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Saturday, August 6, 2016


San Franciscans are hurting on many fronts - foremost - city workers - some 30, 000 - who think their pensions are safe.

Better spend some time and pay attention  to the critical elements - do not take anything for granted - many will be adversely impacted - if they do not pay attention - to the utter nonsense that has been exacerbating - do not take anything - for granted.

Our City Department are sent edicts by the current Mayor's Office - to cut 10% on their Department's budget - every year - while - the Mayor has discretion - to give jobs to his cronies.

Spend outreach money using the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - to pay stipends to the youth Citywide - Summer Jobs For the Youth.

Expand money using the SF Public Utilities Commission - for the recent concluded Women's Conference.

Few know that certain folks enjoy - a special contract with the City and County of San Francisco - created by the former " thug " Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Some - make $300, 000 yes, three hundred thousand a year with benefits - you have it made - but ordinary San Franciscans - who are NOT educated on issues - may be surprised - that such are the deeds of the corrupt. 

If the constituents are NOT vigilant -  while those of you who are fast  asleep - the crooks are robbing the bank - in broad daylight.

Follow the money - so let us take a general view of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and the rampant corruption that it exhibits - without any shame - and  more the prevalent - in your face attitude.

I have written many articles on the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP). We in San Francisco contributed $4.2 Billion - our Regional partners - $2 Billion - plus. 

We are at the tail end of the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) and no one has paid - detail attention to this project -  more than I.

It is amazing the amount of documentation I have at my disposal - in many formats. When the experts - review the documentation - they are shocked - at the rampant corruption - prevalent in the City and County of San Francisco.

We have serious problems with Mountain Tunnel close to the source of our Hetch Hetchy clean drinking water - water that come from 160 miles plus away - closer to Yosemite National Park - all the way to San Francisco.

Water stored in our many huge reservoirs - and millions of clean drinking water - leaking old pipes - many over 85 years old - leaking millions of gallons of - clean drinking water.

So much for conservation - the diatribe - from senile and aged so called water experts - who say whatever comes to their mind - hoodwinking - the public at large.

Of all the advocates - I have continued to watch these " bums " - they look you - in the eye -  and LIE.

We are at the tail end of the WSIP - and have serious problems at Mountain Tunnel - Calavares Dam - and Irvington Tunnel - to high light a few locations.

There are over 40 areas or locations - controlled and operated by the SF Public Utilities Commission -  we are told - everything is fine - but the contrary is - true and a fact.

The Project Labor Contract signed with San Francisco Labor Union - Local 261 and the SF Public Utilities Commission - linked to the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - was a SHAM. You heard me right - a SHAM.

Here is one of many reports on the WSIP and the Project Labor Agreement linked to the on going project :

Way back in 2000 - at the many long drawn meetings - San Franciscans were enticed to vote for a Bond Measure - two separate projects - were determined necessary - to deal with the coming " BIG ONE ". 

Then named the Clean Water Project and the Sewer Water Project.

The Earthquake - has been touted  - as a reason - that will adversely impact millions - in and around San Francisco and the neighboring area.

The two projects - were named the Clean Water Project - the one I have detailed above. The second one the Sewer Project - just to bring the reader - back on track.

Once the Bond Measure was passed - conveniently - the Sewer Project was dropped - voted by the then SF Public Utilities Commission. 

The constituents of San Francisco - the decent tax payers - kept in the dark - the constituents of the Bayview Hunters View - most impacted.

Some of us spoke and speak about these facts at the SF Public Utilities Commission - meeting.

The very corrupt Mayors Willie L Brown Jr, - following him Gavin Newsom, and now Edwin M. Lee - have to be ashamed of their actions. Again and again fostering corruption - of the highest - order.

You do not put a large Bond Measure - some $4.2 Billion - the largest then - and deceive the public at large. You do not do that.

As you can imagine - the very poor performance - linked to the WSIP - has impacted San Franciscans and its decent, hard working tax payers.

The Project Labor Agreement - linked to the WSIP is a JOKE.

Just evaluating Local 261 - the Laborers Union and its own capacity building, its institutional knowledge and skills - are pathetically - wanting. 

