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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Anyone - with a little " common sense " will tell you - that the Democrats - more here in San Francisco - have " with intent " - failed the Middle Class - in San Francisco.

Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Richard Blum - the entire SF Democratic County Committee and the lackeys connected to the SF DCC - have failed the " Middle Class " in San Francisco.

So, it should not come as a surprise that so many poor and the indigent - have fallen on bad times -many spending the last days of their lives - on the streets of San Francisco.

Middle Class - decent,  tax paying San Franciscans - cut their losses and have left San Francisco - never - ever to return to San Francisco. Shame on the authorities - supported by the Democrats - who have contributed to the Exodus.

We still have some - caught in their own world - most of the them having tons of  money - blood money.

Most of them have access to " pay to play " - shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - who continue to praise the out going President Barack Hussein Obama.

Liars and cheats like Hillary Clinton - and others - too many to mention - who will soon be licking their - bone-dry - chops.

San Franciscans the rich and famous must fully understand - that this is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone Land.

If these " fat cats " have any decency - their heart in the right place - they should - acknowledge that - singular fact.

This crap that Columbus came here to Turtle Island - and did this and that - is utter - nonsense.

Columbus was a pirate - a thief - a murderer - and it is all recorded. 

The Blood of thousands is on him - and those that participate in parades - to keep his sordid action live - " genocide of so many innocent most indigenous people ".

That was followed by others - shame of those that put the Native Americans on Reservations. This land Turtle Island belongs to the Native Americans - every square inch.

Those who stole it - those that fail to pay RESTITUTION - will fall flat on their faces - those that perpetrated atrocities - killing innocent children, women, and men - many of them Miwoks, Pomos, Ohlone - others - they all have BLOOD on their hands.

We know that 500 years ago - the Native Americans were here on the West Coast - and did not meet any " palefaces " - and did not have to interact - with " those who speak with a forked tongue ".

Ever since they did - all hell has broken - loose.

Native Americans have been here on Turtle Island - for over 
13, 000 years. Leading anthropologists - ethnographic-historians, other experts - even DNA experts will tell you that.

Yet here in California - sixty percent of the Native American Tribes are NOT on the Federal Register. Second class citizens on their own land.

Such atrocities must NOT go unpunished - the times are a changing - and those that play with fire - will die by Fire.

The prophecy of the Black Snake reveals the details - but only those from the Inner Circle is privy to the details. Those that harm innocent children, women, men - that the Great Spirit embraces - will be protected - those that harm them - will perish in real time. I repeat in - " real time ".

We have empirical data - all carbon dated and recorded - that here in San Francisco and all over Turtle Island - the Native Americans - lived and took care of this land - the carbon dated artifacts assure us of this fact - but so does common sense.

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone territory and the Muwekma Ohlone have - " Patrimonial Jurisdiction ".

Here at SF City Hall - in other places -  those in power - who  believe in America - fail to understand the history of this land - Turtle Island.

 Those hailing from  Europe - many of them indigents - having no place came to the land of milk and honey.

Those Jews - forced to leave - slaves of the Turks and other entities - lived in Europe married with the Eastern Europeans - hoping against hope to go back from where they came - Palestine.

We know well the history of Palestine and who is suffering - most - the Palestinians.

We know who stole the land - and we know who has been bombed more.

 We know for a fact thousands of Palestinians killed more children and women - and we know more about the one sided debacle  - that the world has  seen - more, by the corrupt and the power hungry - aggressor.

After World War II - we know of the atrocities committed by the Nazis - and American bent backwards to accommodate the Jews.

The Jews - who today - have milked our economy - and continue to treat many innocent people with disdain.

More here in San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

Money is the root of all evil - and the Jews in large measure - have learn nothing from history - history will repeat itself.

Once the Temple that has totally destroyed in Jerusalem was built by a Persian King - King Cyrus the Great - who hailed from today Iran - and we know that present debacle - those informed know who is right and who is wrong. But God know it all - and those ungrateful - have been punished before - and will meet their fate - never mind that the thief has a big mouth.

