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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Our all American Women's Gymnastic Team.

It is refreshing to see our all American Women Gymnastic Team - do so well - unite our Nation - and bring the best we all - Americans can offer to this Great Nation.

Our All American Women's Swimming Team -
before the trials - the best selected to go to Rio.

For sure our all American Swimming Team - has done so well too - Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps - standing out - but others too - showing their ability to win GOLD.

Katie Ledecky

Lily King

Micheal Phelps - his efforts have helped
all our American Swimmers in Rio.

Our Nation needs a unified force to make things happen - good.

Our Olympic participants - are helped by large corporations - and smaller contribution - from ordinary Americans - to help those who participate - at the Olympic games.

This show of unity for a common purpose - larger than one or two individualistic purposes - speaks volumes - we see this every single time - we gather - are focused and succeed - immeasurably. 

A lot of preparation goes before the Olympic Games - the trails - and the training - the sacrifices that family members have to endure.

The many practices scheduled  - and the days when someone feels low - but yet - has to continue practicing and practicing - and more practicing makes one perfect.

I cannot and will  not go into all the disciplines - represented at these  Olympic games.

More,  disciplines have been included  - so many disciplines - that is it confusing to anyone - who does not make sports and sporting issues - their main subject .

More - disciplines continue to be  added  - every four years.

Now the issues of drugs - steroids - other gimmicks that those that do not care about standards, less ethics and morals - continue to invade - the once well respected Olympic Games. No more.

All in all - our American Olympians - have stayed away from steroids - but we do have the issue of enhancing drugs - in many other disciplines - more base ball, weight lifting, bicycling - these cases tarnish our image.

What is to be admired - at Rio and the Rio Olympic games - more and more - participants - Olympians - are speaking against enhancing drugs - that build muscles and give an added edge to those that do not - deal with such drugs. 

Normal, healthy Olympians - are what we look for - performing well - many winning and other losing - but all giving their best. That is what we all admire and that is what the Olympic games are all about.

This year we introduce the Olympians represent all Refugees - to show case the plight of this very serious issues. Human beings driven from theirs homes - millions of refugees - who no longer can go where they were born - and lie in camps - under despicable conditions.

We donate, try to do something - the issue is so large - that many countries - look the other way.

Recently after years - the United States permitted 10, 000 Syrians refugees mostly women and children to enter the United States.

The effort is a small one - but all the same an effort of the heart and a human effort - directed in the right direction - God Bless America and God Bless the American people.

The competition - at the Olympic Games - must be fair - and we all admire - those that win Gold medals and other medals - who have won - fairly.

As I said we also admire the tenacity and fortitude of those that give the best - and receive no medals - as human beings - we understand - not everyone can win - but everyone can contribute their best.

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

With all that is going on in our Nation - on the political front - we have two major choices from the two major parties - the frying pan and the fire.

Hillary and Trump - must be dumped - and a Third Party candidate right now - is our only sensible  - option.

We just cannot in the year 2016 - unfairly conduct political campaigns - full of disinformation - and hundreds of times every week - bombarded with - misinformation.

The above two candidates - have created too much divisiveness - and must be  - dumped.

Make no bones about this decision.

Team Work - that is what makes a Nation great -
be it at the Olympic games - or on any meaningful - front.

The all American super duper Gymnastic Team -
worked together with their coach -
and did an excellent job - standing out - and winning
the well deserved Gold Medals.

It is time our President Barack Hussein Obama - step forward - and bring the Nation together - he has failed miserably on many International issues and Nationally too.

Here at home - people of color - have suffered more - under this President - and the time has come - in the few months that he is in office - to admit his deficiencies.

His major faults - and stop bragging about what he has done - that have helped the rich get richer.

The average annual income of most people making under $60, 000 has been reduced by over $8, 000 and many middle class families who once owned homes - now do not. 

Yet the President continues to brag - using fake statistics - that he has improved our economy.

Health premiums have gone up - and medical services reduced - the Insurance Companies are raking in million more - and the President and his lackey - make good salaries - paid by the tax payers - and this unfairness - must come to a halt - now.

It is difficult to get permanent jobs - and when one holds two and three temporary jobs - Quality of life issues - are adversely impacted.

The President and his lackeys do not get this fact.

Our students are promised a lot - incur huge student loans - and after graduation cannot get a permanent job - or even if it a temporary job - one that carries benefits. Who is fooling whom?

The President and others will jump on the band wagon - inviting the Olympians to the White House - much as the President invites Stephen Curry and his family to Martha's Vineyard - to show case that he is in touch with ordinary people. 

Such adventures and gimmicks - give the President Barack Hussein Obama - some thrills.

It also reveals - another side of one who has lost touch with ordinary people - the other dubious side and mentality - of the President and this lackeys.

Americans always admire ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We can go through the careers of each of our Olympians - and see the many trials, tribulation, suffering, and sacrifices they have had to make.

When they win a medal - be it a Gold Medal or any other medal - they reflect a bit of what ordinary people have to go through - so we rejoice - more when they do very well - and we also can share our hope, love, and good wishes with all those that tried their best.

Yes, each and every one of them. Aho.


Power to the people -
the people united - will never, ever be defeated.

I had to interject a little bit of politics - because the politicians we have in America today - are very, very corrupt.

Besides being " greedy to the core " - have failed to represent us - the people of the United States of America.

Today most of these politicians get single digit performance marks - people detest them - worse than scum bags to be frank.

Most decent people - most decent Americans - hard working,  tax paying,  do not care nor trust any politician and that includes those that are in the White House - be it George W. Bush or Barrack Hussein Obama.

The independents must now cease the moment - and our votes matter - the votes of the millions of Independents matter.

We Independents - must NOT vote for that woman that lies and cannot be trusted.

For that one man who is an egoistical maniac - who talks from both sides of his mouth. His mouth runs faster than his brain.

In the year 2016 - we must do better.

Our Nation has to be put on the right track - the two major parties dumped - one worse than the other. 

The poor choice we have today - the frying pan and the fire.

We must always remember this land belongs to the Native Americans - and most of them are on Reservations treated as second class citizens.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior.

Here in San Francisco - this is Muwekma Ohlone land - and all the land - each and every square inch was stolen.

The women raped, the children sent to boarding schools to be brainwashed - the men killed - Governors sent edicts to kill any Native American Indian up until 1927 - and one could fetch $5 for a scalp. That was not too many years ago.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone  - here is San Francisco - and fight for all Native Americans Indians - as their sacrifice and the mockery of those put on the Federal Register - and those kept out continues.

A mockery made of justice and Native American put down and kept down.

Our eyes must always be on the prize - the governance and those governing - must represent the people - more when they stole the land - and think they own it. More when they are unjust and continue to break the laws that they purport work - more for them and less for those that need the laws.

Those suffering mostly - the indigenous people - people of color - we must now unite and create a " situation " - where those old, antiquated norms - are totally - discarded.

Open the windows and the doors - and let in the fresh air - for what matters most  - is caring for humanity - where compassion, love and peace - reigns. Aho.