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Saturday, January 14, 2017


The Federal Government is poised to send a substantial amount of money - to the many States and Local town and cities - to address the epidemic and exacerbating issue facing many town and cities - from opioids and its adverse impacts.

Heroin - all sorts of illegal - fancy pills - manufactured in Mainland China - and other Nations - flooding our streets in the United States - with one singular purpose to make money at the expense of vulnerable human beings.

Youth, young adults - those prone to pain - other despondent try to get some relief - more,  to destroy our citizens and those who are foolish to dabble - with such drugs - trying to get high.

No one is tackling this problem on a War Footing - and daily we see the victims - we are immune to the situation at hand - those few who care - are burnt out - the situation right now - is over whelming - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no clue - less Paul Henderson and Diane Oroche.

You would expect our San Francisco Health Department to tackle this on going problems - but that is NOT the case.
Barbara Garcia and her lackeys - are busy now planning how to move large Department from the SF General Hospital to other areas - like Laguna Honda - because the buildings from which the Department must evacuate - are NOT seismically sound.

This evacuation should have been done way back in 1996 - when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor - deferred Maintenance - has brought us to this stage and time - and time is running out.

Never mind this move - if it is made will adversely impact the Elders - at Laguna Honda.

The City and County for all the talk - this one issue - of OPIOIDS - has not been discussed at length - with a Blue Print - to rid our once great City and County of San Francisco - of illegal opioids - heroin, other fancy illegal pills manufactured in Mainland China - and elsewhere.

It is a crying shame - that in the year 2017 - we have countries that have learn nothing much - targeting those that are vulnerable - to make money - and destroy lives

Even the United Nations is slow on this issue. Drug cartels are having a hay day - others who are operation from Russia, India, Nigeria, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico - you get the picture.

Unfortunately - the United States too has been in a position to do so in other countries - in the past - according to reliable sources.
We all know the " Banana Republics " - and how that came about.

 Here at home - bringing in and manufacturing drugs like meth in the early 1980s - that suddenly appeared on our streets in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Bronx, Chicago - and elsewhere - destroying our inner cities.

Much of what we see today in Chicago - stems from that period - much of what killed so many at Hunters Point in San Francisco and Potrero Hill - the Western Addition - and elsewhere like Oakland and Richmond - stems from the early 1980s.

The  "Dophines " and other fancy names we give and say - without paying serious attention - to how our homes have been destroyed. Our mothers and children - now young adults that I have seen and been in touch with - the stories are many - but more the pain is -unbearable.

Of course of politicians - the political pimps and whores - the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen - the many other Blacks who back the Democrats - who could have done something - but continue on that old track - of pacification and not taking concrete action to bring about progress and change.

This mostly comes if one is spiritual strong - not from those weak in the knees, spiritually bankrupt - failing their community and those they grew up with - just because they can now wheel and deal. Their time has come - and change is round the corner.

Over the years - our Nation as a whole has NOT looked at illegal drugs - as an issue where lives are destroyed - and the burden on small towns, cities, and States - potential leading to utter destruction on many levels - health, eduction, safety, generations lost.

Reminiscent of what the United States did to the Native Americans. Poisoned the Native Americans with foul water - gave them blankets contaminated with - " small pox ".

Deprived them of food - and let them starve.

Look their children to far off places - uprooted - the children were sent to boarding schools - where they wrote abused and all this and more - is documented - and the time for restitution is now.

There are agents that work for the Mainland Chinese right here in San Francisco - who are distributing - " fancy pills " - and our Law Enforcement - knows about this - but do not have the personnel to enforce and bring such culprits to task.

Get rid of such individuals - many of them - have lived in the United States - well enough to know and better - to speak English - but are compromising our values - instead of contributing positively to Society.

The many crimes we witness on our streets - be it maiming, killing, shooting, what have you - and more when it comes to harming others - mostly comes from drugs - drug cartels - Nations who are determined to put us down - using - illegal drugs.

We also have a substantial number of mentally challenged - that our City and County of San Francisco - cannot address in our hospitals.

The place chosen - are our jails. Thousands every year - are sent to our jails for treatment - when they feel better - these mentally challenge are released - only to go back to jail - again.

There are cases on one single mental challenged person - calling 911 as many at 120 times or more in one single year. Others less but still in double digits - depriving Law Enforcement from attending to other issues - some of them important - but not life threatening. 

