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Saturday, January 28, 2017


Any good Mayor will tell you - it is all about health, safety, education, transportation, communication, infrastructure, and so on - Quality of Life issues - that matter.

If any Mayor worth the salt has a plan on the above - that Mayor is worth respect - not so - our of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Not Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he tried before to start his diatribe with a joke - which always fell - flat. 

Now he has someone write his speech - pretending to be Caligula.

Then he begins to say something about nothing - always promising and always so vague - tongue is cheek.

Any Mayor that knows about capacity building,  anything what so ever about programming -  more about quality leadership - still more about time-lines and concrete goals - talks little and does more.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a " sham " - he is a disgrace to the human race.

Any Mayor worth the salt - will work with the key heads of her or his department - to bring address issues - that adversely impact the tax payers.

The constituents - here in San Francisco the tax payers - are fed up with Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Our Mothers and more the families of those that have suffered so much - the deaths of their daughters and sons - and while it is not right to generalize - the few " bad apples " - have to be brought to justice.

Our District Attorney - George Gascon is just kicking the can - down the street. 

His relationship as the former Chief of Police of San Francisco - before SF Chief of Police Gregory Suhr who resigned - created animosity among the rank and file. 

For  sure the SF Police Officers Association (POA) - do not have a sound relationship - with SF District Attorney George Gascon.

Caught in the middle are the families and more the mothers - who have been hurt - there has been NO meaningful meeting - the SF District Attorney - attending some public meetings - throwing arrows in the air.

It has been 13 weeks - every Friday - the mothers and the supporters of the mothers - gather before 850 Bryant - the Hall of Justice - to protest - make speeches about the situation at hand - and at times walk to the 3rd Floor and protest outside the office of the SF District Attorney's office.

Not once has the SF District Attorney - George Gascon come out to meet the mothers. Not once.

He sent his aides who cannot do anything much - accept assure the mothers and the supporters - that something is being done - which I call - kicking the can - down the street.

Donald Trump -
when will the buffoonery stop.

Under Donald Trump a few tools - though minimal - are now being targeted.

Executive Orders have been signed by President Donald Trump - to neutralize the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - will no more receive funds to carry out their mission.

We in San Francisco are familiar with COPS - their one report - is sitting on the shelves - gathering - dust.

It is the same with the body that comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice - that deals with Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights - a body that has done some good - that now will be laid to rest - defunded.

Archbishop Franzo King -
he has been on the frontline -
defending the rights of those that need help most.

More and more our Nation has been noticing  what historically   those put down - left to defend for themselves - more, people of color -  who did not protest much.

Even though the Civil Rights Marches of the 1960s - brought some change  - today the insults, the discrimination, the racists remarks - come directly from the White House - with a White person in the House - that atrocities - the shootings, are in your face.

We see this in San Francisco on our Streets - and when we went to Standing Rock - we witnessed - what para-militarism looks like.

The Great Spirit watches it all - and the signs have been sent - for those that have their heart in the right place to see and witness.

The Elders - who are the bearers of the WISDOM - have spoken - and it these trying times - violence is not the way - so far - we need the patience - to allow the Great Spirit - to bring the bearers of the Black Snake - to a realization - this snake will not survive - its head will be chopped - for all the world to see.

Mothers all over the world - the protectors of our children. Mothers all over the world - the protector of water for nourishment.
Mothers all over the world - who have steeped up and sent a message to dictator from Argentina to now - San Francisco.
Mothers all over the world - who march - and stand tall and speak to the TRUTH.

Again and again I have stated here in San Francisco - this is Oholone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone Land.

 The land of the indigenous people - and " we the people more indigenous people know our rights - handed to us for thousands of years - we can discern - and will not permit anyone to dare to bully us ". Aho.

People may not know this - but many aspects of the Constitution of the United States - stemmed from the Six Nations - the Iroquois - who practiced Democracy - for thousands of years.

The Founding Fathers often inviting the Six Nations to a dialog and appreciating their way of governance - Democracy that was practiced for thousands of years.

Donald Trump is making a fool of himself - more as a Racist and Fascist - a despicable - egoistical maniac.

Here is San Francisco the Democrats are reeling in disgrace - all the issues that the Democrats should have adjudicated with standards and principles -  which they the Democrats with intent circumvented - with diabolical and deceitful actions - are now in their face.

We are now - at a cross-road - where everything that Donald Trump sees wrong - be it from some one relating to him a story that that person heard from another person - gossip.

 Be it from some matter he has read - without duly proved  facts - the man will react -  much like a jerk.

No - President has signed so many Executive Orders - as has Donald Trump  - the Executive Orders - should be used as means to an end - to bring about Resolution - and former President after much deliberation - have used Executive Orders - to bring about meaningful change.

Donald Trump has used Executive Orders - to bring about utter confusion - as I said - Donald Trump is looked as a " fool ".

San Francisco has  a Mayor who has No spine - he is a crook and has been wheeling and dealing - all this time - he had been in office - with Steve Kava and others - aiding and abetting. Time will tell.

Now, Mayor Edwin M. Lee  has to deal with Donald Trump - who will adversely impact the over $9 Billion budget plus - of the City and County of San Francisco - by defunding many projects that are vitally linked to health, immigration, education, safety, transportation, housing, the homeless and other issues too many to mention.

Donald Trump is about confusion - and as things stand - in San Francisco - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is " confusion itself " - he talks the talk but has failed again and again - to walk the walk.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 

When will Mayor Edwin M. Lee meet the Mothers - who are suffering because their children - are no more - murdered.

When will Mayor Edwin M. Lee - truly understand that actions speak louder than vague words.

 More diatribe - more hot air - that Mayor Edwin M. Lee continues to spew - every time he takes to the air.