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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


These steps of SF City Hall -
lead to some of the dens of the Supervisors -
that wheel and deal with the corrupt.

There use to be a time - when we went to SF Board of Supervisors meeting - Room 250 to address - pertinent issues.

Normally we had  very astute and articulate constituents of San Francisco - who would address our SF Board of Supervisors - and come away with some satisfaction.

Not long ago - the deliberations in the August Chambers of the SF Board of Supervisors were discussed  - in a more proper manner - sticking to the point - and not wasting the time of the people. In recent years - this exercise - can be likened to a circus.

The former Presidents of the SF Board - chairing the SF Board of Supervisors meetings - conducted the meetings  in a more formal manner - addressing issues to the point - and respecting the members of the public - and more their time.

We the people elect the Supervisors to represent - we the people pay their salaries. Once they were paid $38, 000 now more than $125, 000 plus benefits.

If some of these Supervisors do not want to represent  - are using their seats at the SF Board of Supervisors - to pander to some - have disdain for others - that speak the Truth - then they must step down and go away.

The commendations are becoming a JOKE - London Breed remembered an organization that helps women and other indigents - more for sending flowers to her grandmother - while generally - acknowledging the group - more because they help women - while acting very patronizing.

District 10 - Malia Cohen

Malia Cohen acknowledged Tiffany Bohee - who at one time worked for the SF Public Utilities Commission - which Malia Cohen did not mention - because she did not bother to do her homework. 

One of Malia Cohen aide worked for Tiffany Bohee - the aide that brought Tiffany Bohee to work with Malia  Cohen on many projects in District 10 - more Hunters Point - where inferior homes are built on very contaminated ground.

Tiffany Bohee again and again was confronted by the Public at Large - when again and again - she lied and disregarded playing fair.

It is pathetic to see Malia Cohen lie - and praise Tiffany Bohee who is going to work - for Landlease an International renowned Real Estate broker and Property Manager. 

Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Again and again the Public that desires to speak on some important issues - is kept waiting in the August Chambers - Room 250  while we the people - witness - the SF Board of Supervisors wasting our time - on trivial issues.

Item 36 Number 161278 -  Hearing; Appeal of Categorical Exemption from Environmental Review - Proposed Project at 3516-3626 Folsom Street - has come before the SF Board of Supervisors twice before - and twice - the general issues were deliberated in detail - only for the matter to once again - come - before the SF Board of Supervisors - to finally - table the matter.

This one agenda item took an hour - one of the Supervisors Ahsha Safai had to recuse himself - only to called back into the Chamber.

More - because Malia Cohen wanted to know why - he recused himself.

Back and forth - and anyone with an iota of sense - could see that Malia Cohen and London Breed - did not comprehend what really was before them.

Calling upon the City Attorney - who works with the SF Board of Supervisors - to give his opinion - who is turn three times stated - that the Supervisor Ahsha Safai had to state the actual facts himself.

I was seated in the front row - and when the City Attorney approached Supervisor Ahsha Safai - he stated to the City Attorney that he was going to state to the SF Board of Supervisors - what the City Attorney had told him previously.
The City Attorney then walked away.

Back and forth - and finally the Supervisor Ahsha Safai stuck to his guns - and stated what he had stated in the first place.

What is it that Malia Cohen and London Breed do not comprehend - and why are these two House Negroes - trying to be in the limelight ?

Both are corrupt - both receive large sums of money from developers - all found on the SF Ethics Website - but there is more - and some of us do not want to open a can of worms.

God alone know - that our poor and the indigent are living on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement weather.

God alone knows - the recent torrential rains, the freezing cold - many homeless have died - and others are very sick - many of them suffering - bronchitis - and other respiratory diseases.

The City's morgue - has yet to declare - how many John Doe's and Jane Doe's - lie unclaimed in the morgue - and here our SF Board of Supervisor - and pussyfooting around.

Here we have two House Negroes - Malia Cohen and London Breed - taking credit for what some women organizations have done - with the Women's March in Washington D.C.

