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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Let us not take it for granted - that each of us - so many of us - can just live on this Earth - just hang around and not contribute anything to make our Earth - a better place.

Further it is not becoming of us -  those of us who are decent - not bother to contribute our ideas, our concepts, our actions, our writings, our creation - be it a painting, music, dance - our presentations - in so many varied forms - to make this Earth a better place.

I know a lot of you read my blog - named after the highest mountain in East Africa - bordering Kenya and Tanzania -  Mount Kilamanjaro - over 19, 000 feet - that surrounds some of the most beautiful views on this Earth.

A mountain that has intrigued me - ever since I saw in near Moshi - on my way to Dar - es - salam - which I visited - when I was 12 years old.

The near by Parks bordering Mount Kilamanjaro - where millions of tourists -  come to visit - and enjoy the sights, the wild animals, birds, flora and fauna.

Thousands of wild animals - all healthy - what a sight for those - who are privileged to come and see and more behold - the best this Earth has to offer. 

I had that privilege when I was 12 years old - and again and again afterwards - but the first time was precious - and those images - remain with me - all the days of my life.

In recent days - on another note - we all have witnessed the Olympics in Rio, Brazil - young women and men - coming to one place - to compete in peace - and contribute to the goodness - of the Earth.

As we watch the games - we cannot but be touched - how so many - worked so hard to prove and show case their talents - offering their very best.

Many succeed and others have to wait for 4 more years - to prove -  what they can and firmly believe  - put forward - the best they have to offer. - some win and some loose -but the point is the gave their very best.

In today's world - this digital world - the millions of moving parts - that make this world tick - challenge us all. 

Some live mundane lives - and that is fine.

However, if one is in the thick of it - the moving pieces - the inter-actions - hit us all - in some lesser or greater measure - and the reaction time to do good - or not - is all in our power.

Here in San Francisco - our economy is booming. 

They say the only City in the entire United States  that is booming - is San Francisco.

Congestion on our streets, the many new skyscrapers, wheeling and dealing, pay to play - and those that suffer are the poor - more those that live - pay check to pay check.

Permanent jobs are few - and it is not uncommon for many to work two and even three temporary jobs - to make ends meet.

On top of that - those that do not have permanent jobs - pay their own health insurance and other expenses - devoid of benefits those receive - who hold - permanent jobs.

Artists that I consider to be the " soul of any culture " have left San Francisco - never, ever - to return to this great City.

This one singular impact has hit many of us - who congregated to share and learn from one another. The diversity of San Francisco - the unique talents that so many contribute - has made this experience all the more very enriching.

The middle class has eroded in San Francisco - with rents so high - that those who make less than $60, 000 a year - cannot afford.

Many leave San Francisco - and others choose to live on the streets - face the inclement weather - live in tents - once working poor - now  - termed indigents.

Many of them die a slow death - all this in San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi. Go figure. 

$3500 for a one bed room unit - $5000 for a two bed room unit.

If you have three or four children - you can imagine - the burden on the parents  - father and mother.

If you are a single parent - you can really imagine - how difficult the situation is - thousands have left San Francisco - never to return again.

San Francisco has always been unique - attracting the best minds.

Most of our population are educated - and the majority have a degree - which adds to any conversation, debate, dialog - the many forums arranged - with thousands attending - are always so inspiring.

We have one of a kind restaurants - but more and more chefs, those that work in the restaurants - find it difficult to live in San Francisco. 

We are seeing more restaurants move away to other neighboring cities. Much like we witnessed so many artists - leave San Francisco - forever.

In my work I have contributed as best I can to writing about the many facets that make our City and County of San Francisco.

This City - the City of San Francisco - the counties once came under our jurisdiction from Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame, South San Francisco, San Mateo all the way to Palo Alto.

San Francisco has a budget of $9.6 Billion - yes - Billion.

We boast one of kind musicians, one of a kind artists, one of kind writers, architects, talented sports women and men  - so many talented human beings - from all over the world.

What makes San Francisco unique - are our neighborhoods.

Slowly - sad to say - the neighborhoods are changing - those that are moving in  - have money - but cannot contribute much.

 They do not have the talent of the artists - be they musicians, writers,  talented cooks, lawyers, teachers, others - people who can create and contribute - better to society.

The techies moving in - are to say the least - they are drab.

Our last three Mayors have failed us - the worst our present Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - who talks from both sides of his mouth.

When I write - the topics  that I choose to write about - are those that affect others - I am always fighting for the under dog - those that need help most.

I thought I would change - the topic for once - give you all - some insight into what I do -  more, how much I appreciate you all.

From time to time - I change my profile - more to show you all that I cam involving too.

I still try to keep a balance - eating right, reading some sound material, keep active mostly working with the youth and young adults - it helps that I have qualified experience and contacts that I can approach at all levels - who work with me - to make good stuff happen - in San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

San Francisco is fast becoming a City for the filthy rich - and they say that if you do not make at least $150, 000 a year - it is difficult to live in San Francisco. 

Just imagine spending $80, 000 a year to cover rent or mortgage, health insurance, tuition, clothing, food - basic stuff to survive.

You need money to buy a car, and money for some entertainment - just going to a game - with one of two friends - cost in access of $200 - throw in some snacks and that is more.

San Franciscans do not ever give up - that that is my spirit too.

Some times - you have to call a spade a spade - most people like to be diplomatically correct all the time - that is not me.

Well - if we know the sell outs - the crooks, those that pay to play - those that adversely impact others - we must call them out - and if possible nib the cancer in the bud.

San Francisco is more and more becoming the home of crooks - people coming in to make a fast buck and leave.

Some of us advocates - are deep in the trenches - fighting for what is right.

Not too many of us left - and to keep the spirits high - requires peace of mind,  fortitude - and that is where your good wishes, prayers, and good vibes come in.

God bless you all.