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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Lennar Urban is NOT to be trusted - since 2013 - it has FAILED to comply - gone back on the many promises made - to fork up so called Community Service Payments - and now wants San Franciscans to change Proposition " M " - to cater to its pressing needs. Lennar Urban has sneaked in Proposition O - to hoodwink the City and County of San Francisco - to cater to its own devious ambitions.

The SF Department of Election - has chosen to remove the posted Proposition " O " - found on its web page. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Read Proposition " O ":

Lennar Urban a rogue developers - has NOT kept one single promise - since the year 2000 - and Lennar Urban is not to be trusted.

You can trust a dog or a hog - but not Lennar Urban - those that keep cheating,  bluffing and hoodwinking - innocent contractors, its customers,  building housing units - on land that is very contaminated.

Remember Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that the Hunters Point  Naval Shipyard  - 90% of it still comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

The United States Navy contaminated the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and the U.S. Navy must clean the entire area it contaminated - to residential use. 

The community cannot be fooled by entities like Lennar Urban know to use " Land Banking " - takin over land for little money - and then selling it to the highest bidder. Much like the " drug lords " and other corrupt politicians who are been paid by Prime Contractors like Tetra Tech and others - and have failed to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard all these many years - more from 1976.

The mostly Blacks that Lennar Urban uses as pawns - sell outs - NOT to be trusted - in the early days Roy Willis - who came from Southern California - to establish the kingdom of the crooks.

Put very corrupt mostly Blacks on Lenanr Urban's  pay roll - folks like  Calvin Jones, Aurelius Walker, Veronica Hunnicutt, Shamman Walton, Dwayne Jones, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Amos Brown, Bishop Green - others too many to mention - all scum bags - that have created divisiveness - and are an anathema to the community at large.

This crap has been going on for decades now - and if we the people do not stand up - we will be taken for a wild ride.

Power to the people -
the People united will never, ever be defeated.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. We do not want Lennar Urban in San Francisco and all those that support - Lennar Urban.

The Muwekma Ohlone

Proposition " M" passed by the constituents of San Francisco  in 1986 - rightly put limitations on office space - citywide - and encouraged affordable housing - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco and elsewhere.

Lennar Urban is hurting - will never, ever succeed after poisoning our children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - bombarding our community with Asbestos Structures - and failing to apologize.

Stop Lennar Action Movement - is alive and kicking - we remember our fight opposing Proposition G.

Proposition G - a ploy that has failed - and now Lennar Urban - an outfit from Miami, Florida - the land of the crooks,  the corrupt,  and entity that came here on the West Coast - with ill gotten wealth, drug money -  trying to cheat us with Mafia laden - tactics.

This is San Francisco - and Lennar Urban will fall flat on its face.

The audacity of Lennar Urban to demand that it has our best interests - to give it an exemption - to build and lease millions of square feet of Office Sparce - when Lennar Urban should be given a boot - and told that we do not need their business at all.

Homes on Parcel A - are built costing Lennar Urban over $890  a square foot - they got the land for free - and are adding an amount of $10  million plus - factored in the selling price of their units - with their business going South.

Three separate entities - all Prime contractors - have attempted to work with Lennar Urban and all three entities - Prime Contractors - have pulled out - leaving Lennar Urban holding the bag.

 Now Lennar Urban wants to pull wool - over our eyes - trying to convince us that they can develop - Candlestick Point.

Lennar Urban has failed on Mare Island - that comes under the jurisdiction of the City of Vallejo. Promised Vallejo to build 10, 000  housing units and did not keep its promise - declared bankruptcy.

Vallejo was counting on that money - and the City of Vallejo had to declare bankruptcy. So what is San Francisco doing - cozying up to the crooks - Lennar Urban?

We the people - united - must must vote NO on Proposition " O ".
Once and for all - get rid of this " cancer " - that has adversely impacted - thousands of innocent people all over San Francisco.

