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Thursday, January 12, 2017


We have a Nation like Mainland China - now bombarding our streets with opiates, heroin, all sorts of speciality pills - especially formulated to destroy the lives of millions of American Citizens.

What is the United States Government doing about this on going nonsense?

What is Nancy Pelosi doing about this nonsense?

What is Diane Feinstein doing about this nonsense?

What is the Food, Drug, Alcohol Agency doing about this nonsense?

What is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about this nonsense?

What is Barbara Garcia - the Director of SF Health Department - down about this nonsense? 

What is the SF Police Commission - Paul Anderson,  Diane Aroche and others that talk from both sides of their mouth - doing about this nonsense?

Unfortunately - these criminals and the governments that back the criminals - and that includes Mexico too - should be put on notice.

Our City and County of San Francisco - can send the Consulates and Embassy a general newsletter - to inform these entities - that we are in a very serious situation - that need immediate - attention - the above actions - adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - in San Francisco. 

It is time the United Nations - address this chronic situation.

Here in San Francisco where the United Nations started - after World War II.

We can and should proclaim - the role San Francisco can play - rid us all - of junkies.

 Shooting drugs in the open - by the Bill Graham Auditorium - in full sight of San Francisco City Hall and in other places too.

As in evidence by needles found in plenty - parties offering new needles - but having no plan in place to collect used needles. Used needles are a hazard - and no one needs to be a rocket scientist to comprehend - this growing problem - all over San Francisco.

Children pass by - and in open sight - without any shame and fear - what so ever - these junkies keep shooting in their arms.

 Other parts of their anatomy - I saw a White young woman - ask her partner to inject the needle in her neck - this one act - made me puke and shocked my very - being.

Where are the so called " Hot Teams " and what is Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - doing about this situation - which is disgracing our City and County of San Francisco.

What is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about this situation? Is there a report on this problem - where the SF City and County of San Francisco - has a plan - an immediate short term plan - and a long term plan?

What does Naomi Kelly - who is our City Administrator - think about this situation - that most know about - but no one is seriously addressing - on a War Footing?

It is time we have notices - placed in these places that are well known - stating the warning - the proposed fines and the  immediate penalties - that can be issued - for shooting heroin or whatever else - has been invented by the criminals - in foreign countries - to ruin our American Citizens.

The the past the British took part in the Opium Wars - thousands of junkies in Shanghai and in other places - were high - most of the time - and those that died - were thrown in the Ocean.

Chairman Mao wiped out the junkies - and before that the Opium production - for open sale.

We now have Afghanistan, Mexico, other countries - producing heroin -  we know about -  heroin freely flowing into the United States. Tunnels costing millions of dollars - from Mexico leading deep into Texas. Submarines landing on shores all over California - with such good and more. Light aircraft too - showing that this is a billion dollar business.

For the longest time - our entertaining clubs - have been dealing with meth and drugs and pills - with fancy names - that baffle the mind.

We have an Entertainment Commission - never one addressing the sale of drugs in most of these so called Entertainment Clubs - now and then - we hear of some incident - but there is no enforcement - a strict enforcement - agains the shooting of heroin and other such actions - that are prevalent - to in many Entertainment Club - complete with special rooms and areas - that can be procured for short time use - and of course - higher payment.

Some start with Red Bull - to pump the heart and feel the high. Then move to whatever else that can give them the continuous and prolonged ' roller coast ride " - you see them - everywhere - thinking that - it is OK - to be high - and drive - high at work - high all the time. Many challenging you - just for looking in their direction - many a time causing shooting and killings.

Today in our schools - even Middle Schools - the youth are selling drugs.

 The San Francisco Unified School District - has been very slow -  intercepting these pills - let alone Marijuana - which can be brought anyway - anytime - as easily as you can procure a lollipop.

We have a new President of the SF Unified School District - Shaman Walton - he should look into this problems - and STOP dreaming - moving up the ladder - to run for Supervisor. 

Our children are suffering - and the issue of drug use and selling drugs at the Public Schools - is kept hush - hush.

We have known for a long time now - that drugs - and Over Dozed patients -  rushed to our hospitals - more Emergency Hospitals - cost us Billions of dollars.

It is not uncommon for many to die - from heart attacks - people under 40 years and even under 30 years and under 20 years -  in our City and County of San Francisco.

The authorities that be  - have NOT taken this issue - lined to over dozing  seriously.

 Just because no one in authority - wants to paint a picture - that is now known - worldwide.

 San Francisco is the place to get what you want - from weed - to any type of pills that give you a high - just name it and it can be delivered to you - on a platter.

SF City Hall has many who do hard drugs - right now - we not long ago - had a mayor - who dabbled with cocaine - and other drugs. He now wants to lead California -once a junkie always a junkie - once a chronic liar - always a LIAR.

Not long ago - we had a guy cornered and arrested for conducting a $100 million business - from an apartment in the Mission. He distributed all sorts of pills - and used the Internet to grow his sordid - business.