King Cyrus the Great - Babylonia - that history is very pertinent today - history will repeat - itself.

We have been following those that patronize Columbus the Pirate - the murderer - the man behind untold atrocities and murders - genocide. Those that know about his evil deeds - and continue to worship him - will be dealt with by the Great Spirit - including the missionaries who now apologize for their zeal - and contributed to the genocide of many innocent Native Americans - including the Ohlone.

With a guilty conscience - the many crooked - follower of Columbus continue to have - their parades  - continuing their nonchalant attitude to the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

All Blacks those that have their heart in right place - fully comprehend the help their received from the Native Americans. More those that escaped as slaves and were given succor by the Native American tribes.

I saw this first hand in a unique way -  many Blacks given succor by the Native Americans - who continue to practice Native American values - after decades - Blacks many inter-married with the Lakota Sioux Nation - other tribes - who openly state their love for those that helped them - when they needed help most - the Native Americans.

It was the same here in San Francisco - the Ohlone embraced the strangers - only for the strangers - to bite the hand that fed them.

The young warriors - youth, young adults,  women and men all Native American - from all Turtle Island - are pissed off by the nonchalant attitude - the many that live here on Ohlone Land - in San Francisco - and think no end of themselves.

The paradox many of the ancestors of those who came here from Europe and elsewhere - came without documents.

Many from the East Coast - and some of them - supposedly represent us in the United States Congress - and have strong ties - with nefarious entities - like the " Mafia " on the East Coast - to this day.

It is the same with those with ties to Israel - they live here - talk bad about the Native Americans - and are stooges of the Mosad.

Well,  the good news is soon - the tables will be turned  over on many levels.  The world order is changing - and digital information - and other means of communications - are now readily available - this " blog" can easily be translated in more than 25 languages - with me knowing the impact - but that impact is - great - stupendous to say the least.

Those in power who had  disdain for the Middle Class in America -  the Blue Collar Workers - more the Coal Workers - many who did not hold a good job for 10 years and more -  the Democrats - in power - looked the other way - but NO more.

As I said those - who use  "pay to play " are licking their chops.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is one of them - he has no clue - how these evil people - can use a person - and dump a person - much like a dirty rag - is dumped in the garbage can.

In the last 35 years I have observed - and noted what should be noted all over the Nation - and more here in San Francisco.

San Francisco does not have one single news paper - more a newspaper that does investigative - reporting.

Truly speaking the best information available on some level - is from the various " blogs " - one has to be educated on issues to - connect the dots - and " discern " - when one reads the various - blogs.

Native Americans and what they stand up for - is the least of the concerns - with those that " wheel and deal " - at San Francisco's City Hall.

There are sordid people - non indigenous -  who ancestors stole the land.

 The word " stakeholder " - place a stake here and there and claim the land.

The discrimination that sprouts from those that are White - scalp the Native Americans and fetch $5 for the scalp. The present generation know well what their grand fathers and great grand fathers - and some times their great, great, grand fathers did.

Guess what the Great Spirit sees it all - and that is what I am talking about. 

The political whores and pimps - those that think they can hoodwink us with flowery language - we need to see this in action - when is the last time you personally reached out and helped an indigent - more those that are poor and sleep in tents - all over San Francisco. 

Many of the above Native Americans -many Veterans, many those that cannot afford to pay $3500 for a one bed room apartment - and there is more - history repeats itself.

Edicts - went out from Governors of California to encourage such atrocities - as scalping - murdering innocent Native American  children and women  - condoned by many - even today - referring to Native Americans as savages.

Indigenous people in large measure know the true history of what we call the United States of America - here on the West Coast - the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - reveals some and at least acknowledges the Ohlone to be humans.

300 years ago the Ohlone lived in clans - in small groups of - thirty or forty.

There - there was an abundance of fish - tons of Abolone - birds, animals like deer - clean streams, rivers, lakes -  no one died for want of food.

Today - all that was pristine has been changed - and even here in  San Francisco - over the last 30 years - the skyline has been completely changed - those favoring developing - paying very little attention - to contamination and pollution - dangerous particulates - messing up what once was paradise.

