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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Chief Sitting Bull -
Chief Sitting Bull - united the tribes -
the Lakota Sioux Nation that honors him to this day.

I remember as a young child and more as a young man - the valor - tenacity and fortitude - of Chief Joseph and more in the Dakotas - Chief Sitting Bull.

I remember doing my research - and reading about the Elders - the Shamans - the Eagle Dance - the various ceremonies and more.

I saw the many photographs of the hills more the Black Hills - and as I saw them in person - I saw more and learned even more.

Here is San Francisco and in the surrounding area - over the years we have had many Elders - who have visited us - from the Dakotas and the surround area - who I have met - or I have gone to visit these Elders - to learn more.

Unlike the predominant - western minded - Society that thinks they know more - these Elders have had the " knowledge " - more the " wisdom" passed down the ages - for thousands of years.

The Land, the Water, the Air - all that is Mother Earth - the Buffalo is Sacred to the Native Americans.

As anyone with sense may expect - the Lakota Sioux Nation - the many tribes and others that think alike - more with their " heart  " - in the right place - are respected the world over - and more here in Turtle Island.

The " Buffalo " has always been revered as
"Sacred "
those who were greed killed thousands for the skin -
and left thousands of skinned Buffalo to rot -
this sacrilege cries to the Great Spirit to this day.

The Buffalo has always were look upon with respect. Each and every part of the Buffalo is used - of course its skin - the meat - the hoofs - the horns - as handles for knives - and so on and so forth. The Sacred Buffalo is making a return - but the disdain showed to it - by those who are greedy - cries to the Great Spirit for justice.

Recently the Buffalo appeared from nowhere and stampeded towards the camp - where thousands of " protectors of the water " were on the front line - standing firm - opposing the " protectors "   those who had guns, attack dogs, and armed vehicles - more in keeping with an paramilitary operation.

This mentality - by those who are truly NOT from this land - but believe that "might" is " right" - and for those that know - we must speak to the " Truth ".

There are those that speak with a " forked tongue " and those that acknowledge this fact - and more their ancestors that stole the land - have had disdain for the Native American -  must change their ways.

The Great Spirt as in times before - has sent a sign - and at the Dakota Access Pipeline - the Great Spirit has sent many very clear " signs " - some as great and visible to all - and many others - that have touched - thousands of people - whose " heart " is in the right place - for the good of all.

The camp at " Oceti Sakowin " -
near Cannon Ball Reservation -
where thousands gathered - to protector the waters.

The camp today - hit by many blizzards -
some have stayed put - the current conditions -
 demand - a lot - and the fight goes on.

We went on a " spiritual journey " to witness what truly was happening. This epic journey - through Nevada, Utah, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota - all the way from San Francisco, California.

From sunny California to cold and nippy - North Dakota - was a journey - one each one of us who took the journey will remember for the rest of our lives.

The Law Enforcement, the Corps of Engineers, the local politicians have not experienced - so many - from all over this Nation and worldwide - who have observed the behavior of these entities.

These entities - never, ever  thought  - so much attention - disdain and horror for the Dakota Access Pipeline - would be zeroed in - and there would be so much - opposition.

The Dakota Access Pipeline -  must NOT - go anywhere near the Missouri River - for sure NO pipe must be laid on that Missouri River bed - that provides trillions of gallons of water to millions of people.

Anyone will tell you any water - any clean drinking water - must not be contaminated by petroleum products - less crude oil - foul smelling - and that too - infringing Native American Lands - Sovereign Lands - the Lakota Sioux Nation.

The Great Spirit as provided the necessary " signs " and we know that the " wisdom " of the Elders.

The Elders - those that truly speak for the people -  have attended the ceremony and received the blessings - all those decent - and all those that truly speak to the truth - know that those mandates - sacred mandates - must be followed.

Standing Rock - North Dakota

Fort Yates - where lies the Sitting Bull Memorial

The Sacred Hills that have stood the test of times.

The horses at camp - " Oceti Sakowin "
now the land is covered with deep snow -
and as the snow thaws - this valley will flood -
in the interim the remaining few - are taking a stand -
to protect the Sacred Waters.

At times like this - you have the infiltrators - who are sent - to create " divisiveness ".

Much of this stems - from the dynamics linked to economics - where you need help - because - even though your " heart " - is in the right place - you need - the financial and material help.

You reach for help - and you allow those whose " heart is NOT in the right place " - to invade the Sacred Place.

In time like we witness - with the blizzards - you need All Weather tents, you need the warmth to survive the blizzards, you need clothes that can protect you from the -30 C cold.

You need space to pray and meet and discuss and plan and all this and more keeps the spirit of those that have their heart in right place.

The human heart - often bleeding -  beating and doing - what is right.

Always honoring the Elders and those who have the best intention of everyone.

You need medicines and nurses and doctors - those that practice alternative medicine - Native American and others forms of medicine.

Nourishing food - to withstand the cold - and harsh conditions.

Hygiene is important and with that comes clean drinking water - toilet facilities - one singular outbreak - and all hell can break loose.

Always - acknowledging that the near by rivers must be protected - most importantly the watershed - there are entities working hard to make it all happen - even under very harsh condition -  it is all there - and those at the camps at doing their best.

The ways of those that get their information from the television and other such things - cannot be compared to those that have followed " time tested knowledge - more wisdom ".

The land was here and will be here - while it is here - we must protect and preserve it - for future generations - take little and keep more for others - to will come after us.

We must preserve " life " - all  " Life " - those that participated in " genocides "and we know - who they are - will fall flat on their faces.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is one of those " evil projects " -  and with it the " fracking " and other " sordid drilling for oil without taking care of Mother Earth ".

There is a great disparity - those living on the Reservations - and those living say in the City of Bismark - life is for the living not the living dead. Aho.