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Sunday, August 21, 2016


Corrupt City Hall backing crooked Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban has a track record of "hoodwinking " - it did it with the City of  Vallejo and now wants to try to " hoodwink " - San Franciscans and San Francisco.

This is Ohlone  Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone as the Tribal Liaison on Land issues, transportation, infrastructure, education, safety,  in short Quality of Life issues.

When Lennar Urban states they were behind Proposition G - I say I was the proponent of Proposition F.

Lennar Urban lied and hoodwinked the public at large - spent over $10 million on Proposition G.

 Since the year 2008 - when the two propositions were voted upon - Lennar Urban has done NOTHING constructive. 8 years later Lennar Urban wants to hoodwink San Franciscans - pushing for Proposition " O ".

Do not Vote - Proposition " O " - O stands for Zero -  Nada - Zilch . 

The Controller office in its analysis projects if the cap to build office space was permitted - Lennar Urban may be would have revenues between $0.7 million and $4.5 million. - renting office space in a span of 10 years.

Proposition M rightly restricted and put a cap on office space - this Ordinance which is law - must be adhered to. It is Citywide law - and we do not want to make exceptions - for some areas - more an area that is contaminated with high level readings of Radiological Elements.

If anyone want to have the " empirical data " we can provide it for FREE.

Lennar Urban since the year 2013 has failed to comply - and pay what is suppose to pay to the San Francisco Unified School District, the Unions that mistakenly backed Lennar Urban in the year 2008,  community benefits - that are not forth coming.

Lennar purportedly has revenues in access of $9.5 billion - up 22% from the year 2015 and a net earning of $802.9 million. Yet is cries that it has no money - always consolidating and declaring bankruptcy - and then going back and buying the same properties under - another name - same SNAKE - different HEAD.

Despite these huge earnings Lennar Urban has paid out only 16% of the community benefits and impact contributions it owes to the City and County of San Francisco - from some $30 million promised.

We do not need Propostion " O " - to modify sections of the San Francisco Planning Code - previously implemented by Proposition M - passed by the voters in 1986.

More to exclude office office development on specific properties within the Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard (CP/HPS) redevelopment area from the square footage limitations and administrative approvals required - under Proposition M - passed by astute constituents in 1986.

Further, the proposed ordinance would exclude any office development in the specified area from counting towards the overall annal citywide limit. This is uncalled for - no exceptions - each District in San Francisco - must be treated fairly and equally - in this land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

www.muwekma .org

Lennar Urban wants it all - even when it deserves nothing - Lennar Urban is a rogue developer that has harmed thousands in San Francisco - by its sordid actions.

Lennar Urban has NO place in San Francisco - and must leave us alone - go away - now.

Lennar Urban has yet to keep the promises it has made to pay community benefits - from the $30 million promised - with much fun fare at City Hall - in the Rotunda. 

It has failed to pay the San Francisco Unified School District and the community at large -  from the  $30 million in community benefits - it promises - talks the talks but fails to walk the walk.

The Tabernacle Group - all Black pastors - purporting to be developers - the likes of Bishop Green, pastors Aurilious Walker, Calvin Jones, Amos Brown -  others who should  be ashamed of themselves.

None of those in the Tabernacle Group - have  lifted a finger to help our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health.

The Tabernacle Group -  have in the past received large payments - been on the pay roll  of Lennar Urban - but now Lennar Urban has declared the well is dry.

Again since 2008 when Stop Lennar Action Movement took on Lennar Urban - and spent $5000 on Proposition F - has held the feet of Lennar Urban to the fire.

 Lennar Urban bombarded the community with Television Advertisements - lying, cheating, hoodwinking - and now say the jobs it envisioned has not materialized. Whose faults is that? 

What have the sell outs done for you Lennar Urban?

 What do you think  the sell outs can do for you in the future ?

 The likes of Sophie Maxwell, Shamman Walton, and Veronica Hunnicutt?  Scum of the Earth.

Stop Lennar Action Movement is alive and kicking - I have kept it alive - and we have all the " empirical data " - to prove that Lennar and all its subsidiaries are " crooks " of the highest order - all over the Nation - the United States of America.

If possible we can get the highest Law Enforcement to look into this situation. Make no bones about it. We have written about the " situation at hand " - all these years - and can connect the dots - with empirical data.

