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Monday, August 29, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue about " de-escalation " - even less about " the dangers of pollution and congestion ".

When it comes to the selection - of our next Chief of Police - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is using lackeys.

 Paying these hand picked lackeys - $50, 000 to conduct 6 meetings - the last will be held today - at Saint Mary's Catholic Cathedral - from 6 pm to 8 pm - SF Geary and Grove. Muni bus 38 takes you right to the door.

This entire selection has been a mess - again and again - those attending are treated like " children ".

 Some forms given - some pointers - most totally out of sync with reality.

Those participants - have been treated like small children - more,  to side track the real issues - and point in a direction - that is totally not in sync - with the reality -  that really is happening in our neighborhoods.

Any Police Chief - has to address the ever increasing homelessness now growing by leaps and bounds in our neighborhoods.

The ever increasing congestion on our streets - stressing people - often leading to people attacking and abusing one another.

The high cost of living and the many side affects - that have sent - thousands of San Franciscans - that contributed so much - out of our City.

Families leaving - making San Francisco a City with less children - and taking away the many good qualities and aspirations that we have treasured - all these many years.

Seniors our mentally and physically constituents treated with disdain - linked to good transportation, education, jobs, and of course their safety.

If one reads the report that has been produced by the recent Blue Ribbon Panel and  the volunteer contribution made by many astute attorneys and institutions  - we clearly see - a huge problem with the Police Officers Association (POA) - some 300 plus individuals that are trying to subvert and created - pandemonium.

The text message - containing disparaging remarks made by some rogue SF Police Officers - that the Blue Ribbon Panel has incorporated into the report - gives one an idea - how dysfunctional the entire SF Police Department has become.

This and more - defeating the hard work - the sincere intentions of those SF Police Officers - and there are many that I know - that want to do good and many have sacrificed against great odds - to stand for what is right - and their stress level has reached -  a saturation point.

Our current SF Police Commission with drab individuals like Joe Marshal - who talks from both sides of his mouth - and has NO clue how the general public feels about the current situation linked to SAFETY in our City. Joe Marshal is not respected and must step down - all he does is rubber stamp and he is on the take.

The current SF Police Commission is dysfunctional - and again and again the public has stated this significant fact - to the faces on the SF Police Commissioners.

 Most of them - far removed from the reality that is happening at ground zero - hold tight to their appointments - for personal reasons. Pathetic.

I have know the last 8 Command Groups - the members that matter and with them the last 8 Police Chiefs - very well.

We the public cannot address the SAFETY of our community by using " primitive methods ".

In the last five years we have seen our SF Police Officers lacking the tools to communicate - be it their radios or their lap tops.

Not too long ago - the Incident Reports were done manually.

It is just in the last three years - and there is some semblance and all this and more - has been the result of hard work from the last two Police Chiefs .

Of course - the lay person and those that bark up the wrong tree - have no clue - about the process, the operations - and the sound bench marks needed - to lead and maintain law and order.

We once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - no more.

Now the Mayor's Office receives millions - and out sources - programs that are lead by private entities - not fully trained to understand and less issues at hand.

More and more all Police Officers - all over the Nation - have chosen - to introduce para-military tactics. 

Our President Barack Hussein Obama - our United States Attorney Loretta Lynch - our local District Attorney, our Senator Diane Feinstein, our Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - all have failed San Francisco - to speak on this issue - many of them tongue in cheek - making excuses.

The para-military tactics - have introduce the mentality that the public is an enemy - and not look upon as a citizen that must be protected and help.

Much like in battle - the many wars - where our soldiers go the fight - many return and are recruited by Police Chiefs - all over the Nation to - carry out and practice para-military tactics.

This tactics work on the battle field - but not in our towns and cities - and this one glaring aspects and its many consequences - have not been evaluated in depth.

Our SF Police Officers are trained arbitrarily to see the kill and act as if they are in dire straits and must step back - evaluate and eliminate - what they are told - according to their orders received and out dated manuals - an impediment - to the situation at hand.

This  concept and idea that they are serving and protecting the citizen - whose life matters -  that the tax payer is footing the salary of the police officers and all his training.

 Other amenities that cost the tax payers - millions of dollars - more over one million if not two million - for a SF Police Officer - who has a 10 year service record - not including his salary and over time, health and other essential - benefits.

The Bayview Hunters Point - introduced to our City and County of San Francisco - in the early 1960s - the Human Rights Committee - that today is known as the Human Right Commission.

The Bayview Hunters Point - took into account - and fought to reduce the " height limits " - linked to those Police Candidates who wanted to join the SF Police Department.

 This one singular fact brought in former Chief Lau and others - and to this day - few know about this contribution and other stellar contributions - by the Bayview Hunters Point community.

