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Friday, August 5, 2016


The San Francisco Human Rights Commission - first had its origins in the - San Francisco - Bayview Hunters Point - as a Human Right Committee.

Blacks bought cars - from the many car dealers on Van Ness - but not a single Black was employed.

Mels Drive-in and others - invited Blacks to eat at their restaurants - spent  tons of money - but NOT a single Black was hired.

Protests were held and the Blacks from the Bayview who spear headed this movement - made changes - that led to many other changes - benefiting most people of color.

Few know about this history - and when folks ignore such important facts - they talk and act like fools.

Know your past - know your history - and stand your ground - educated on issues - with your heart in the right place.

We  who are targeted - on many fronts - the COMMONS - we, have to be ahead of the game.

Today the San Francisco Human Rights Commission - is known for  rubber stamping mundane issues.

Working behind close doors -  closeted issues -  main stream issues are favored - giving the SF Public Utilities Commission - a bad name.

The present Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - once headed the Human Rights Commission (HRC)  - and following him others - each of those folks - who headed the HRC - have failed San Francisco on pressing issues on our times.

Abject discrimination - more linked to people of color, Native American issues that matter, high unemployment in our community, corruption linked to contracts - (now handled by the Contract Monitoring Division - that comes under the City Administrator  - Naomi Kelly).

The lack of sound housing, the lack of sound education, the discrimination meted out to the physically and mentally challenged.

The murders on our street by rogue SF Police Officers, domestic violence - suicides - not a single meeting held on this subject by the SF Human Rights Commission.

The list goes on and on - and important to note - SF Human Rights Commission employees the likes of Zula Jones - caught by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - linked to abject - corruption.

Recently the SF HRC held a meeting - at City Hall - for ulterior motives.

The present SF HRC has failed San Francisco - when it comes to the murders by SF Police Department.

Not once has the SF HRC taken a stand - held a meeting to address the murders.

The Chair of the present SF HRC - works for the SF District Attorney - it is not as if she and others do not know - but all they seek are - " browny points ". Stop messing with the people.

Yet the SF HRC was bold enough to entice some groups to give them awards - thinking all the groups - would fall for the bait.

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - led by Archbishop Franzo King and Brother Daniel Landry. These stalwart leaders and others  - articulated that those entities that put their lives on the line - speak for the public at large - fight for  vetted issues - take a stand - with their heart in the right place - they all - stand for JUSTICE.

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition - did not accept the HRC award - for a one simple reason - when you stand for JUSTICE - that is what you stand for.

The City and County of San Francisco  - has not taken a meaningful stand - against the many murders - committed by SF rogue Police Officers.

The SF Human Right Commission - failed to announce and gather the public at large to have a  meaningful dialog - on the subject of innocent San Franciscans and others - being murdered on our streets.

The City and County of San Francisco - the SF District Attorney George Gascon - the State Attorney Kamala Harris - others -  impeding the process for justice.

It makes NO sense to pander to the  SF HRC - that simply is there to rubber stamp - the mundane desires of the SF Human Rights Commission - which has been a abject - failure - and must fade away - now.  Yes - fade away - now.  Make no bones about this statement. The SF Human Rights Commission a disgrace to the Human Race.

It has been years now - and the SF Human Rights Commission - could easily have used its discretion to invited the Untied States - Attorney General to investigate the rampant Discrimination and abuse of Civil Rights here in San Francisco. It did not - why?

The SF Human Right Commission - should be ashamed of itself - has chosen to address ardently " closeted issues " - which help a segment of the population - as are some of the SF Human Rights Commissioners - who are out of sync with - reality.

The SF Human Rights Commission - a long time ago - crafted a document - named the " Unfinished Agenda " - it is sitting on the shelves of the SF Human Rights Commission - gathering - dust.

The SF Human Rights Commission - has failed San Francisco - and for sure - the Blacks - who now form 2% of the population of San Francisco. In the sixties  - Blacks formed 25% percent.

Right now Black are an endangered species - in our jails fifty percent of those incarcerated are Blacks - and the injustice - can all be listed - but the SF Human Rights Commission - do not have their heart in the right place - and on a more important note - are spiritually - bankrupt.

The SF Human Right Commission - will be visited - by a large community - and the scene will not be pretty.

For too long - these sell outs - the House Negros on the Commission - have been pandering to the City and County of San Francisco.

More, to gain employment - get grants - and think they can fool all the people - all the time. Shame of them.

The SF Human Rights Commission have been investigated in the past - and not too long -  folks like Zula Jones and others -  one sitting SF Human Rights Commissioner - caught in the FBI web - disgracing - whatever little of decency - was left in that now sordid agency - tainted and foul -  the SF Human Rights Commission.

The present - San Francisco Human Rights Commission - has strayed away - far away from its original goals and commitments - the SF Human Rights Commission - must be totally over hauled - more disbanded. It has no clout - and for sure is spiritually - bankrupt.

Folks like Amos Brown who says he is the President of the NAACP - no one in their right mind - respects this man - always appearing - on television - trying to represent the people - he has disgraced himself - has NO decency - and taken the Black community backwards.

His own congregation the Third Baptist is dwindling. Soon all that will be there - himself and his shadow.

Amos Brown  divisiveness -  working against the John Coltran Church and Archbishop Franzo King - seeking grants and money for ulterior purposes - failing to file the relevant documents - other ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

Always trying to sell snake oil. Always bluff those that fall victim to his empty words - always barking up the wrong tree.

When Almost Brown headed the SF Housing Authority - when he head other bodies - purporting to do some good and always pandering and seeking ways - to make money - to fill his pockets.

Amos Brown is not on the SF Human Rights Commission - he is one person - that the SF Human Rights Commission - must investigate. 

I do not speak for the Justice of Mario Woods Coalition - though I attend the meetings.

 I speak for myself - and all the contents - contained  in this blog are  mine and mine - alone.

I would never aim at being a sell out - and have always spoken my mind - after doing my homework.

 I am NOT afraid of corrupt entities or individuals - the SF Human Rights Commission serves NO purpose in San Francisco and is Smithsonian.

Many so called Blacks the likes of Amos Brown - purport to speak for " people of color " - far from it - Amos Brown - works for himself and his sordid self. The NAACP in San Francisco is a JOKE - time to create another chapter - more to expose the sordid deeds of - Amos Brown a House Negro and a sell out.  Aho.