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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Our so called Judicial System in San Francisco - stinks.
More on the local level - and most importantly at 850 Bryant Street - that entire building - needs to be torn down. Now.

You have just to go to 850 Bryant Street - a building that must be implode - it is ripe with corruption of the highest order. 

Haunted with " injustice " meted out to thousands over the years - this building is an " eye sore :" - and that is putting it lightly. Those working inside - prone to corruption of the highest - order.

In the corridors - the clerks come out and bark - and what they say - they only - understand.

You enter inside - the Court Room - and the wheeling and dealing is done - in the open - much like a bazar.

When the culprits come - into the Court Room - and while the Court Judge is looking at the papers - handed to them - with changes - the culprits appearing - have their cohorts - sitting - and messages are passed - by eye contact - seeing is believing.

Corrupt lawyers work for " money " - just their attitude tells one a lot.

Here is how one scenario went just a couple days ago:

Well says the District Attorney representative - " I have set this date ".

 " Well " - says the lawyer representing the victim - appointed by our elected Public Defender -  " I need some more tine - and choses a date: -  "three weeks from the day we are all attending the hearing ".

"No " - says the District Attorney representative -  " I am leaving " - and states a date -  we  all present - are listening to this back and forth - the head attorney from the District Attorney's office and Safire a well know - demanding lawyer - working for the Public Defender's office.

The Public Defender's attorney - agrees -  " well see you " - and agrees to be at the hearing - one day - before the District Attorney's representative - goes on his vacation - sabbatical - God alone knows - what.

U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

State Attorney General Kamala Harris

I detest going to the City Jail - at least that is what they called it some 20 years ago.  Jokingly - Shitty Jail - that is what it is - for all practical purposes - sewage flowing and the place stinking - it needs to be torn down.

The SF Police Commission use to be held at 850 Bryant - where you went to get your - Incident Reports.

Journalists went there to file their papers - to receive their Press Cards.

On occasion - to represent some kind soul - that was innocent and need much needed help - that the POPOS may have trapped - or foolish leading one to talk back - led one to experiencing - " the situation ".

There is NO justice believe me. Less in an environment - where - the conditions are - pathetic.

Vying for power - the Judges doing what they do most - hear a case - postpone a case - treat some with disdain and others with leniency - still others - using procrastination - and a gamut of other tricks in their bag.

I used to take a reporter's note book - and a fancy pen - and sit down for hours and observe - the court hearing - some 25 years ago on occasion.

Often time the judges - would call the Sheriff - to inquire of me - what I was doing - at the Court Room. I often said nothing.

He or she went back - said something - to the Judge - and I never had any problems.

In today's Court Rooms - the devil has a field day.

The pawns of the devil are the attorneys - who are busy thinking of the next case - and how much - they will charge - it is all about money.

Caught in this - " cauldron of corruption " - of the highest order - those are commit  - despicable - crimes.

The losers - and then the victims - who must be helped - come out of these ordeals - messed up - some cases going on for years on end.

If you cannot make bail - you take an extended vacation - for years sometimes - and there are few who understand this situation - the entire " bail system " - is a rip off.

I personally know these players - Judges, attorney, sheriffs, clerks, those that work for the SF District Attorney, the Public Defender and many in his office.

The Detectives, the Inspectors, the many lackeys - that are ordered to do this and that - paper pushers - it is a game.

George Gascon running for Kamala Harris job - Kamala Harris seeking that of Barbara Boxer - no one representing - everyone seeking higher office - to sit in the cockpit - and rake in the millions. 

All sorts of players - doing their thing - and most not having a clue about sound adjudication,  process,  less fair play - it is a circus of a kind - that had gone hay wire.

Over the years - I had the opportunity to know the Chiefs of Police - the Command Group - at some point the SF Police Commission moved to City Hall - Room 400 - and routinely I made my appearance - it was all good.

There was the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - long gone - for the Mayor to take control of the " situation " - and fuck us tax  payers over - this Mayor - Edwin M. Lee is  a JOKE.

There were Safety Meetings - the SF Police Department would do their best to break in down Class One crimes - Class Two crimes - the many crimes in between - and I would speak up - sometimes in front of the then SF Police Chief Heather Fong - and those that came after her.

For sure we pay our taxes - we pay the salaries of these so called players - I am trying to describe - one worse than the other - where is the justice?

It is hidden under that proverbial rug - and on top of it -layers of other rugs - and these jerks - think - they can fool us all - and they are totally mistaken. God help them all.

Our City is a Racist City - and as the days turn to weeks - to months and years - it will get worse.

The main reason - these buffoons are spiritually bankrupt - and when you are spiritually bankrupt - those that cause harm - will be visited - by the wrath of God.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is put on notice - he has failed our City and must step down. Make no bones about that. Aho.