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Monday, January 23, 2017


Each one of us have been hard pressed to understand - why is a law broken again and again - and how those in power - in the past the Democrats, more - liberally broke the laws - to foster - GREED.

We have had Democrats more and Republicans less - caught with their hand in the - cookie jar. Some have been sent to jail - and  now it is time - to send those chronic corrupt so called Democrats - to jail. 

A tool such as the RICO ACT - would do justice - to those many Democrats who have been enjoying a roller coaster ride - milking the tax payers.

 We have many in the Bay Area - more here in San Francisco,

These crimes continue to happen in California - more by politicians at all levels who are Democrats - even as the Republicans are in control of the House and the Senate.

The Democrats lost their hold over the House and Senate - because they simply thought they would be in power - and that " we the people would be taken for a wild ride once again" - may be forever.

Well, President Donald Trump - is angry right now - and is still in the mode of practicing and more going into - his " egoistical drive ".

 But that all will come to a halt - as he encounters - difficult issues - on the local, state, and international level.

Time will neutralize his " ego " and slowly we see this - today meeting the Nation's business women and men - and making sense - of what he plans to do.

Our economy is doing much better than before - we have a slow growth - this has been going on for the last 8 years.

An economy that keeps us going - staying afloat - however our National financial systems - are still being " tweaked " - and most everything is in a flux.

On the International level - the countries that matter in our trade - China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Canada - to name a few from the many - are waiting for President Donald Trump to act - and put to STOP - to the one way trade - where countries dump subsidized goods - at our ports.

Well, the real changes will take months - at least 6 months - if it is put on a " fast track ".

A year - if it takes its normal course - the Democrats took years - on an average 2 years - and failed - miserably.

There is no doubt - we could not go on - trading with say China - flooding our markets with inferior goods - trinkets that many American kept buying - using their many " Credit Cards ". Forever held hostage to the American Banks and their high - interest rates - never, ever giving the account holders - a break.

All of us are aware of the revealing cycle - where you pay and pay - more on the accrued interests - and this one issue - must be addressed.

The Banks and other large financial institutions must remember we " bailed " them out - the tax payers.

The Nation must remember - when we lost heavily on our bank accounts in the year 2008 - we lost it all - and never got an opportunity to be bailed by any entity - surely not the banks - and the Nation forget that harm done - where is the restitution.

Again we the people - the tax payers bailed the large banks, the financial institution like Goldman Sacks, AIG, Chase and so on.

This nonsense starting Christmas shopping in July and August - while the celebration is supposed to be in December - does not help the economy - when the ordinary constituent is led to spend money - when really - we must all be thrifty.

The trickery involved in the above mentioned shopping - helps some - but does great disservice to the public at large.

It is a shame that our Nation that once boasted good paying Union jobs - career jobs when it came to White Collar jobs - now our Nation is inundated with temporary jobs - offering no benefits - and one has to work two and three jobs - to make a decent living.

The Democrats did nothing much as far as career jobs were concerned - often giving some entities - free reign to treat our hard working American Citizens and others - with - " disdain ".

We still continue to treat our women as second class citizens - paying them for jobs that they do well - much as men do - there must be an measure of decency and equality - equal pay for work done and standards achieved.

Once America boasted a Middle Class.

 The back bone of our prosperity was the Middle Class - and a Middle Class that had class - treating people with respect - and with this - came benefits - health benefits, pension, owning a home and having sound life insurance and other checks and balances.

Quality of Life issues reigned supreme - and most had a good standard of life. No more.

The Democrats - more here in California - the old Senator Diane Feinstein, and the novice Senator with a sordid past - Kamala Harris - Congress person Nancy Pelosi - the other Democrats in power - took California - down the drain - into the " cesspool " of their own creation.

San Francisco is suffering - there are hotspots in the inner city - Ingalside, Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill more the Public Housing areas, the Western Addition - and some other areas - all drowned with fake statistics - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - taking from both sides of his mouth.

Here is San Francisco - we are head for a collision when it come with our " pension fund " - linked to our City workers.

The same is happening and will hit the SF City workers - when it comes to their Health Benefits.

While all this shit is happening - our Democratic Mayor - good for nothing - is being paid by the tax payers - and earn a whooping $300, 000 plus benefits and perks.

This crap must STOP - and it must stop now.

Millions of dollars sent to California - and more to San Francisco - to build the long awaited and much needed " High Speed Rail " - has been stalled.

We could take a project such as the Salton Lake in Southern California - also known better as the Salton Sea - and this Lake is drying  - and adversely impact - a large area - with dust flying miles around.

Causing serious respiratory problems. In some cases children have died - and adults are suffering from the fine dust.

 Once it gets into the human system - bombards the system - with toxins found in the dust - cadmium,selica, - other fine particles PM 2.5 - that are prone to causing cancer - and more very serious respiratory diseases.

We once took advantage of the Colorado River - no more.

Right now - we are encountering an issue - with Mountain Tunnel - in close proximity to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir  - if we choose to build a new tunnel - to replace the current failing tunnel - it will cost us over  $600 million.

While the Democrats were in power Nancy Pelosi helped her husband Paul Pelosi raking in millions - so did Diane Feinstein - helping her husband Richard Blum - rake in billions.

They still continue as they do in the past - putting down the Republicans - while they themselves have amassed great wealth - and continue to hoodwink many - with cheap talk.

We have a Legislative System that has failed us - the Executive has pandered to the Legislative System - the Judicial System - has be shafted - we have yet to appoint a Supreme Court Judge - to help sound adjudication - on the highest level - of our government.

We the people - must be educated on issues - to go to a better place. Stop quoting " cheap gossip "  you hear everywhere - that makes no sense.

We human are intelligent - there is a lot of information out there - the ability to discern and find the best tested and vetted information is information.

We must remember always that this land - all of it belong to the Native Americans  - there has NOT been  too much mentioned - in this so called change of power - that means nothing to the Native Americans.

No decent government treats the host Tribes of this Nation - as second class citizens - and think it will be tolerated.

We are watch President Donald Trump - much as a HAWK - when it comes to the Dakota Access Pipe line.

The Missouri River must NOT be polluted - and this " Black Snake " has to have its head cut off - away with the " Black Snake " - and power to the people - more the indigenous people - that respect Mother Earth. Aho.