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Saturday, January 7, 2017


San Franciscans pride themselves - at least those that built this City and County of San Francisco - as having the majority of its constituents - well educated - many of them having a Master's Degree.

We also notice a large segment of our population - which is about 940, 000 - affected by the high rise of rents.

One recent report stating - that people in San Francisco - spend over 74% of their monthly salary -  on rent.

In other places it averages to 40% of their monthly income.

High rents in San Francisco - congestion on our streets - the poor living in despicable conditions.

 More in inclement weather - and our youth and young adults - having a difficult time - deprived of Quality of Life issues.

The last 35 years plus - I have spent an inordinate time - working with the United States Army -  the National Park Service and the United States Park Police.

Each job - unique in itself - gave me a different but wide perspective - about the United States of America.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy, the CEO of Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation, the Representative of the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - here in San Francisco - a deeper understanding - linked to Quality of Life issues.

Over the years - I made serious attempts to understand and work with the youth and young adults.

This one factor has allowed me to keep in touch with many - who once were as young as 15 years and are now 50 years - some older but many younger. The pulse of this segment of the population - that I have kept in touch with - helps me much.

35 years ago - San Francisco was a better place - with no homeless adversely impacting our streets.

There was no congestion that we see today - on our streets.

More congestion - spewing of dangerous particulates - other contaminants - favor respiratory diseases - and other chronic diseases.

The hospitals and other entities have the empirical data - still born babies, heart problems, a huge increase in diabetic patients - our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - the mentally and physically challenged - suffering the most.

When will all this change - and how can it change without - sound leadership?

Homelessness did not beset on us - without the City and County NOT having a pertinent role in this equation  - very serious adverse impacts.

For Willie L. Brown Jr -
a thug Mayor of San Francisco -
who is behind most of the corruption.

We witnessed the City and County of San Francisco - and evil politicians the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Willie L. Brown Jr., others too many to name - working with corrupt developers the likes of Lennar Urban aka Five Point Holdings LLC., Forest City.

Webcor,  Nibbi,  Cahill,  Property Management companies the likes of Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO), the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers -raking in million - adversely impacting those making less than $60, 000 a year.

We are a UNION CITY meaning - at one time thousands worked and had Union Jobs - Career Jobs - a factor that no one wants to touch.

Today those starting make less - and those having jobs - mostly work two or even three jobs. Working two or three jobs - impacts Quality of Life.

We must restore CAREER JOBS - and do it on a War Footing.

Two or three families - living in a one or two bed room units - ideally brings about inherent problems - one of them being the ever rampant - " stress factor " - that we see everywhere.

People angry - the many shootings and killings - domestic violence that the gamut grows daily - with those in power and authority - looking the other way.

Today the San Francisco Police Department - cannot deal with the petty crimes and the many calls they receive - it is NOT uncommon to wait for hours - for the SF Police Department to visit the caller - just because the Dispatcher or some one - decided the call - did not meet an emergency.

It never use to be - like this in San Francisco - but it is.

Added to the above stress factors - we have our roads in disrepair - changes made to our Bus Stops - adversely impacting the Senior - who have to walk - two or three blocks - often putting themselves in harms way.

Vision Zero is all talk - and more pedestrians in San Francisco have been killed by vehicles and more have suffered - fatalities. 

If the Senior Citizens - have to walk at night - on streets that have poor lighting - the City and County does not care.

 It is time to sue the City and County of San Francisco - for putting innocent but poor people - many mentally and physically challenged in harms way. Enough is enough.

We have more dogs in San Francisco than children.

Yet the few children that we have - are deprived of decent open spaces with facilities.

The SF Board of Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang - thank God Scott Wiener has gone - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Now to address the fact - that we do have a large segment of the population - that is well educated.

The above facts -  are true - but the discourse among those in power - is not there - as we had before. 

Our politicians are busy raking in the millions - we know who they are - are they will all be bought to justice. Here come the RICO ACT - any takers?

Gone are the days - when we could attend focus groups and address issues - and take a stand and make it happen. 

As the years go by - the few advocates that have kept  - " the fire burning " - are now being - " burnt out ".

Fighting for those that are evicted - home closures - the City and County failing to provide decent affordable housing.

The many in our City and County of San Francisco - who have compromised health - and get less benefits. More and more slowly die - and no one cares about this segment of the population.

Our poor left to fend for themselves - many slowly dying on our streets - more in the last few weeks - due to severe inclement - weather - all affect us - because we still have many decent San Franciscans left.

As those at the morgue to give you the weekly count of deaths - on the streets of San Francisco - and wait and see - how many months - it takes to get the results. All sorts of excuses made - and this must STOP. 

We must have a website - that reveals to the public - how many deaths have incurred on the streets of San Francisco - just because the City has failed to provide - sound shelters.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I have been monitoring Quality of Life issues - for a long, long time.

As the days turn to weeks - the weeks to months - and the months to years - nothing seems to accommodate - those that need help most.

This land was once pristine - that is has become contaminated - the pollution and contamination contributed to the increase in the Carbon Footprint - favor Climate Change - and those in authority talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk - this is a crying shame.

Our City and Count has a over $9 Billion dollar budget - I recently sat with the Controller of the City and County of San Francisco - to review that many factors that contribute to contamination and pollution of our watershed, the Bay, the air - and our Sewage Treatment Plants - operating with less than basic standards.

There have been a number of Notice of Violations - that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is NOT aware of - I will be address them come January 10, 2017 at 1 pm - in Room 400 at City Hall.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is  Joke - he loves to talk from both sides of his mouth. 

The time has come to charge him with the RICO ACT - he and those that pander to his whim and fancy. Despicable.