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Sunday, August 7, 2016


Amos Brown 

Amos Brown - the well known Black sell out - has positioned himself - without permission - to speak for the people - be it Black or otherwise - in San Francisco.

Amos Brown  purports to be the President of the lame, inept, spineless  - National Association for the advancement of Colored  People (NAACP) - in San Francisco. 

In San Francisco the NAACP is a JOKE.

Time to create another NAACP chapter - and send this disgraceful person - to where is belongs - anywhere but NOT San Francisco.

Amos Brown heads the African - American Advisory Forum - pretending to represent the dwindling and gentrification prone - Black population and " people of color " - selling out the community - at large in San Francisco.

Getting grants - and working with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and other dubious entities - to bring disgrace to himself and those that surround and support - him.

Just google African- American Advisory Forum.

You would think this man - who says he has learned well from some Civil Rights leaders would be accountable and transparent - the opposite seems to be the case. Pathetic.

The site uses a tool that those that are " secretive " use - most people who are NOT tech savvy - have no clue - but only dubious folks use this tool - " site's robots.text ". Go ahead and test this fact.

San Francisco's Black population - has long been known - to be under the spell of some rogue Black pastors - leading the pack - Amos Brown. Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones - the notorious Tabernacle Group - pretending to be developers - since when are the shepherds now learning to build Tower - the failed Tower of Babel and closer to home the Millennium Tower - sinking 16 inches and more - and tilting 2 inches - doomed.

Again and again the African - American Advisory Forum has impeded true and fair  " justice '.  Taken stale bread crumbs - to sell out the community.

None -  of the board members - never once stood with the community - when it came - to standing with the community - when it came to the murders - of mainly Blacks and others - people of color  - by rogue San Francisco Police Officers.

To make the point we could mention some names - Mario Woods, Jessica Williams, Alex Nieto, Amilcar Lopez, Luis Gongora and others.

 The four Black men murdered - not far away from the Third Baptist Church -  a Black on Black incident - insane all the same.

The young men murdered at the hands of other Black men - Salani Chinyamurindi 19, Manuel O'Neal 22, Harith Auchan 21 and David Saucier.

Recently one suspect was apprehend Lee Farley - and we pray and hope that other suspects - will be arrested.

The above case taken to our courts - that justice will prevails -  such acts do deserve - urgent justice - long due.

The mysteries - surrounding this horrible murder  - of four young Black youth - must be revealed - all facts uncovered - and light shed where today  abject darkness - prevails.

Since the year 2000 - I have attend over 250 funerals - most of them Black men - be it some Latino - and have seen for myself - who among the so called Black pastors - have stood by the community at large.

The mothers and fathers mostly bear the burden - family members too - and good friends - who support the families.

District Attorney - known for procrastinating -
right now he wants - California State Atttorney's Kamala Harris' job bad - and it does not matter the many -
unsolved cases he has in the pipe-line - remain unsolved -
P A T H E T I C 

Our District Attorney has been procrastinating.

The attorneys who work for the District Attorney - George Gascon and representing clients - in our Court System - playing the game - saying one thing and uttering - long convoluted sentences - that fall on deaf ears.

In our Racist City - the City and County of San Francisco - true and fair  justice is non-existent.

Go to our Courts - and witness the circus - complete with lawyers - who make deals - with those that must adjudicate first - not play games - again and again the innocent victims - are preyed upon.

The Bail System - and the way it works - traumatizes those that must use it - there is NO true representation.

The blatant discrimination meted out  -if you are Black - it goes on and on - the deck is stacked against one - who does not have money - and lacks - connections.

If you are Black - happen to be a person of color - you more than likely are DOOMED.  This is the reality of the day.

I would challenge Amos Brown to sit at a forum with Archbishop Franzo King, Minister Christopher Muhammad, Brother Daniel Landry,  Jim Queen, Brother Maurice Tatum, Brother Herm Lewis - others who have been with me - in the trenches - to discuss Violence Intervention and Prevention, De-escalation, the Use of Force that the SF Police Officers use - by just saying their lives - are in danger.

Many of us have been on many forums - represented the City and County of San Francisco - since the early mid- 1980s and before.

Represented the community - at Forums to Stop and prevent Violence - discussed many aspects of de-escalation. and so on.

We have NOT seen this man Amos Brown take a lead on anything holistic.

 We have seen him bark up the wrong tree - and seek kudos for his own ass. He is pathetic to say the least.

City Hall - with all its splendor -
the stair lead to rooms -
where wheeling and dealing are the norm.

Some of us - frustrated have created and worked on several Community Policing models.

The City and County of San Francisco - the former Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - other City entities and Mayors have sat on our plans - and shame on them.

Many a time - some of us have stopped crime - and use our contacts to bring peace.

We have done these acts for many years - simply because our heart is in the right place and we LOVE - San Francisco.