Again and again - some of us have tried working on projects - only to be stalled.

Local 261 has failed to embrace all sections of the population -  in San Francisco.

If anyone wants to prove me wrong - just visit the Local 261 Union Hall - early in the morning on any given day - and witness what happens - there. Seeing is believing.

On August 4, 2016 - at a meeting held in the open - at a venue - where the public was NOT invited - the  Project Labor Agreement linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) was signed.

 Again between the SF Public Utilities Commission and the Labor Union 261 - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and other crooks so called dignitaries - present.

By default the Plumber Union - had no open say.

Their woes that the Plumbers' Union have brought upon themselves - speak for the present - and the future - slow demise and relegated to the back burner.

Using their members dues - to buy land in Florida - a swamp - and invest in developments that went bust.  The plan was to develop a golf course. Go Figure!

Never once apologizing for using Union Dues - betting their dues on a project - that went bust. See you later - Alligator!

Borrowing money from other Unions to build a brand new Union Hall - in the Bayview next the Bayview Police Station - the Plumbers' Union - much like the Laborers Union 261 - have embraced corruption of the highest order.

We the people - have not  kept abreast of the current Bond Measure passed by the voters - some $6.9 Billion leading more to $9 Billion - according to some calculations - all linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

We have the SSIP project plans -  the blue prints that do not jive - and understand - how the crooks work - having monitored them - for over 35 years. 

5% of the $6.9 Billion were set aside as Community Benefits. That amounts to $300 million - according to the crooks. But all of us clearly understand - it is more. Go figure!

$150 million set aside for Workforce and $150 million for Community Outreach.

Who will account for the $.9 Billion?

Juliet Ellis who works in the capacity as the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs ( whatever that means ) - was bold enough to channel $200, 000 from this money - to Green For All.

She was cited and penalized by the SF Ethics Commission and more by the State Fair Political Ethics Committee.

She continues to do what she does - still working at the SF Public Utilities Commission - doling money to those entities that are corrupt - doing great injustice to the community at large - more the Bayview Hunters Point constituents.

The Bayview proper - has yet to witness the drastic changes - needed and promised.

The ever growing and spread of foul sulphur smell - from the Digesters -  that still continue to spread.

 This foul smell - I have described above - adversely impacts a wide area - some 2 miles wide  - if not more.

The public at large - have not had one meaningful meeting on the current progress of the digesters - when questioned - some " fake meetings " - are held supposedly - with the public at large not present.

Those - that hold the meetings - have NOT invited me - one of the most vocal community members - attending the SF Public Utilities Commission - regularly.

Speaking to the above mentioned issues - that must be handled and information delivered - in a meaningful manner.  

At the SF Public Utilities Commission - try as one may - in the 3 minutes given - the SF Public Utilities Commission - may hear you - but few truly listen to you.

The situation linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission - and its current WSIP and SSIP - has reached the - " crossroad ".

The Digesters Project has been stalled - a $2.6 Billion project - and the public kept in the dark. When questioned further - some feel  that the technical aspects are too difficult to comprehend.

What the community at large understands - is that SF Public Utilities Commission is ripe with corruption - and this nonsense must be nipped in the bud.
  This nonsense has been going on for a long, long time.

We have so called consultants - making in access of $250, 000 a year - working for SF Public Utilities Commission - hand picked - who say to me - yes - they will do this and that - and fail to keep their promise.

In my opinion - Local 261 had failed  miserably - on the Project Labor Agreement  - linked to the WSIP.

It is a shame that again - wheeling and dealing - the Project Labor Agreement - linked to the SSIP - has been given on a platter to the Laborers' Union 261. This is a crying shame.

The deals made with some Trade Council that has not been sincere with many UNION leaders - and believe me I have been a UNION member and know - what I am talking about.

Here is another report - read between the lines:

Follow the money - collect the empirical data - the dubious - Project Labor Agreements - milking our system - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - wheeling and dealing - in broad daylight - who is fooling whom?

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and represent the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe on many issues - one of them infrastructure - which is my expertise.

Do not pull wool over my eyes. I am and will continue to monitor the evil design - now playing in front of our eyes. Aho.