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Friday, January 6, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
despicable and corrupt -
a disgrace to the human race.

San Francisco has inherited a Mayor - one of the most despicable individuals - a total sell out to our communities - all over San Francisco - ever to hold that position in Room 200 in recent years - more starting from the year 2004.

Put into place by folks like Gavin Newsom who now wants to run for Governor of California.

Having failed the first time - he does not know what is waiting for him - this second time.

Backed by Senator Diane Feinstein - who no more  - is on the one  key  National Security Committee.

She - can no longer - pass information to the Israeli Government - and receives over $50 Billion aid from us tax payer - of the United States of America.

Money we can spend on our Elders, our infants, our children, our youth and young adults. 

Our education, our failing infrastructure, our health systems - you get the picture.

Israel is NOT the United States of American - and we - the tax payers - are fed up - spending money on a State - that maims and kills innocent children - has failed to adhere to the United Nations Resolutions and the Geneva Convention.

Considering that once this despicable man - Edwin M. Lee -  considered himself an advocate for those that needed housing in the early 1960s.

Some of us remember the International Hotel - hundred of San Franciscans - many of them Filipinos - thrown to the streets. Supposedly at that time - Edwin M. Lee - fought for those that need help - today - he is looking the other way. Shame on him.

The City shutting the International Hotel down - put hundreds on the streets -  astute advocates of San Francisco - rallied to bring about change - more true affordable housing. To be precise those making - under $80, 000 a year more like $60, 000 a year.

We have once Middle Class San Franciscans - now sleeping in tents on the streets of San Francisco. Families with children - no shower facilities, no toilets - what is happening to San Francisco?

Under our bridges today - hundreds are surviving in despicable conditions. The Mayor with his fat salary - over $300, 000 - is a fat pig - hogging - and thinking nothing about serving the people.

This inclement weather - the biting cold taking a very heavy toll - of the poor.

Our Mayor has been chilling out with the developers - even at this day date - wheeling and deal - corrupt to the core.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is of Chinese origin - corrupt to the core - and more very selfish - has failed to recognize the Muwekma Ohlone. The First People of San Francisco.

This despicable man - will have his staff - organize events for the Native American - the Muwekma Ohone play host to these tribes - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - for all his talk - has failed to recognize the First People of San Francisco.

The Sinking Millennium Tower -
18 inches and more - and tilting too.

Today, nothing this man touches works - the Millennium Tower is sinking 18 inches - it is a 58 story skyscrapers - the foundation has pilings - that do not touch bed rock.

The Mayor's Department of Building Inspection - is corrupt and wheeling and dealing has been its norm of operation. Today - those in high positions - have been caught lying - and more lacking qualified experience.

In recent time - without permits - the owners of the Millennium make repairs and critical repairs - with any permits from the City and County of San Francisco. Go figure.

The Central Subway - that once started with a tab of $600 million - in now more than $1.8 Billion and growing. 

San Francisco main shopping center - Union Square and the surrounding malls are suffering for over 4 years now  - and the man thinks - nothing of it.

Drastic changes of Van Ness - the removal of historic " street lamps " and a transportation system that much has been talked about - ripe with pit falls.

 Too much talk and less - walk  - by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

I have been monitoring for the last 30 years.

The Bus Rapid Transportation System planned - for the future of  the now heavily traversed Van Ness corridor - a JOKE. Time will tell.

Plans are afoot to screw up Geary Blvd - this plan is making its second round - the first time around some 15 years - it was shot down.  That plan was then transferred to the 3rd Street Corridor - by the then Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

That first plan was applied to the 3rd Street corridor - see what has happened to the 3rd Street Light Rail - it starts at 4th and King - and ends - on a street in the middle of Visitation Valley - no where.

 There was No plan  at that time - to have a  connection to Balboa Station - just a couple of miles west - when you face north.

 That plan is an open eye sore - and disgrace to our San Francisco Transportation Plan - the  entire Third Street Lightrail - is not functioning - you have to wait for hours some time - and at time - back to back Lightrail Trains - just a horrible operation system.

Right now to head in the direction  Balboa Station you have to travel east - for miles and miles - going through downtown San Francisco - Forest Hill and so on. 

Laying tracks a couple of miles west - and connecting to Balboa Station -  people could take the same system - from Balboa all the way to downtown San Francisco. Saving time and  millions of dollars.

We know MUNI is a mess -  right now - Mission Street more the businesses on Mission Street are suffering.

The Vision Zero with all the talk is not working - more pedestrian fatalities - recorded this year - starring at those who have this conceptual plans - asking pertinent - questions.

A conceptual plan is like a nice dream - you wake up - and witness your worst - nightmare.

This is happening in San Francisco - right now - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - having no clue - less educated on issues.

Tents propping up everywhere -
now and then the tents are removed and with it the contents -
no consideration for " humanity " this land of the 
Muwekma Ohlone.

The City and County of San Francisco does not have one single document - stating that this land we call San Francisco - was signed over by the Muwekma Ohlone.

It was stolen - each and every square inch.

18 treaties signed by the United States government and the California Tribes were never ratified. 

Mention these facts to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and his lackeys - and they look at you with aghast.

Ignorant bastards - who have polluted, contaminated, and now rule this once great pristine land - pushing corrupt plans and favoring those that are spiritually - bankrupt.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
ignorant and less uneducated on issues.
I have met this man one on one in Room 200 -
pathetic to the core - and clueless.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is not a man to be trusted. All his appointments and linked to - " pandering ".

His predecessor Gavin Newsom - had already destroyed our City and County of San Francisco - failing to address congestion on our streets.

Affordable housing is at a long time low - and  rents for one bed room now goes for $3500 and a two bed room for $5800 and more - and the Mayor's failed policies have adversely impacted thousands.

In San Francisco - the statistics point to a pertinent factor - people spend over 77% of their monthly income - on RENT.
What does Mayor Edwin M. Lee have to say about this?

In the last 5 years we are shocked to learn - some 10, 000 families that once lived in San Francisco - have left San Francisco - never - to return again.

Mayor Edwin. M. Lee -
the man has no clue -less balls to be a man.

Shame on Mayor Edwin M.  Lee who has set this land - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone on fire.

The sooner he stops talking from put sides his mouth - steps down and leaves San Francisco.

Edwin should go back to Beijing or some place far away from the Bay Area - that hopefully will accept these crooked and corrupt - politician - and less a man with NO - balls.