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Thursday, January 26, 2017


The Democrats chose to play with " fire " - when President Barrack Hussein Obama chose to circumvent - the legislative norm and branch - on many pertinent issues - by passing the House and the Senate - and causing - " turmoil " - he opened a can of worms.

He used his emergency powers - one tool being the -" Executive Order " - to defy - process - winning in the short term but losing - big time in the long run.

Fast forward to today - we have a " egoistical maniac " who prides himself - playing to the camera - with a number of Executive Orders.

No President in our short history - has signed so many - more to say that he is something - when he is nothing - but a " human being lacking  " Wisdom " -  who is NOT educated on issues.

We are supposed to be a Nation of laws - and not a Nation of outlaws. Already - the many that voted for Trump - are having second thoughts. Mostly folks out of frustration - wanted change - but few saw this change for the worse - total pandemonium.

To be sincerely - when minions who have fallowed the Democrats - for decades - without any education - what is see today - is the result.

Mind you we have information - only those that discern - and chose the best information - foster - sound education.

Blacks who continue to stick to the principles of  the Democrats - were instrumental - in propping up some candidates - only for them to be defeated. We must now -  change our tactics - with focus principles - complete with goals and timelines.

President Donald Trump is a charlatan.

He is angry because some of Democrats hurt his feelings - so he is getting even - freezing the millions sent to the Palestinians. While the Israelis get $50 Billion plus. Thinking it is getting even with President Barrack Hussein Obama - while setting his own pants on FIRE.

Signing Executive Orders to force businesses to produce products made in the United States.

It  all sounds well on paper - and his so called short but nonsensical " Executive Orders ".

It will take years to build our Steel Plants -  for that matter - the many factories that once produced quality shoes, garments, all sorts of products - that are easy to built - have long lost their ability of produce manufacturing equipment - that process to build things from the ground up - will take years.

Many of us that once would not have thought of touch a product - " Made in China "  - now have to learn to embrace - Donald Trump's dictates - " Made in the United States " - easily said than done.

Donald Trump clothing that he sells - his Trump embossed clothing - shirts, ties, suits - and so on - all Made in China - the man is a clown -when it comes to facts - and is a demeaning - hypocrite.

He ones put down Apple - the company that makes so many sound products - some here and other abroad - and he did it on his Apple iPhone.

The man is so nonchalant - so ignorant - so pompous, so out of sync with reality - his doom is guaranteed. 

Donald Trump is going to fight the Corps of Engineers - the Lakota Sioux Nation - to see how best to forge ahead with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Donald Trump will fail - because the Great  Spirit will cut off the head of this Black Snake - something Donald Trump has no clue about - and he lies when he says the Dakota Access Pipeline will produce - thousands of jobs.

The $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline is already in deep financial trouble.

The financial backers - are pulling out - with someone is trying to put a gun to the financial backers heads - forcing them to support the Black Snake. No good will take place.

This snake will die - and its head will be cut off. Aho.

This land all of it belongs to the Native Americans. I defy the Whites - those that " speak with a fork tongue " to prove they have one single document - where the Native Americans - turned over one single square inch - willingly - all of the fake documents - with a thumb print - was demanded - under duress.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Lokata Sioux Nation 
to this day - he lives.

Chief Two - Bears

Chief Thunderhawk

For thousands of years - all the pristine land - that we see all over the land - once called and still remembered - Turtle Island - belonged and still belongs to the Native Americans.

 The indigenous people of Turtle Island - left their imprint for all eternity - the name that really matters.

 Not the name given by a pirate, a murderer, a man that is well known for the genocide - of many - Christopher Columbus.

Chief Joseph

If  Chief Sitting Bull was here today - Chief Joseph - Chief Geronimo - our Elders - more women than men - they all would encourage us - to cut off the head of the Black Snake.

This land - Mother Earth - does not belong to us - it belongs to those that  come after us.

In the past the Elders - who have the Wisdom passed down for thousands of years - foresaw the evils of today - including the silliness of Donald Trump - who has NO clue that he is becoming the " laughing stock of the world ".

The Democrats must not be given a pass - with al the leaks and the sordid behavior of folks like Donna Brazil and others - pretending to be innocent and normal - while all the time - pandering to the evil leaders of the Democratic Party - Bill Clinton - Hillary Clinton - closer to home - here in San Francisco - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

This is Ohlone Land - one of the most sensitive places on this Earth - much like an acupuncture point - for centuries - good things happened and are still present - with nature providing us all the elements of a unique cultural and eco-natural  elements duly noted and more holistic - surroundings.

One of kind plants, insects, an evolvement that has amazed botanists, archeologists, anthropologists, ethno-historians, historians, stellar and astute scientists - that I have had the pleasure of meeting to deliberate - on the above issues - of real i importance. 

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land - and even as we proclaim about the ownership of this land - for thousands of years - over 13, 000 years - all carbon dated - with proven artifacts.

We still have the authorities who stole the land -  fabricating facts - here in San Francisco - thinking they own the land - when in fact they stole the land.

It is a shame that those who know that the Ohlone and more here the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco and the surround area - fail to acknowledge that the Muwekma Ohlone - have all the proof and all the necessary facts needed - to establish themselves  having " patrimonial jurisdiction ".

 More cultural continuous ownership for thousands of years - we have thieves and joining the thieves - others who should know better - not following unwritten protocol - passed down for thousands of years.

This land we call Muwekma Ohlone land - is now undergoing turmoil - because the " thieves " have been defeated in their plans - building a "concrete jungle " - and ignoring the dictates that this land is Sacred - more the Shellmound - Sacred Burial Grounds - a testimony that is show being - desecrated and defiled.

The Millennium Building -
58 story building - sinking - will topple
down like the Tower of Babel.

Recently a 58 story building sinking a full 18 inches - and tilting inches to the northwest. Right in the middle of the Financial District - in San Francisco -  it will topple down like the Tower of Babel. And there is more .........