In the first place the land some 850 acres plus - both at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point is contaminated.

Before anything is done - we need the clearance - right now - even MNBC Investigates - has proven - the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - going on at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all documented and ready to go before any Court for adjudication.

Dirt with high levels readings of Radiological Elements - cesium, radium - others elements - taken from one site and and buried at another site. 

Manifests - manipulated - other criminal acts committed by a company know as Tetra Tech, and before that other companies including International Technologies.

Over 800 millions wasted - purporting to do some clean up - while filling the campaign coffers of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Supervisors Malia Cohen and Sophie Maxwell - others all documented - and we will reveal  the details - at the appropriate time.

No one should be building homes and building office space on contaminated land.  More prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard have very high readings of radiological elements - cesium, radium, and other high level readings of lead, mercury, benzene, chlorine - radium dials buried all over the place  - add to that " asbestos structures - that Lennar Urban created by crushing " serpentine rock ".

Serpentine Rock - when crushed releases millions of " asbestos structures " - adversely impacting thousands - of infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors - those with compromised health.

 Lennar Urban - pompous, arrogant, despicable - has offered NO apology - and now wants to defy all San Franciscans and more the decent and hard working and advocates - that have fought for what is right.

God is on our side and that is all that matters.

Lennar is known - Nationwide as a " rogue developer ". 

Lennar Urban is the name it goes by in San Francisco for now.
This name could change - same snake - different - head.

It has a track record - buying land - mostly Department of Defense (DoD) bases from the United States - Army, Navy, Air Force - doing minimal clean up - and then using " land banking " - to make millions.

Our representative Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, the former - Black " thug mayor " Willie L. Brown Jr.

Former Supervisor Sophie Maxwell ( one of the proponents of Proposition G), a sell out - who is now also a proponent of Proposition " O ".

Only two voting against Proposition " O ". Eric Mar in person - Tom Ammiano.

Two abstaining Mandelman and Speier. 

The rest approving by acclamation lead by ( DeJesus and Norton). Most of them paid by Lennar Urban - they call them bribes.

Idiots who have no clue what they are doing - but representing on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. 

How can one possibly build on land that is very contaminated?

Today those living in close proximity suffer from respiratory diseases, cancer, one of kind tumors - people slowly dying - women delivering babies - still born - and all well documented in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - and by the San Francisco Health Department - Tomas Argon and Barbara Gracia.

She is one the  San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - with all the members voting in favor of Proposition 
" O " 

Mayor Gavin Newsom was a proponent of Proposition G too - and supporters the likes of Linda Richardson, Aurelous Walker, Calvin Jones, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who think that building anything on contaminated ground - prone to liquefaction and flooding - will fly.

This time around - we do not have to spend any money.

This time around - we just have to expose the obvious.

This time around - Lennar Urban will fall flat on its face.

Our City and County of of San Francisco - should not subsidize Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban - better pay us what is due us.

 Lennar Urban  have a lot of money - be it Blood Money - Lennar Urban better fork up - what is owes the City and County of San Francisco - those that were in bed with Lennar Urban.

We have three sell outs - all Black - Shamann Walton,  Sophie Maxwell, and Veronica Hunnicutt - one worse than the other - trying to hoodwink the community at large.

You three are put on notice - no one gave you three - despicable to the core - to speak on behalf of the constituents of San Francisco. Sell out - doing the work of the devil.

What family values worth the salt - have each of you - think that for a moment?

No one in their right mind - respects the above three - taking stale bread crumbs from Lennar Urban - and selling out the community.

Proposition M is relevant today - the economy is " tanking " - and just like the fading of the " dotcom " the present artificial boom -  is not helping those that need help most - will fade.

Lennar Urban promised 33% affordable housing - and has not delivered.

It promised parks and the clean up of land - and has not delivered.

It promised jobs - and on that score it gets a - " ZERO ". 

Since the year 1998 when Lennar first registered in Sacramento it has done nothing much - this is the 6th name change - the last five in Delaware - the Limited Liability Company  (LLC)  ,  the Limited Liability Partnership  (LLP)   - the home of the " devil ".

Lennar Urban thinks it can buy influence in San Francisco  - and without impunity - as it has in the past.

This time around - we all know - who Lennar Urban really is - the  sordid and never to be trusted - " devil  "itself. Aho.