Today we have thousands - wheeling and dealing - and Law Enforcement is fast asleep at the cockpit.

With the lax laws on Marijuana - in the name that it helps some - who benefit from it.

As a matter of fact - for the majority of the folks - who want to try it - one thing leads to another.

Soon we will see places - where junkies are found in the thousands - as we see in parts of Switzerland,  France,  Germany,  Amsterdam in Holland, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, many other towns and cities in the United States - but let us talk more about San Francisco.

Mainland China - has already on another level - hacked our Office of Personnel Management - stolen information from over 22 million accounts - belonging to high level and other Federal Employees - more those having high Security Clearance.

The United States has NOT taken the Mainland Chinese government to task - and we allow so many visitors into the United States - that is becoming a JOKE.

On many fronts we are allow the Mainland Chinese- to adversely impact our Nation Security. For all our talk - we have failed to take - very serious measures - to send a clear but stern message to the Mainland Chinese - to back off.

Here in San Francisco the Mainland Chinese spies are having a field day.

All the while importing was distributing - drugs in the form of pills - especially formulated in Laboratories sponsored by the Mainland Chinese Government.

Destroying the lives of many Americans - more those who prefer to get high - for the sake of getting high - and those in authority are looking the other way.

It does not help that many parents - are far removed from what their children are doing - youth and young adults - destroying many families - showering heartaches on their parents - who have no clue - about the ever increase - and growing epidemic - linked to drugs and pill abuse.

Millions of parents are shocked - why is the United States not doing something?

Here and there - we have a report on BBC - 60 Minutes - we look and hear the reports - and look away.

 Busy with our work - many money to pay for rent, food, fancy clothing, cars and so on - never -  thinking serious - giving a deep thought - this drug epidemic  - is not our problem - but it is.

Our Health System is spending Billions - on all sorts of issues - linked to Drug Overdose - but more crimes - that involve shooting, killings, assaults, home break-ins, car thefts and break-ins, these junkies will maim one or even kill one - to get their - 20 seconds high.

At all the San Francisco Police Commission meetings - not once has this issue been discussed.

The issue of the many junkies on our street - the ample opportunities and more sales that are made on our streets by criminals - from every single Nation - Russia,  China,  Jamaica,  Mexico,  Columbia,  Peru, and the list goes on and on.

On another note - related in another way - but connected all the same - the mentality of recent Chinese immigrants - and those here - refusing to learn more - learn English to understand more - preferring to stick together in clusters - failing to be good Americans and socializing outside their own narrow Chinese groups or communities.

Recently at the San Francisco Planning Department - hundreds of Chinese - most of them recent immigrants - flooded the SF Planning meeting - there was hearing about the prospects of some one wanting to open a Cannabis Medical Dispensary on San Bruno Avenue - 3015 San Bruno Avenue.

The proponent who wants to open the Cannabis Medical Dispensary has taken all the necessary measures to operate the dispensary - following the rules and regulations.

Proposition 64 that recently passed - makes some decision making difficult but this rules and ordinances are based on the Proposition - that is being studied and which the SF Planning Department wants time to study.

As we know State law supersedes local laws - the meeting was continued - and time will tell - how this particular permit - will be adjudicated.

Many of those speaking - were coached to say something - that they have NO full knowledge about.

On San Bruno Avenue today - we have all sorts of illegal businesses run by the Chinese.

These businesses have been in operation for a long time - and those that were talking about NOT approving the Cannabis Medical Dispensary - have no clue that all Cannabis Medical Dispensaries - have been approved - reviewing the mandates -  ordinances, controls - and issuing strict permits - linked to enforcement.

The many ignorant Chinese most of them have no clue that all sorts of pills and opiates are available on San Bruno Avenue - slowly - destroying young people and many American Citizens.

Not to mention Marijuana -  Massage Parlors - Gambling Dens - and what - have you.

Those coaching these mostly recent ignorant Chinese immigrants and a few Citizens of Chinese origin - must be educated on issues. Most to this comes when you socialize and learn more about America - but also about manners and etiquette. 

Here is America - we are liberal - but - that does not mean we do not have a process - and protocol - that is foreign to many Chinese entities.

There is one Non-Profit on San Bruno run by some Chinese - pretending to be Non-Profit trying to help the people - for all the wrong reasons.

That non-profit that pushed hard to bus these ignorant Chinese to City Hall - to attend the SF Planning Department Meeting - to fight the opening of this Cannabis Medical Dispensary - on San Bruno Avenue - situated at 3015 San Bruno Avenue - must be investigated - to find out what is the real motive behind this ploy.

In America - we have a right to speak freely - we must NOT be coached like a parrot to say things - that we cannot understand - less pronounce three simple words - CMD.

It would be nice - if those who have been here for years - learn English - and learn skills that contribute to our American Society. 

That people do not push others - and run over them - when boarding the bus.

Also, carry their home garbage every morning - in small parcels - to dump into the public garbage cans - to avoid paying their dues to the garbage and recycling programs - that our City and County of San Francisco - offers.