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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Donald Trump - 
determined to have his way.

Donald Trump has a sharp mind they say - more blunts - I would say - and more skewed  Executive Orders - lacking compassion - that our Nation - the United States is NOT known - for.

Like a little boy - he loves to sign his Executive Orders - and hands his toys to those lackeys that must learn - to rein in this - brat.

Donald Trump -  says a lot - but just keeps - creating a tsunami - be it small ones - that disturb those that are decent, law abiding, and knowledgable.

The immigration situation is one that needs compassion - and this  will not come easy with Donald Trump.

Because for all practical purposes - Donald Trump was born with a tainted, silver spoon in his mouth. He will never, ever know - what is means to suffer - to live with bombs falling all over the place - to live in filthy condition, facing bodily harm - innocent women and children - facing inclement weather - in refugee camps.

God sees all this - and Nation have been know to fall to their knees - be it to late - to realize - that the people must stand up for what is right - and stand for those that are suffering - through NO fault of their - own.

Donald Trump has yet to reveal to us his paid taxes - he wants to circumvent this one singular issue - because he is hiding so much -  saying one thing and doing another - is second nature to Donald Trump. That will NOT change - unless he gets a brain transplant.

It is difficult to tame Donald Trump - and more to convince him to speak to " facts " - because Donald Trump has not learned to pay attention to " discerning ".

Fact checking does not come easy to him. Donald Trump is a brash business man - he is NOT a man who has compassion - and he is not a person to take some time - with patience - to listen.

He loves to shoot form his hip - like the Wild West - something he dreams of day and night. Those days are over - and those days - will never come back. Time to get a reality - check - buddy!

Donald Trump - loves to hear people say something and if something clicks or triggers - in his mind - in what he hears - he will go off a tangent.

Announce such gossip - and defend such gossip as if the issue or story - is gospel truth.

Even though it  cannot be backed by actual and real facts. This nonsense must STOP - and those that advice him - better act soon.

Just banning immigrants in the millions from some Nations - is something - that defies " logic ".

Recently - we saw - the role of the Judicial Branch of our great Nation - take action - that was necessary to right the wrong.

Missing in all this nonsense - is the role of Saudi Arabia - that Donald Trump as not targeted and addressed - the majority of those that were involved with our Nation and the murders at 9/11 - were from Saudi Arabia.

Vice-President Pense seems to step in and utter some words of sense - from time to time - however, Donald Trump must learn - this brashness that he has exhibited until now - will bring Donald Trump's - downfall and with that those that support him now - standing and doing nothing - on the side-line.

The world is watching - the world now realizes and it cannot fully be backed by the United States - to do right.

America First - does not mean that we stay away from uplifting the world - and those legitimate issues and causes and nations that matter  - who have worked with us - as a team for so many decades.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped in its track - the route changed - and moved away from Lakota Sioux Sovereign land.

The Lakota, the Nakota, the Dakota, the Cherokee, the Mandan, the many other tribes - too many to mention - were here on Turtle Island - for thousands of years.

Thousands of years ago there were no treaties - among the Tribes - no fences, no walls, and no fake written agreements.

Fences, walls, and those barriers we deem necessary today - came from the strangers - that messed things up - I have been all over the world and seen things for myself.

The White men has always been referred as one that is well known - for " speaking with a forked tongue ". Donald Trump leads the Nation - in this category.

Donald Trump has a vested interest in the Dakota Access Pipeline - and this " conflict of interest " - will bring his immediate - down fall.

The Great Spirit watches all - I have been in situations - to witness people in high places - fail to recognize what is right - and in many cases simple. Common sense is a rare sense - which many people in places that make decision - fail to acquire and less to use.

The Great Spirit see it all - and we must remember a lot of what the Constitution states - came from our Founding Fathers - who received counsel from the Six Nation - the Iroquois and others - who practiced Democracy - be it in a Matriarchal System - for thousands of years.

Turtle Island - some 3, 717, 812. 08 square miles - any way you look at it - is Native America land - nurtured and kept pristine for thousands of years - by those who were here for thousands of years.

In less than 300 years - we have witnessed contamination, pollution, the carbon foot-print has increased - bringing about sea level rise and eroding the Ozone strata - and causing Climate Change.

Donald Trump does not see our Earth - as do those that have Wisdom and practice Compassion.

Wisdom handed down for thousands of years.

Wisdom that counts and matters .

This notion of " extreme vetting " is utter nonsense - the sooner someone advices Donald Trump and reins this " rapid fire to do list " the better. Aho.