There are statistics that say that over 90% of the 911 calls to our SF Police Department are such cases - involving the mentally challenged - and NO one to this day - has found a solution.

More - to this problem - that is affecting the service in other areas - as I said  - that the SF Police Department are supposed to offer but cannot - adversely impacting - Quality of Life issues.

As we know most cases now involved the SF Fire Department - the Medics who are now suppose to respond quickly but cannot - many a time because of congestion on our streets - and at times - because of over load of calls - and fewer medics - available on the shift.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is spending millions - on Street Violence and Intervention Programs - that have failed to address " intervention " - because these programs are NOT capable nor are the personnel  trained to " intervene ".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that have fancy titles like Diane Oroche and Paul Henderson - are " paper pushers " - have no training what so ever - in the area of Street Violence and  Intervention in particular - and yet continue to work for the Mayor's Office - doing nothing at all.

Recently Diane Oroche was called out - now involved with aiding - "illegal immigrants "  with legal help -  funds set aside by the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - from our General Funds.

It would be another issue if the funds were private -  provided by entities that the Mayor has been wheeling and deal with - Google, Twitter, Salesforce, Webcore, Nibbi, Cahill, Five Point Holdings, LLC aka Lennar Urban and so on.

The wheeling and dealing and the money raked by AECOM,  Obayashi, URS, Shimmick, and so on and so forth.

Not knowing that we have be careful in understanding the LAW and more our Constitution - our City and County is utter defiance - will now face the Federal authorities - when funding will STOP and their actions - will speak for itself.

President Barack Hussein Obama did that too - wrote laws without going to Congress.

President Barack Hussein Obama  - circumvented the Constitution - some of his action favors compassion - but does not follow the law. It is the LAW that matters - and with compassion - bring about a holistic approach - and address issues that need - to be addressed.

If you read the law linked to " Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals " (DACA) - for example - the children who came with their parents illegally into this country - but truly do not have any law - passed by Congress that allows - them to stay in our Nation - is something that needs to be addressed.

The Democrats could have addressed DACA in Congress - but did not.

President Barack Hussein Obama took upon himself to craft a law without the blessing from Congress - to help the children - many of them now young adults.

This is putting it lightly - those that follow the law and comprehend what I am saying - understand the repercussions - of such laws - when they are not adhered to - a can of worms is opened - and that is what - make following rules and regulation - ordinances and laws - rather difficult - if not impossible to understand.

Here in San Francisco - 90% of the drugs sold on our streets - are sold by those that are " illegal immigrants ".

These illegally immigrants - have fake documents - can afford rental units and pay - the $3500 a month for a one bed room unit - $5000 for a two bed room unit.

In many apartment these " drug dealers " daily harass innocent residents.

If the police are called - they order the decent residents - to contact other authorities - on nuisance activities - that they consider trivial - such as constant banging,  shouting,  making life a  hell for those that live with less noise - and cannot live with commotion all day and night long - as the dysfunctional and criminal elements - live.

If you live in Rent Control apartments - it is even worse - the Rent Control Board has no mechanism to remove or site those that create such nuisance - that their behavior is totally uncalled for - but there is no remedy to the situation at hand.

These cartels - have hundreds working for them - a net work so vast - that it is mind boggling.

Thousands of tons of drugs - are moved from San Diego and the neighboring areas - to San Francisco and North to the Canadian border.

This is a billion dollar business - and those in the know - know this - but have done nothing about it - for the longest time.

Yet daily these illegal immigrants -  carry out nefarious activities - while our City and County is aware of such cases - but have no clue - how deep this problem is - and how it adversely impacts - decent constituents of San Francisco - decent tax paying citizens  - of these the United States of America.

These drug dealers have wives and children - who all came here illegally.

The wives and children may not be committing crime - but the fact remains - they survive - they live well - because they are supported by - revenues that come from illegal - activities.

Their illegal activities - have sent thousands to their death knell - it is amazing how our City Representative - are so insensitive - our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly - has NOT once address this issue with the Mayor of San Francisco nor the Director of Health Department - nor the Chief of Police of San Francisco.

It always takes someone to tell these folks some of them making in access of $300, 000 a year with benefits - and failing to represent and work hard for our City and County of San Francisco.

