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Saturday, August 20, 2016


 I voted for Proposition M and I was the proponent for Proposition F - IN 2008.

We must NOT vote for Proposition " O" :

Sophie Maxwell ( who is trying to make a return) cozying up with Aaron Peskin, Shamman Walton who is NOT respected in the community - has a seat on the SF Unified School District.

 Where students are treated with disdain - more the physically and mentally challenged. 

Shammon Walton is making deals - with Lennar Urban -  a rogue developer - on issues that he has no clue about - and less the history of San Francisco Proposition M - passed by the voters.

Veronica Hunnicutt who was removed from being the Dean of the Southeast Community Facility Commission - City College annex at 1800 Oakdale in the Bayview - for improprieties - sent elsewhere. She continues to wheel and deal - and does not live in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Veronica - a chronic sell out -  who is now wheeling and dealing as Chair - of  the  Hunters Point Shipyard - Citizens Advisory Committee - anointed by Mayor Edwin M Lee - she rubber stamps - and as I will repeat -  she does not live in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - never has.

Shamman Walton, Sophie Maxwell, and Veronica Hunnicutt - never participated in the deliberation linked to Proposition M.

I know that for a fact - in 1986 - all of them - were pussyfooting with trivial and mundane issues - did not have a clue about Planning, less about housing, and for sure nothing whatsoever - about height limits and office space.

Again for these three good for nothing individuals - who are using their positions - some appointment to the Hunters Point  Citizens Advisory Committee - as does Veronica Hunnicutt - that just rubber stamps - no one in the community respect that entity.

Some of us gave Shamman Walton a chance and thought he would contribute to the Bayview Community - but he too has begun to wheel and deal. We know his fate - the sell outs - do not leave a legacy they fall by the way side.

His side kick at Young Community Developers (YCD) - is now Director of the Southeast Sector Community Facility Commission - another outsider - who has no clue what truly is happening in the community.

Who are these crooked outsiders and what are they doing in our community?

I participated in all the meetings - linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement - linked to Parcel A and the adjoining areas - be it Candlestick Point and other areas in the vicinity.

There are serious issues at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - declared a Superfund Site - where the most contaminated sites in the nation - are place on this Superfund List.

What is it that these sell outs - more House Negroes do not comprehend? Why build homes - or dare to accommodate office space - on contaminated land?

Have you all paid attention to MNBC report - about contamination, the ploys and machinations - how Class One contaminated soil has been taken from one area and put into another area - on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

How some trucks have changed the manifest and sent contaminated soil to - our land fills?

Never heard a word from Shamman Walton, Sophie Maxwell, and Veronica Hunnicutt on these issues - or any Quality of Life issues in recent years - or in the past - participating and articulating on the above issues - why? 

All they know - is to fill the pockets with illegal money - bribes.

Never ever saw Sophie Maxwell , Shamman Walton, or Veronica Hunnicutt at any of these pertinent meetings - linked to sea level rise, liquefaction, severe flooding. None of them have the interest of the community at large.

Sophie Maxwell when she headed the Land Use Committee as a Supervisor - carved out her home on Jerold Street by 3rd Street - from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

She also saw that you could make a left turn to get to her house -  on Jerold Street - when driving on 3 rd Street - others have to drive many blocks to find a " left turn " - she is one inconsiderate person - that should be ashamed of herself.

Recently she entered the race and won a seat at the San Francisco  Democratic County Central Committee - and when the matter came for voting - on Proposition O - which wants to amend many critical elements - like a cap on office space.

 Here come Lennar Urban ( a rogue developer ) using sell outs like Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, and Shamman Walton -  as proponents of Proposition " O  " - and they think - we are fast asleep - we are not.

When the matter about Proposition " O " - cam,e before the SF County Democratic Committee - only two members voted against the amendments - Supervisor Eric Mar and Tom Ammiano - Tom was not there but his proxy voted for him. 

The other well know sell outs London Breed from District 5 and Malia Cohen from District  10 - sold out Bayview Hunters Point - and voted for the proposed amendment - that will possibly appear on the November, 2016 Ballot.

This Ballot - Proposition "O " - was introduced at the last moment - to meet the deadlines - without any meaningful discussion with the community.

The demographic of the Bayview Hunters Point has drastically changed. Whites, Asians, Latinos make up the majority in the Southeast Sector.

Yet again and again Black sell outs - think and act like fools.

In 1986 some of us fought hard to guarantee balanced growth, we laid out in detail how we wanted career jobs, spelled out as clearly as we could - affordable housing, transportation issues, other critical issues linked to Quality of Life issues.

As I said I never, ever saw Sophie Maxwell, Shamman Walton, and Veronica Hunnicutt - ever participate in these meaningful deliberations.

Eric Mar, Sue Hester, Tom Ammiano, Larry Welch, Barbara Meskenus, other too many to mention - all know and stood for what was right for those times and now.

Lennar Urban is from Maimi, Florida - we should STOP doing business with them.

Since 2013 - Lennar Urban ( a rogue developer ) has stopped making any contributions that it had agreed upon - to the San Francisco Unified School District - where Shamman Walton has a seat.

 To the Bayview Community - part of Community Benefits - millions of dollars - which  Veronica Hunnicutt purports to represent -  so does Malia Cohen - both sell outs - are on the take - and shame on them. Bothe of them are Black.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco - and I am putting these sell outs on notice.

It will not be pretty - when we protest outside your home - for all to see - what you all have been doing all these years - selling out the community.

Positioning other sell outs to sell out the community. On the take - taking large bribes from Lennar Urban - that has failed San Francisco - and decent San Franciscans.

Our City Attorney must take note of Proposition  " O  "- so must our United States Attorney General - and the Department of Justice - will be notified.

A letter will be sent to MNBC - so that these sell outs can be exposed on the Media.

Arrogant, uneducated sell outs dabbling with Planning issues, land use issues - in bed with developers like Lennar Urban that has no interest - whatsoever to help the Bayview Hunters Point community - the constituents of  San Francisco.

These few sell out Blacks continue to disgrace San Franciscans - get themselves into politics - to do the " devil's " work.

We must NOT vote for Proposition " O " :