As far as I know - from all the contacts I have - both London Breed and Malia Cohen - did nothing much - accept spew  diatribe  - after the fact - as they do again and again.

As if London Breed and Malia Cohen - participated in large measure - with the Women's March - held January 21, 2017 - in Washington D.C..

As far as I know they did not participate in any way in the key deliberation, logistics - more  - putting in their own money - and  making any substantial - sacrifice for sure.

Typically of wannabes who like to jump on any band wagon - in this case - two of them - with their twisted  - mentality and hoodlum attitude.

We do have a majority of women at the SF Board of Supervisors - and I admire  the tenacity and fortitude - of some of them.

 Among our SF Board of Supervisors - the two sell outs are Malia Cohen and London Breed.

They are in bed with the most corrupt developers - Malia Cohen receiving large sums from Lennar Urban and now 5 Point Holdings LLP - the same snake - different head.

Both District 10 and District 5 - are the two worst Districts -  in San Francisco - with very poor representation - where Quality of Life issues have been compromised.

In both these areas African Americans have suffered - the most - and here we have two House Negros - who are deeply involved - with mundane and trivial - issues.

In District 10 - Mercy Housing and Bridge Developers have joined the John Stewart Company - preying on the poor - who live in Public Housing.

Public Housing once built by the Department of Defense - then turned over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - who is turned it to the SF Housing Authority.

The SF Housing Authority used deferred maintenance - squandered millions of dollars - created unbearable and inhabitable condition for any human beings to live in.

Mice every where - plumbing leaking with feces running in the homes - and no one coming to repair the plumbing for weeks on end. Work orders put in -  and some took years to attend to. 

Never saw Malia Cohen around - never saw the other crooks raking in the thousands - pretending to represent the poor people.

The entire last SF Board of the SF Housing Authority was removed from office headed by then - Amos Brown. The Board was reorganized - the Mayor Office of Housing now playing a key role.

Thousands of innocent people - have been adversely impacted -  who once lived in the SF Public Housing - more at Potrero Hill.

Hunters Point, Oakdale Public Housing, Visitation Valley Public Housing - many evicted - others - left in limbo - without any legal help - worth the salt.

Some sell outs are bused to SF City Hall to praise HOPESF  - the process started in 2000 - and now if something happens - the crooks including Malia Cohen - will blame - Donald Trump.

Let us see if the RICO ACT is applied to Malia Cohen - what happens? The same individual - who is always trying to find faults with others?

In the Fillmore - Tiffany Bohee was instrumental is transferring once Community Benefits - promised to San Franciscans - to private entities.

 The Fillmore Tower and the hundreds of affordable rental units, Yoshi's - where millions of tax payers money was spent - to provide entertainment.

The garage next to Yoshi's - leased out to some private entity.

Other Community Benefits - thrown to the wind - Brothers Daniel Landry, Majeid Crawford, others too many to name - but all my good friend - keep me appraised of the sell outs - and the many shenanigans - and more.

Who is hoodwinking whom? London Breed - has been aiding and abetting those that are evil - we clearly saw this when she refused to help Archbishop Franzo King - from the former Coltran Church that has moved from the Fillmore - to a better location.

Now has a better location - a bigger church - God does not forsake those that have HOPE and more trust - those that are evil - will fall flat on their face.

The selection of the President of the Board - London Breed was full of intrigue - night calls and so on.

Chairing opportunities dished out to favorite Supervisors.

Once the Public was given three minutes and we all did a good job.

Then charlatans were allowed to speak during Public Comment - to down grade the process - and with that Public Comment was reduce to a meagre two minutes. 

It is not uncommon for the SF Board of Supervisors - more Malia Cohen and London Breed - talk from both sides of their mouth and clap - and spew - utter nonsense - for long periods of time. 

We the public are fed up - and yesterday's SF Board Meeting - January 24, 2017 - the meeting that started at 2 pm ended past 7 pm - and these idiots - not all but some of them - think they can play with the public. 

Enough is enough.