When a significant number of mostly Blacks are murdered in the  Bayview Hunters Point - and nothing is mentioned about this fact - the other contributions - as part of the selection and discussion at hand - something essential is missing - that makes these " dog and pony meetings " mundane.

When trivial and mundane pointers - are introduce - to defy those with intelligence and you have  sell outs like Sheryl Davis and Amos Brown - backing those that came out with these six meetings - even though we have 11 Supervisorial Districts and Police Precincts - such outreach done so hastily - begs the question.

No where in the many trivial discussions - is the mention made of gentrification and how innocent people are forced out - because San Francisco is becoming so expensive.

It is not safe to travel on our Muni buses - and the Ambassadors with their Yellow Jackets - are often wasting their time at eating places - making small talk.

Often called and  pulled out from their assigned duty - and told to do the work of Safety Officers - at the SF Unified and other schools - directing traffic and helping to board children on SF MUNI buses.

Crime has increased in San Francisco - more home break-ins, car break ins, assaults, domestic violence, other nuisances that the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this lackeys - do not give a damn about.

Our Judicial System is failing us all - the chronic back log in the Courts.

Added - the very corrupt Judges that will postpone cases - the victim spending a lot of money - only to deal with more " grief " and become despondent.

Senator Diane Feinstein has not sad a word - when it comes to the murders - on the streets of San Francisco - that have been committed by some rogue SF Police Officers.

 The same hold good when come rogue SF Police Officers - shoot first and ask questions later. This hold good of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - those so called Representatives that we must visit - who are pussyfooting in Sacramento.

At the last count we had 15 candidates trying to vie for the position to become the next Chief of Police - for the City and County of San Francisco.

Right at the onset of these meetings - to help select the next Chief of Police of San Francisco - the six meetings that were proposed - a brief description - on each candidate - would have given us all - who participated in some of the meetings - the strengths and what ever - of the individuals - who are aspiring to this - position.

We got none of that - most did not know - how many candidates were vying for this position. Why?

Those who live and pay their taxes in San Francisco - want to know - as and when - we deem to participate - we want the best candidate to be the next - Chief of Police. 

Who and what are we dealing with.

What has happened - a small group - is pushing for their hidden agenda - and when you include Amos Brown, the many mostly Black sell outs - who will agree to rubber stamp - this small group has caused a lot of damage -  we have seen this happen - again and again.

Anyone who pushed for Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) to interview people - create large documents - and try to pacify San Franciscans - must be held accountable.

The acronym COPS is deceiving.

COPS consists of private consultants - who are paid well - travel all over the Nation - who have NO power to adjudicate and less to investigate.

What COPS. are good at doing is writing reports - all over the Nation - these reports - are collecting dust on shelves - and they are part of the Department of Justice.

10 years ago had the Department of Justice sent us a team - to investigate Racial Discrimination - address Civil Rights issues - much of the nonsense - we are experiencing today - would not have existed.

At the last 5 meeting to select a Chief of Police for San Francisco - the facilitators - lacked any experience - more, to ask questions and encourage dialog - on " cultural competency ".

Factors like " Implicit Bias  " and how that impacts our judgement.

The number of SF Police Officers who live far away - many of them " red necks " - they come here -  more to earn their salary and disrespect people of color.

The role of Black Sellouts -  who rubber stamp - we have their names and have been bold to name them before and have named two this time around.

Why are so many Blacks lingering in our jails - Blacks form only 2% of our population today - yet 50% and lingering in our jails - why?

We brag that our City is booming - yet - we have hot-spots in the Western Addition, Excelsior, Bayview Hunters Point - of 40% plus unemployment.

Hand in hand with crime - goes health issues - such as contamination, pollution, more respiratory diseases.

An increased number of still child births in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Lack of proper nutrition, lack of open space with facilities - sound health services - unsafe environment on our transportation system.

In our SF Unified School District the physically challenged and the mentally challenged - treated with disdain - an investigation has revealed this and more. The Safety Officers at these school not in the picture.

Single mothers forced to work and leave their children with relatives and friends - having no means to pay for child care.

 Prostitution, drug use, diseases like AIDS and STD - and a gamut of other pertinent issues - all impacting Quality of Life issues - all affecting SAFETY.

Absolutely NO meaningful dialog about Community Policing - the people matter - and they must be at the table - we want no dictation - and and no arbitrary policies. 

If this is the case - the money from the SF Police Department must be withheld - we  the people must exercise this discretion - to send a powerful message - with the help of the Budget Committee and those that are for the people and sound - representation.

The last 5 meetings to permit the public to give their opinion - was stymied and contained - by diverting the minds of the participants - to discuss and waste time - on subjects far removed from the essential discussions that benefit our neighborhoods - a slap on the face of the constituents of San Francisco.

No one can fool all the people all the time.