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Friday, August 26, 2016


Senator Dianne Feinstein -
good for nothing - mum on the recent and past
murders in San Francisco.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
pandering to the crooks and corrupt -
has failed to represent - decent, hardworking San Franciscans.

San Franciscans are proud of our unique one of a kind neighborhoods.

In the many years we have had Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman as our  "Representatives " -  they have failed - to address the " murders " on our streets " in San Francisco.

Not a word in the recent months - on the many " murders " - they so called Representatives and others too - too busy pandering and pussyfooting with  the developers - the filthy rich - and those that prey on the poor.

The people " United " will never, ever - be defeated.

San Franciscans are " embracing " they are open minded - they are astute - but most importantly - they have fortitude.

With God on our side - we will win - it may take some time - but, believe me - I have seen again again - that those that persevere - come out on the right side - and those that harms others - are defeated.

We the people - have done everything we could possibly do to represent.

We have spoken up - written about the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans of the many very corrupt politicians.

We have taken care NOT to put our supporters in harms way - we know - who we are dealing with - and we know that we must protect our own - those that we consider - family.

We stay away from those that destroy public property - take law and order into their hands - and are foolish to go to jail to make a point.

Failing to comprehend the adversed impacts - with no holistic goal in mind.

If anyone deems it necessary - to  play carelessly - with fire - you will  perish - and we  have NO intention - to go into any type of sordid - " situation " - to perish like a fool. 

Recently, we witnessed the same SF Democratic County Central Committee - beg us all for our votes.

They promised the Constituents of San Francisco - they would - represent the people at large. Their recent actions have betrayed us all. 

Then just like that when it came to an important vote - they voted for - Lennar Urban a rogue developer - on Proposition "O ".

The same Lennar Urban that has not paid its due - written agreement signed and date - since the year - 2013.

 Lennar Urban is behind Proposition " O " using sell outs like Sophie Maxwell, Shamman Walton, and Veronica Hunnicutt - demanding for special rights - to build more office space - 5 million square feet plus - selfish to the core.

Challenging the people - without - one single - meaningful meeting with the community at large - and more the Bayview Hunters Point.

We the people - detest skyscrapers - 
San Francisco is not Manhattan -
stop ruining our skyline - SF Planning.

A Chinese investor has just bought the Millennium Building for over $225 million - you would wonder - why anyone would buy - a skyscraper which is sinking - 16 inches - recorded so far - and more has to date - tilted two inches to one side.

We are seeing more and more - our more prominent landmark buildings - controlled by outside investors.

More tainted money from China - that the rich and corrupt - seem to love to swim with -  the wheeling and dealing - and often times - very large transactions that defy - the sensibilities.

In the interim our blue collared workers, our domestic workers, the workers who work and keep the operations of our hotels, our restaurants, the janitors who clean our offices, other facilities - are treated with disdain.

Their salaries have stagnated and the cost of a one bed room unit is now over $3500 and a two room unit over $5000.

We have a Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a crook - and has sold out this great City.

The mayor talks about shared " equity " - however, as each day goes by - the disparity between the filthy rich and the working poor - has reached saturation point.

San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - a poor Nation in Central Africa.

Even though we have many billionaires in San Francisco - as has been witnessed by President Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton - making umpteen trips - to fill their campaign coffers.

These politicians - have NOT served the best interests of San Francisco - we in California - do not receive the due amount of money to address our infrastructure - other critical projects - in California and more in San Francisco.

We pay the Feds more in taxes - and get little in return - to address our needs.

Billions spent on war and other nefarious actions - many caught in the web - of GREED.

We - California are the 8th largest economy in the world - we use to be the 5th largest.

San Francisco is the only booming city in the Nation - and that means the rich get richer and the poor and those that have no clout - are moving about - and then told to take a hike - get out and get lost.

We see so many " tent cities " - entire families now living on our streets. Some politicians - behind Ballot Measures - to wipe the poor and make room for the rich and ugly. How much of our land - that is not theirs - do these good for nothing - scumbags - desire.

We the people - all people - from all segments of our Society - we are astute - and we have fortitude - so why are we lingering - and waiting - " Waiting For Godot ? "

Map of San Francisco circa 1800

A Muwekma Oholone Warrior

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent those important issues like Planning, Land Use, Transportation, Education, Safety, Pollution and Congestion, Sea-Level Rise, Liquefaction and severe Flooding.

 Most importantly the on going - gentrification that is affecting those that are decent, hard working, tax paying citizens - that no more can afford to stay in San Francisco.

Those that mostly are affected by " gentrification " are the indigenous people - and the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe has stood by all Native American Tribes - who were uprooted from their tribal lands and sent to the West. We embrace our sisters and brothers.

Closer to home all the California tribes and more our neighboring Tribes - where we keep an open mind and must work together.

The politics of San Francisco are convoluted - and we must not fall into the trap - the " divide and rule ' tactics that have kept those that want to unite all - apart.

The needed letters have been sent to all the key officials at San Francisco City Hall - by the Muwekma Ohlone - the Mayor, the Controller, the City Attorney, the District Attorney - the City Administrator - other key Department heads that the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe works with - all SF Planning and other related issues.

In the interim - it is critical - that all those who want to save our City stay united - and that we must put extreme pressure on those decision makers - those that wheel and deal - pay to play - the other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

This is Ohlone Land - every square inch stolen - by those who are " greedy ".

The GREEDY - who do not care about the welfare of their fellow beings.

 They say they are capitalists - and we say we are humans.

 We have the " human rights " -  we respect Mother Earth - our values are different.

They have the " constitution " - and no where - is it written - in that Constitution - that human beings must be treated with disdain.

The blatant racism  exercised to create divisiveness -  the disparity between the rich and the poor -  has reached saturation point - and when this happens - something - gives.

San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - a poor Nation in Central Africa. Go figure. Aho.