History repeats itself - in the days to come - those skyscrapers that you see today -will come tumbling down.

 One of them faster than the others - the 58 story Millennium Tower - says it all - like the Tower of Babel.

These filthy rich developers favored by the politicians - the political whores London Breed and Malia Cohen now leading the charge - will have to face reality. More blood on their hands.

There a dossiers - now being reviewed - 9 days more and in two weeks - those that use to " pay to play " - and take it for granted - will see the - " Fireworks ".

San Francisco is a racist City.

 Our District Attorney - George Gascon for all his talk - Senator Diane Feinstein - Congress person disgraced - Nancy Pelosi.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee a lap dog with fleas - those many - in so many so called prominent places - who have been royally shafted - by the loss of the liar and crooked to the hilt - Hillary Clinton.

You folks need to change your ways -  more your mentality.

 For too long - we have tolerate your nonsense - respect the Native Americans - think about restitution - the scalping - children taken from the families and put into boarding schools.
Separated from their families - uprooted from their ancient cultures going back 13, 000 years - wake up America - history will repeat itself - and that time has come.

Much like the HOLOCAUST - these children were malnourished - ill treated - forced not to speak their language - the native costumes burned - these children - are now over 60 years old - and have been relating what happened to them and how they survived - all this time.

The many turned despondent and died - but their memory will live for forever - for us that are alive to repeat the facts - so that more will know - and understand - who is right and who is wrong - to whom does this LAND - Turtle Island - truly - belong.

A sister from a Reservation on the East Coast sent to Los Angeles - a Brother to Oakland - these stories are there told and written in some form. 

The oral history is passed - but as time goes - more and more is lost - but not for long - someone reading this - will pick a video camera - and document - a writer will document it in writing - an Elder will be willing to say more. Aho.

We need the attorneys that can feel the hurt - who have their hearts in the right place - to sue those that were responsible for the atrocities.

We have Blacks today - who have failed to stand by the Native Americans - ungrateful for what many Blacks received - a safe haven - given by the Native American Tribes. Today that help - is forgotten. Other Blacks have to be reminded - but are half- heartedly - supportive. Others nonchalant - walk away - history repeats - itself.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone Land.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and respect all Native American Tribes and more their ancestors.  I respect all children, youth, young adults, women men - seniors - people  from all walks of life - whose heart is in the right place - I have seen much and felt much - and know that time is running out.

I am grateful for those that uphold Native American values - and most importantly our Elders - who have my undaunted respect - they have the WISDOM - that really counts forever.

I am a facilitator and am in touch with the Elders both on the West Coast and East Coast.

Our spiritual journey to Camp Oceti Sakowin - closer to Cannon Ball Reservation - revealed to me - so much - and I am still in touch with many - who are providing me valuable - feed back.

I see a connection with the take over of Alcatraz Island by the Native Americans - paradoxically led by many Latoka Sioux among others .

What is happening with the Dakota Access Pipeline - much respect to the - " protectors of the water " those from the place itself - the Reservations - Standing Rock and Fort Yates and the neighboring areas - the many children, women, and men of good will who have gather from our Nation and worldwide.

The camps with the thousands of volunteers - in this gathering unfortunately as it happens - the " infiltrators " - sent to divide and spread - divisiveness. The Great Spirit will take care of that.

The "infiltrators " - who should pay attention to the appearance of the thousands of Buffalo that stampeded - closer the Dakota Access Pipeline - and sent a clear signal sent by the Great Spirit. 

In the prophecy - the " Black Snake " will be defeated.

 hose of us who are " spiritually strong " - understand the power of the ceremonies.

More - the few one of a kind " ceremony " - the power of Wisdom and respect of the the Elders that have their heart in the right place - to keep the peace and spread the Wisdom.

Here is San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - the rich - have no clue about the First People - and continue to carry out sordid deeds - " wheeling and dealing " at San Francisco's City Hall.

 We will visit the - "Black Snake" -  at SF City Hall - and put them on notice. Aho.