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Friday, January 20, 2017


The world is watching - even as the 45th President will be sworn in - his name is President Donald Trump

 The 44th President - will be remembered as the first Black President of the United States - and one that would like to be remembered - as living a legacy - allowing most Americans to be able to afford Health Care - the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Nation is divided - but in contrast to the reigning divisiveness - here at Washington D.C -  the smooth transition - the passing of the baton - from the 44th President to the 45th President of the United States - will be as smooth as ever - today January 20, 2017.

We the People elected the 44th President and We the People elected the 45th President.

There may be some argument that the 45th President did not win the popular vote - the law as it stands today favors the vote in the majority from the Electoral College - an antiquated element that must be changed - for the better.

The Electoral College - bring memories of slavery and a time when the landlords - had a say - and those the landlords considered minions - did not matter. 

For sure we know all women could not vote - Blacks for sure - but then the Native Americans and others called colored could not vote too.

Today we all can vote - but the paradox is - many do not.

Worldwide millions of people - are watching the television - and trying to figure out - why was this November, 2016 General Election so divisive - the reason is simple - GREED.

Those Greedy have decided to outsource and send our jobs outside the United States - this must STOP - and our workforce at home must play an important part - in stabilizing the economy.

We all remember our Blue Collar workforce and the important part they played in the makeup of the Middle Class.

Today our economy - has changed allowing other key industries to develop - in the tech field - the digital field is growing very fast and bringing in so many new dimensions - that will change the way we do business.

For sure we know that the digital world has allowed us to shop in cyber space - and Amazon and others are going to hire thousands of workers. I can go into detail - but you do get an idea - that our invocation that begins in the United States - could stay here and must stay here.

We have the one percent that control over 95% of the wealth.

The 99% are those - common folks - who the  politicians crave for their votes - but once they get them - they give a rat's ass. This nonsense must STOP.

For all the talk - NO President can bring back the days when the Middle Class reigned supreme - all over this Nation - the United States of America. 

Truly speaking - with all the changes - the long period passed - the Middle Class in any form - today the few remaining - cannot be compared to the past.

 More that long reign of the Middle Class - that made America - once a very strong nation - the people having power that has now been totally - eroded.

The Middle Class has been decimated by the politicians - and there is a good reason - " to drain the swamp in Washington D.C.

All those that have made tons of money at the expense of the poor - more the decent, hard working - tax paying constituents all over this Nation.".

We all remember the 2008 spiraling of the economy - brought about by President George W. Bush - who was the 43rd President of the United States.

We must give kudos to President Barrack Hussein Obama the 44th President of the United States of America - rescue our economy in the year 2008 and bring our Nation - back on track - with an economy that has been stabilized - and our Stocks and Shares - doing pretty well - and bullish.

As things stand today a Republican President George W. Bush handed a failing economy to President Barrack Hussein Obama a Democrat - who now stands over an stabilized situation - to a Republican - President Donald Trump.

All over the world - people wonder how does the White House and the President who have a maximum of two terms - 4 years each - function - well is NOT - easy - more when you do not have the House and Senates - favoring the sitting President of the Untied States.

President Barrack Hussein Obama's first term - was some what easy having support both from the House and Senate - but this was NOT true in his second term - 2013-2016.

President Barrack Hussein Obama's hands were tied - with the Republicans using every trick in the bag - filibustering - and other ploys - machinations and shenanigans.

The President Barrack Hussein Obama chose a candidate to fill a vacancy at the Supreme Court - but could not - because the Republicans saw - that the candidate - could not even receive a hearing - much less chosen to be a Supreme Court Judge. Time will tell - and those that are astute and know better - can write their commentaries.

Our Nation must have a strong Legislative Branch the House and the Senate - we must have a strong Executive Branch led by a strong President of the United States - our Judicial Branch must be able to adjudicate - and bring fairness and justice to the Nation - and when this is missing - and those the impede such an important element - we must and should do - something to bring - about quick and sound - adjudication.

Our Nation utters the words from the Bible - other holy mantras - dares to proclaim all sorts of principles and laws.

 Fails to make those elements in place work - elements and protocols that put in place a model to bring about fair, sound and quick - adjudication and justice.

Much as we saw - when a Supreme Judge chosen by the President Barrack Hussein Obama  - could not be chosen and appointed to do his work - because his appointment - could not go forward - the Republicans with intent - stalled the process.

For all the talk - calling on God and saying this and that - politics is a " dirty and filthy name " -  reminding us of the Native Americans - who called those that speak with a " fork tongue " - those that came here - and stole the land - all of the land.

President Donald Trump has stated  - " there is no room for prejudice ". Well, start by respecting the Native Americans

Our Native Americans are on Reservations - on land that has been given to them far away from the original land of their ancestors - by others - who came here as strangers - bit the hand that fed them.

 Our Nation is aware of this injustice - crying to heaven for justice - but with all the elections - the inauguration of these many Presidents of  the United States - today January 20, 2017 - the 45th President of the United States - Donald Trump.

 The Native Americans continue to be "second class citizens " -  on Turtle Island - now called the United States of America.

Will there be a change in the dynamics of our Nation - the United States of America? Will President Donald Trump - give the justice due to the Native Americans?