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Friday, August 19, 2016


Lennar Urban - is a " rogue developer " - that is now showing its true colors - on every promise Lennar Urban has made - not a single promise has been kept - less delivered on time.

In the year 2008 some entities went to bed with Lennar Urban - believing their lies - Jobs, Homes, and to clean the Shipyard. 

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that still comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. The United States must abate, mitigate, and clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and has failed to do so - with NO transparency and less accountability.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where depleted Uranium was tested - that still registers at hot spots - high readings of cesium, radium, and other very dangerous radiological elements.

The City and County of San Francisco - knows about the adverse impacts - but has with intent - chosen to built homes - with Lennar Urban as their prime developer - Lennar Urban - a  well known - " rogue developer" - as the Prime Developer.

Recently MNBC investigates revealed nefarious activities - where the clean up at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has taken short cuts - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is full aware of these infringements - and must be charged under the RICO Act.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wants to fast track the process - much like some other pertinent projects - and will soon fall on his face. He has had dealings with Shrimp Boy and other nefarious entities - and it is just a matter of time - before he is hand cuffed and sent to jail.

Lennar Urban is a " rogue developer " that continue to wheel and deal - with many nefarious entities all over San Francisco. 

Community benefits and many fake agreements with the Tabernacle Group - group of Black Pastors - posing as developers - that Lennar Urban - has shafted.

Folks like Sophie Maxwell,  Veronica Hunicutt, Malia Cohen, Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones - all Black - who sold out the community - and have adversely impacted the Bayview Hunters Point - constituency.

I participated in the Disposition and Development Agreements linked to Parcel A - the only parcel that was transferred to the City and County of San Francisco. 

Then quickly transferred to the former SF Redevelopment Agency  - who transferred Parcel A for a dollar - to the " rogue developer" - Lennar Urban.

1600 rental units were promised - Lennar Urban - decided to make an amendment to the Disposition and Development Agreement - and just like that - the 1600 rental units - vanished.

I was one of the Proponents of Proposition F - that opposed Proposition " G " - Lennar Urban spent over $10 million - bombarding the constituents with false television advertisements - and all sorts of ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Promising Jobs, Housing, Clean up of the Shipyard - that it has nothing to do with - Parks and all sorts of vague promises - none of the promises - have materialized.

Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) - spent less than $5000.

We are watching the sell out - now, angry at Lennar Urban - badly stating they made a mistake and that Lennar Urban owes them money - one of them the Tabernacle Group - other Black sub- contractors that are owed money.

Today those entities all corrupt who made a deal with Lennar Urban and opposed Proposition F - are crying - foul - at the many meetings at City Hall.

City Hall where not long ago - the praised Lennar Urban - and opposed the " decent constituents " - who fought for the community at large.

Lennar Urban has NO intention - working with nonprofits who they promised to fund to built affordable housing.

More on contaminated ground - more registering high levels of radioactive elements. Who will bear the liability?

Lennar Urban has dragged its legs to pay community benefits - some $50  million plus - Lennar Urban never, ever keeps its promise.

When it comes to employment - Lennar Urban has chosen to use prime contractors and sub-contractor to cheat, deceive, and has failed to pay many sub-contractors - who now - are regretting they ever did business with Lennar Urban.

Blacks more the sell outs - and I have named some above - sold out the community.

 Lennar Urban has defied all decent norms linked with  Workforce Development  - its workforce on Parcel A - continues to employ about 4% Latinos and about 2% Black.

Women workers working on Parcel A - are treated with disdain.
No one worth the salt - is addressing such concerns. The City and County of San Francisco - talks the talks but fails to walk the walk.

No enforcement by the Contracting Monitoring Division, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - despicable.

Lennar Urban proposes to build skyscrapers on land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - at Candlestick Point.

Lennar Urban has failed to address transportation issues - and constantly makes changes - to future routes, the width of the road - other critical factors - hydrants without sufficient water  pressure and force to address fires and other - emergency, needs.

Lennar Urban has failed the City and County of San Francisco has has been out of compliance since September 2013 - it has chosen not to comply with its community benefits commitments - and has chosen to use Willie L. Brown Jr. - " a former Black Mayor of San Francisco " - to interact and compromise issues - with the City and County of San Francisco.

Lennar Urban has been given over 750 acres to develop - all of the land is contaminated - be it at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Parcels B, C, D, E, E2 (which is the most contaminated).

The land at Candlestick Point - contaminated and prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

Parcel F which is the Bay - and G ( where a stadium was proposed but the plan fizzled). The 49ers Football team left San Francisco - and shafted those that had planned to " shaft " - the 49ers.

Utility Corridors UC1. UC2, and so on - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and more divided parcels - all need abatement and remediation - Lennar Urban is ready to accept the parcels - without proper clean up - to build over 20, 000 homes. Think about that.

Lennar Urban promised the City of Vallejo to build 10, 000 homes. Lennar Urban declared bankruptcy and left Vallejo holding the empty bag.

The City of Vallejo had to declare " bankruptcy " itself - and the until now Vallejo has not recovered. - from that sordid - catastrophe.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is in bed with Lennar Urban - promises to build 30, 000 homes on contaminated ground. More ground prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

Heard of the Millennium Tower - a 58 story building - it has sunk 16 inches and tilted 2 inches - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks - nothing of this episode.

Tiffany Bohee who backs Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - Tiffany Bohee a peon - who does what she is told - has a poor IQ - has no clue that Lennar Urban and other developers are using her - like a sordid " whore ".

Tiffany Bohee who is the Director of Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

Lennar Urban is not to be trusted - Lennar Urban continues to hoodwink the community - it latest gimmick - Proposition " O " - it is trying to put on the ballot - this November, 2016.

Lennar wants to amend what it has agreed - increase the foot print for uses - it deems appropriate - without any meaningful dialogue with  the community at large.

Lennar Urban is NOT to be trusted.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and we do not trust - Lennar Urban - a  " rogue developer ".