We know that Parcel A - is the only parcel Lennar Urban has jurisdiction over - and cannot manage that project - with umpteen problems.

 Units not built to standards, sub-contractors not paid - Black and Latinos are NOT given opportunities - and discrimination and blatant harassment of women and minorities - rampant - on all Lennar Urban projects.

The Department of Building Inspection - fast asleep - and not doing their job. Come on Agnus McCarthy you can do better.

The District Attorney fast asleep - send the crooks to jail.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - stop the bleeding of the community - and take some lessons on " shared prosperity " - this is not China - their economy is tanking - and soon with 9 months - you will see it creep here - and hit you in the face.

How are you doing Mr Edwin Lee - with the Millennium Tower - bought by some Chinese entity for $225 million. Even though it is sinking - has sunk 18 inches and tilting 2 inches - if not 4 - according to some - very reliable sources.

Lennar Urban promised Community Benefits - and has NOT kept one single promise.

 It has been forced to pay three Blacks - who were employed by Lennar Urban on Parcel A and who were bluntly - discriminate
 against - millions of dollars - in compensation.

 A matter settled out of court - where the parties are told - not to utter a word.

The San Francisco Unified School District where Shamman Walton sits on the Board of the SF Unified School District - having failed with Young Community Developers.

 Now,  cozying up to Lennar Urban to get some money to fill his pockets - while selling out the community. Stop before we visit your home - and all the neighbors - get full knowledge - about how you have been selling our the community. 

It is the same with Sophie Maxwell having failed two terms as a Supervisor - of District 10.

Now trying to make a come back - having won a seat on the SF Democratic County Central Committee - thinking that she has some clout - when she is NOT respected in the community.

Veronica Hunnicutt who does not even live in the community - who has been a chronic sell out - on the pay roll of Lennar Urban - rubber stamping on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Shipyard .

Veronica Hunnicutt - who has no clue what a Superfund means, no clue that Depleted Uranium was tested on the Hunters Point Shipyard - all three Blacks above mentioned - selling out the community at large.

Large and small companies are leery of Lennar Urban - Lennar Urban has already adversely impacted many businesses.

Some in small measure and others  in large measure.

At the appropriate time - I will expose them for their sordid behavior - suffice to say the Federal Bureau of Investigation - is monitoring Lennar Urban - and we have the empirical data - to send many of them to jail - for a long, long time.

In the meantime the Blacks who account for just two percent of the population is San Francisco - even though the liars say 6% - have 50% incarceration rate in our jails.

Blacks - more than any other community - are given  no good opportunities - forget about career jobs.

Many Blacks - are used like dirty rags by Lennar Urban - always using those that are innocent - like pawns - when will the Blacks learn - what is right and what is wrong?

Proposition " O " - will be used by Lennar Urban to make a lot of money - millions if not billions in the long run - if that Propostion passes.

Office space downtown fetches over $1300 per square feet to build - in the Southeast Sector - Lennar Urban and others could build office space for less than $850 a square feet and lease it for more.

Lennar Urban has increase the height limit on the buildings - skyscrapers on land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - Lennar Urban will build an inferior product - and in a jiffy move out. 

Lennar Urban is not to be trusted.

The paradox is that today - Lennar Urban is building its own home units for much more - and selling them for less.

 Having failed to factor many pertinent factors - linked to cost of building on Lennar Urban's poorly built residential units. 

Lennar Urban is sinking like a big ship taking too much water - and its Management is in disarray - drowning - try to grab anything to stay afloat - but sinking all the same.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is favoring Lennar Urban - backed by Willie L. Brown Jr. ( a former Black - thug Mayor of San Francisco).

Other dubious characters like the  Tabernacle Group that wants money - for doing nothing at all - all Black Pastors - calling themselves developers.

None in the Tabernacle Group - who cannot hammer a straight nail - do not even know how to use a measuring tape - less any tool that helps in the construction industry.

The people united will never, ever be defeated. Aho.

Read Proposition " O ":