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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Interim- President 
Donald Trump

We have a person in place - an egotistical maniac -who will do as he pleases - and rock the boat.  Our Nation is watching - it is as if a Tsunami is approaching us - but we really do not know - the havoc that the Tsunami - will create.

If you can swim - well and good - if not - you will be left to the elements. That is just how it works with a - maniac at work.

We should not forget -  for years we had - to deal with another set of maniacs - dysfunctional - calling themselves Democrats.

Most of them - kicking the can - down the street -  promising us - sweet, nothings - the Democrats - now, not in power - who have  - destroyed our Middle Class.

President Barrack Hussein Obama -
the 44th President of the United States of America

I am not to get excited - and I did not get too excited when President Barrack Hussein Obama - was elected.

The way I saw it then - is the way I see it now - he was fundamentally rooted with principles - his association with Constitution Law - his even temper - taking his time to weigh in - much like sitting on the fence - and jumping on that side - that is greener. 

Barrack - much like his father who was an economist - tried first to understand the fundamentals - that takes time - and then with his even temper - decided what was best for the occasion.

If you study his work - the many issues he addressed - even the present situation at hand - his temper - permits him - to see things - as evenly as anyone  - possibly can. This is a singular gift - he offered to our Nation - it has its value - but it also can bring about some - confusion - the delay factor - can trigger - adverse impacts.

Perhaps his singular achievement in office - was turning our economy around in the year 2008. 

President Barrack Hussein Obama  -  did what no other President in the history of the United States did - he put most things on track - weighing the pros and cons.

More - that today - allows the present economy - to grow - foster growth - be it slow - to create opportunities - and lead the world as an economy - respected the world over.

Wall Street is Bullish - growth has created millions of jobs since 2008 - be it most of them are temporary. Upward mobility and career jobs - have not been forthcoming in the Inner Cities - and those community that have - the majority - People of Color.

Our economy has not touched the Native Americans and the Reservations - and what I have seen with my own eyes recently - has made my heart - very heavy.

The Affordable Care Act has helped those mostly that suffered serious chronic diseases - that most Insurance Companies - would not cover - pre-existing conditions. This singular blessing should not be short lived.

This one noted aspect deserves kudos - many other aspects can and will be tweaked -  that is how - any operation - any model, any project - has to be dealt with - we cannot afford to have any model - that bleeds the system.

Today the Insurance Companies are milking the Affordable Care System - aka Obama Care - premiums are increasing - and the promise made that you can see any doctor one chooses - is not happening.

Some of us are so caught up - watching Television - and other digital news - often forgetting to read the Constitution and more study the history of our past - Presidents.

The President of the United States of America - brings to the fore - many of the aspects - that sets a tone - that we all remember  - today we have living Presidents  - those that are alive and are ex- Presidents - this during our own life time.

Some of them President Carter, President George Bush Senior, President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton - and soon to be President Barrack Hussein Obama - the 44th President of these the United States of America.

Even as we have a number of Presidents of the United States alive and each one of them - represented the United States as they deemed to represent - we all remember them differently - and some of us - have even forgotten that they are alive. 

You all can read history and make up your minds - how they all performed. I am going to bring to your attention - another President - President Andrew Jackson - for a reason - that I think is worth noting and bringing some attention.

President Andrew Jackson -
March 15, 1767 - June 8, 1845

President Andrew Jackson wanted to deal with the citizens as he deemed fit - and more directly. Much like Donald Trump.

He made many enemies - he thought he got the work done - many of the policies favored those that thought like him - he had disdain for the Native Americans - and adversely impacted - thousands.

During a completely different time - President Jackson - who defied most - zeroed in on the Native Americans and moved them away from their Tribal Lands - and committed other atrocious deeds - too many to name.

Representatives and citizens and others attended his inaugural events - and history has noted President Andrew Jackson - was not one that history has recored as a person likable - more disliked.

Here is Hillary Clinton - smiling -
she and her husband will be attending 
the inaugural of Donal Trump - as he is sworn -
to become our 45th - President of the U.S.A.

In  this digital world - unlike - when President Andrew Jackson was alive - we have thousands of documents that we can review - about anyone - and that includes Hillary Clinton.

The many lies and the close door policies - adversely impacted our Nation.

Stubborn and doing as she pleased - she compromised the Security of our Nation - using her Black Berry and other digital tools - that were hacked - comprising our Nation's Security - the many private " servers " -  a policy totally uncalled for.

The day after the inauguration - January 21, 2017 - millions of women will March and protest the inauguration of Donald Trump - and they have every right to express their Constitutional Rights.

Washington D.C.  will witness - the " fire works " it has NOT witness in years - and  much needed - as we have too may arm chair critics - and few -  acting, marching, speaking, writing - and dealing with the issues - much as they come before us.

Women can bring about consensus quickly - and can send a strong message - to this President whose mouth spews diatribe faster than thoughts in his sordid - mind - Donald has shot himself - again and again - in his foot.

Many Representatives that purport to represent the people too - have said publicly they do not want to - attend the Inauguration.

Again they represent the people and if the constituents say they do not want them to attend - more power to them.

Bottom line they must monitor Donald Trump - who will continue to " use Twitter to address issues ".

 Say something - than something else - change his mind - quicker than a turbulent hurricane.

 We all will have to witness the madness, the turmoil,  the utter confusion, the pandemonium - all in real time - for sure for 4 years - and after that - I hope - NOT.

We humans must stick together - with plans - for those that matter - more those that need help most. Women can do that better than anyone else - we know that from history - and more from our own experience - that is if we our senses are fine tuned - and we have " our heart in the right place ".

Someone has sent me a text it says - Donald Trump and his organization has about 200 buses leased to bring people to his inaugural - the women gathered in Washington D.C. have leased over 1200 buses - may be more.

That speak volumes for Logistics and more for a smooth operation - is keeping with what I am saying - the ability to quickly have a Blue Print with plans that will work and address the salient and pertinent issues of our time. God bless the women and those other that support them - to address the real issues of our time.

What does all this and more  say?

We will be represented - by the best on the unique march - January 21, 2017.

Hopefully - those that think they want to serve the people - in a manner they think best for the millions of " constituents of the United States " - be it most - may be inclined to the values - of the failed Democrats - which they can tweak to work - in the future.

For sure we know that Donald Trump did not get the " popular vote " - he managed to get the Electoral Votes - a model so Smithsonian - that the world wonders - how it works in these contemporary times.

I have faith in our women - I know they will unite and represent those values that takes us to a better place.

They have done it here in San Francisco - a very strong contingent of stellar and astute women is representing San Francisco - women - they have done it all over the Nation - they even did it - with great success at Standing Rock - in North Dakota. I saw it all for myself and admire their tenacity and fortitude.

I cannot join the March - as much I may have wanted.

I just returned from Standing Rock - but I know deep in my heart - this unique March - held on January 21, 2017 - will be recorded by history - as one that brought the much needed attention - at the right time - by grass roots women - good,  decent,  and honorable - women.

One woman decided  to have this March not too long ago - and on January 21, 2017 - we all be witnessing a March - that will remain etched on our minds - for many, many, many years. Aho.