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Sunday, January 1, 2017


One of many signs - that speak to the point -
at Camp Oceti Sakowin  -
" Water is Life ".

Many of us have been blessed to know the United States of America - better known for thousands or years as Turtle Island.

This land all of it belongs to the Native Americans -  most Whites inherently feel that this land belongs to them - for all the wrong reasons. 

It is just a matter of time - before they realize their mistakes and repent - it is on them - the time to " repent " is now.

Some those of us that know better - know the role of the Elders -  you have to go to the Elders - for advice - they have the wisdom.
Once we reject our Elders - treat them with disdains - all else will fail.

Mostly indigenous people - over thousands of years - have learned much from Mother Earth - in course of time they have stood steadfast to reveal the truth to those that care to learn.

Respect for Mother Earth is critical to survival.

For thousands of years nurturing Mother Earth - and taking care of our lakes, our rivers, our streams, our watershed.

 With it the air and the very Earth - the involvement of those fined tune to Mother - has been lost with the introduction of materialism - protecting Mother Earth and the key elements for thousands of years -  was protecting - the "blood stream of life ".

This notion that one can have it all - is all wrong.

The idea of sharing - taking little and having others in mind for future generations - comes easy to the indigenous. 

We all must learn - that the days of " greed " are over - contaminating and polluting our Earth without impunity are over - we will protect and defend - Mother Earth.

When the Dakota Access Pipe line was designed - Jim Reese, TigerSwan's founder - cared less about the Lakota Sioux Nation - a sovereign nation.

Those who seek "  greed " - bulldoze their way - they tried this at North Dakota - more with the Dakota Access Pipeline - but this time around it would be - totally different.

Chief Sitting Bull who brought all the tribes 
of the Dakotas together - today there is another happening -
the coming together of many nations 
to protect the waters - and we will WIN.

There are treaties in place - foremost the Treaty of Fort Leramie signed in 1851 - and revisited and signed again with amendments in 1868 - linked to the Lakota Sioux Nation - the many tribes that stand in unity.

There is plain but clear language in these treaties that protect the water - the River Missouri - a source of water - that millions of people have depend on - for thousands of years.

The surrounding land and the boundaries - again and again those that are evil want the gold, they want the oil, the want the gas, they destroy the Earth and leave it polluted - and mock those who care for the land - for thousands of years.

The United States Government has failed the Lakota Sioux Nation - and now it has one last chance - to do right - if not it will suffering the consequences - there is no need to fight - Mother Earth will speak.

Those that have chosen to defend Mother Earth - are not protestors - they are  " protectors ". 

The Muwekma Ohlone of San Francisco -
we must protect our Shellmounds -
the Sacred places of our ancestors -
we must stand and more exercise our rights.

Much the same as we have " protectors of the Shellmounds " here in San Francisco.

We understand that our ancestors - had no notion of " greed ".

They assumed that those strangers that came to them - offering fake promises and gifts - could not stoop too low - to bite the hand that fed them - but they did.

I worked for Sixth United States Army and saw the details of Desert Shield and Storm - and learned a lot about logistics and strategy  - but more about compassion.

The owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline underestimated the power of  " spirituality ".

Decent people touched by the story of the " protectors of the water " - came from all over the Nation and all over the world.

We travelled 1600 miles to North Dakota at short notice - to represent - from San Francisco.

From the inception - we agreed - " this would be a spiritual journey " - we were going to represent, support, and learn more.

I understand para-military tactics - have studied the many models - and know that it was completely wrong to employ entities like Blackwater who were involved as contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq - who took upon themselves - to act as professional security personnel and who failed again and again.

It is simply wrong to use attack dogs on decent human beings - the Latoka Sioux Nation and the - " protectors of the water ".

More our women - who have played a stellar role and brought about consensus - at Camp Oceti Sakowin and other camps linked to the movement.

If I may digress a little - the Grandmothers always played a key role in the making of of the Lakota, the Dakota, and the Natoka.

Chief Sitting Bull always had a special place for the Elders more the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers - the Great Spirit watches everything.

When the thousands of Buffalo came from nowhere in sight of the " protectors of the water " - and intimidated those that were bent upon to set attack dogs on the decent - among them the Elders and women - the enemy - retreated in fear.

This incident was widely reported - and those in power even in Washington D.C. noted this one singular event - and there was more to come.

When the eagles - caught the drones - and brought them down - the " enemy " - was astounded - and right so.

Those supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline - thought at one time they would get all the financial support they needed.

Things have changed - one key supporter has withdrawn its support - the deadline was December 2016 and has been moved to March 2017. Chances are great - if the pressure continues - that this will be that final nail in the coffin - that will STOP the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Here is San Francisco - we have done all in our power to visit the key banks supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline - and given the " fiscal mongers " their final notice - Stop Mess with the Latoka Sioux Sovereign Nation.

All over the Nation this one episode - in North Dakota - prone to extreme cold and blizzards - have NOT stopped those determined to STOP the Dakota Access Pipe Line.

The Elders those that review the situation - have no complete understanding about Washington D.C. and more the interim United States Government - that can undo what the United States Corps of Engineers - have determined - at this eleventh hour - STOPPING the Dakota Access Pipeline - being laid at the bottom of the Missouri River.

For now everything is in LIMBO - the Dakota Access Pipeline is going no where.

Here is the clarion call - here is the  warning - if the United States  government decides to give a Green Signal - to continue - this monstrosity of a project on land that is Sovereign Nation - the Lakoka Sioux Nation.

This singular nefarious contract -  from its inception is diabolical -  should be shelved - and all signs removed immediately.

Once this unique winter passes - and spring set in - we should not be dealing - with the past - that should be the Dakota Access Pipeline. Aho.

We thank the Veterans - the over 3000 that have agreed to defend the " protectors of the water ".

The frontline volunteers who are standing for Mother Earth - guided by the Great Spirit.

This is Turtle Island first - and for the longest time- we have been patient - but no more.

We now see and more comprehend the design of those that speak with a forked tongue. 

Stop this nonsense - stop the Dakota Access Pipeline - or forever hold your peace. Aho.