These illegal  activities - involving the sales of opioids of all types,  "fancy pills " from Mainland China especially - are a Billion dollar underground business.

 So it the import of opiates - heroin in all its forms and descriptions - that have killed so many of our United States citizens - here in San Francisco. 

Mainland China is aware of this - and does not give a - rat's ass.

Some ignorant Chinese - more recent immigrants - are against Cannabis Medical Dispensaries - like the one asking for a permit  to be in operation at 3015 San Bruno Avenue - in San Francisco.

As far as we know considering this permit  - if the Cannabis Medical Dispensary is granted permission - there will checks and balances. Due diligence will be done - and the SF Planning Department and other regulatory agencies - have a check list that must be met - by the operators.

Unlike the many underground illegal businesses and transactions conducted daily by Chinese - who purport to be interested in some issues - that they consider important for reasons best know only to them.

The many illegal businesses - the sordid way of doing business - selling products that are stale - in many cases expired products - that other businesses would not have the heart nor the gumption - to carry out.

We must nip this business of ganging up on some business - and being concerned on some parochial issues - while failed to learn proper English, comprehend the higher values that owe Americans adhere to - have the freedom to speak with consideration and respect - and most importantly socialize - and stop this business of working in " secret societies " - always embracing the values from - far off countries - and have been detrimental to - " open societies ".

Much of what I have seen - in my wide travels - negotiating with entities from all over the world - have good friends - even in places like China - I know what I am talking about.

Recent immigrants must learn etiquette - stop rushing and stomping on passengers - such as those that need help most - stop sitting on seats that are reserved for the physically challenged - sometimes a whole row.

Stop selling stale good and good given as charity to some - in illegal open markets - on the streets of San Francisco - where dogs and other creatures - " defecate ". In unhygienic conditions - that many recently arrived immigrants - do not deem necessary as part of their living - used to living in despicable conditions.

On has just to visit the Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) Hotels in China Town. The other so called Public Housing - where the stench is unbearable.

San Brune Avenue once boasted - a high caliber of constituents - the street was clean- the types of business varied - now, Chinese Restaurants, Hair Saloons and related business, the same and drab - are found on San Bruno.

Those immigrants who have not even been here for a few years will behave in a manner that is shocking - spiting on the street in front of you - walking and in some case sitting on your feet - with NO apology. Conducting themselves - at the Walgreens in an uncouth manner - grabbing goods in front of you - and thinking nothing of it.

In our schools there has been tension - with many Chinese students ganging up on Blacks - speaking in demeaning terms - and thinking nothing of Black leaders - and never once going out of their way - to bridge difference - with a dialog that brings about understanding, healing, and what we in American consider a melting pot.

We have a Chinese American Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - and he is a good example of what I am saying above. Talking from both sides of his dirty mouth. Making a salary of $300, 000 the highest among Mayor Nationwide - typical of most Chinese - of his caliber - looking forward to high salary - while NOT performing and less - representing.

I have many Chinese friends - in fact over the past 35 years past - have helped many Chinese without taking any remuneration. I cannot remember one single business - one single Chinese individual - offering financial assistance - when I have organized an event - done something that has served many.

The Irish, the Businesses other than Chinese have come out of their way to offer - assistance - if it is NOT money - in kind. I can do go on and on - but that is not necessary - I have made my point.

The pros and cons of Cannabis are many - the Chinese have used it for thousands of years - in many forms - including assassins - as we know from history. In medicine to control headaches, nausea, other ailments - individuals by the thousands have chosen Cannabis rather than other Western Medications.

We must be educated on issues - and stop - abusing our process that permits FREEDOM. The abuse of FREEDOM is LICENSE   - all those who come - and say things without understanding what they are say - are practicing LICENSE.

Many of them cannot articulate less pronounce - Cannabis Medical Dispensary (CMD) - those behind sending these parrots - to create an atmosphere as if these ignorant people know something - must be taken to task.

If the organization is supported - more with funds from the City and County of San Francisco - they must be investigated. I see this one non-profit lack comprehension of how Democracy works - and less of Social Sciences - even less of Cultural Competency -here in San Francisco.

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - there are various activities - nefarious activities - most of them - operated by the Chinese - more those that have links to Mainland China. Go Figure!

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