some respite - we must now work to have a plan that truly addresses - and prioritizes what we want - more for those that most need - help.

The environmental shenanigans will go to Court - and this can take years - or all that is now can be declared - null and void - and then we must be ready to - carry on the battle - win one battle at a time - until we win the war.

The Dakota Access Pipeline entities have incurred a lost of over $500 million.

The decisions of the Corps of Engineers (COE) - buys time in Court - the COE - is an important entity - in any decision making.

The Sovereign Rights of Native Peoples - has been tarnished again and again by our Courts - that have not adjudicated well - " injustice " has been their way - as far as the Native Americans are concerned.

It is the same with the Department of the Interior (DOI) and the other agencies that take their orders from the DOI.

Gossip and material things - that give one temporary - satisfaction - is not the way to go.

At time like this we must turn to our Elders.

The Elders will speak of lasting friendship - love and ever lasting - peace.

Sharing and loving - patience and endurance, fortitude and tenacity.

All this and more must fill the cup of the children, the youth, the young adult - and those that want to bring about a " powerful but peaceful revolution " - on land that is and was Turtle Island. 

We must be very strong and go in peace - into ceremony  - neutralize and defeat any entity - without weapons. Aho.