Many of us - have been  bold to share our view about de-escalation - use of force ( as it is understood today - and the changes that should be made - more minimum force) - shedding light on  evil and unfair - "  Police Bill of Rights ".

More to shine light - on a multitude of subjects - that good leaders - with their heart in the right place - should be able to.

Amos Brown is a coward, a sell out - and should be ashamed of himself. I have said it before and will say it again.

Amos Brown once headed the San Francisco Housing Authority - and was FIRED. 

He  adversely impacted the lives of thousands of poor and indigent people in San Francisco - in Public Housing.

On Thursday - August 11, 2016 - from 8 am to 9:30 am - at the Calvary Church situated in the 2000 block of Fillmore and the corner of Jackson Street in San Francisco - a public meeting will be held - with the Interim-Chief Toney Chaplin - as the guest speaker.  I have known Chief Toney Chaplin - for a long time.

The above meeting is organized by the Inter-Faith Council - and this one meeting will give us - an idea - how our Faith Leaders - think and feel - about the current crises in San Francisco.

I hear the United States Attorney General at long last - has come into the picture - to verify the facts and study the many incident reports - where " rogue San Francisco Police Officers " - have murdered - mostly Blacks.

This is good news - it pays to publish their photographs - then suddenly - they wake up from their slumber.

I have been on the frontline and have reported as clearly as I possibly could - the many deficiencies with the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) an arm of the United States Attorney General - with NO ability to enforce - less to investigate.

COPS is well known for publishing long documents - after interviewing people -  taking in access of two years - reports that are found on the shelves - all over our Nation - collecting dust.

United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch -
who has failed San Franciscans - we now -
want to know the results - from your late intervention.

President Barack Hussein Obama - 
has made several trips to collect money at fund raisers -
NOT once - has he dared to mention about the many
murders on our streets of San Francisco -
murdered at the hands of " rogue SF Police Officers ".

President Barack Hussein Obama - may make pleas - for all of us to come together - the President - sorry to say - has not earned the respect of the people.

Today more Blacks are impacted by the sorry state of affairs - the one percent and the ninety nine. The lack of opportunities - more in our inner cities.

The present fiasco that we witness with the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention - the sorry state of affairs - when our youth, young adults, seniors, the physically challenged, the mentally challenged - are suffering.

Students forced to pay back large amount of debts incurred - many graduate and cannot find a permanent jobs.

The many Black pastors - feed on the generosity of the congregation - they pass that hat liberally - for all silly reasons - then sit on asses and make hay while the sun shines.

Go visit the Black Churches - you see the old folks - and some young ones.

The youth and young adults - missing - for decades - they have NOT got the nourishment - more because folks like Amos Brown are spiritually - bankrupt.

I studied Philosophy and Theology - and have kept up with the latest happenings all over the world - more - when I travel world wide.

Good actions count - talk is cheap - especially those pastors who bark up the wrong tree - foremost Amos Brown the President of the current NAACP in San Francisco - that has been know as a good for nothing - tool.

This notion that one can en-slave the congregation - and brain wash them - is moot - totally uncalled for  and Smithsonian - wear the hat - if it fits you - and that at a Baptist Church - disgraceful.

The members of any church must be vibrant - and be active - their actions should speak for themselves. Good actions bring blessings - bad actions - the worst of things.

In the United States we have a separation between Church and State - and all for good measure.

The Third Baptist Church - because on some grants - have encouraged  - " divisiveness " - working with the Mayor's Office and Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

At one meeting - the meeting was busted - the Mayor took flight and Amos Brown was standing - holding the empty bag - the lame, wounded lion - growling - and confusion and pandemonium reigning - ever where.

On U-Tube and other forums - the man was disgraced.

Aways found with his hand in the cookie jar - always - wheeling and dealing - always harboring nefarious entities - the Westside Conference Center - is a case in point.

Amos Brown

Amos Brown is the Director - and the actives he and other are involved - are pathetic.

Archbishop Franzo King -
a fighter for justice and fair play -
a man of his word - and never a sell out.
The Archbishop has since established himself -
at Saint Cyprian's Orthodox Church - 
move away from entities that serve the mammon - 
the likes of Amos Brown and his lackeys.

Amos Brown single handedly removed Archbishop Franzo King and the John Coltrane Orthodox Church from operating after many years - at the Western Community Conference Center in the Fillmore. 

This one action - is well known and documented  for the entire world to see and more to bear - witness.

When one pastor attacks another pastor - and the pastor attacking is a disgrace to " decency " - a higher authority must step up and take - action.

That time has come - and those that aid and abet someone that has been selling the community - are all put on notice.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Former Congressional Liaison -
Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco -
Director - Environmental Justice Advocacy -
Tribal Liaison - Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

I know what I speak off - and I say to those that are evil and serve mammon - you and your kind are not welcome in San Francisco. Aho.