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Saturday, August 27, 2016


San Francisco has always been known for being a " racist City " - never mind the sweet talking - what it is noted for more - is the sordid -  " back stabbing ".

This is San Francisco's City Hall -
the freedom  that the KKK enjoyed -
our past history - that we must not forget - ever.

The KKK once enjoyed all the freedom it needed and held its meetings at City Hall - beneath the famous rotunda - with all the pomp and splendor that any entity could wish it had.

Let me explain a little about license and freedom.

The abuse of freedom is license.

So, really what the KKK and those entities that  choose to trod on the " freedom " of others do - today - and when ever they decide to trample on the freedom of others with intent - is LICENSE.

The Muwekma Ohlone - 
the First People of San Francisco.

Our hearts must be in the right place - and we must be educated on issues - to fully comprehend - the atrocities committed by those that trample on the " freedom " of others.

In San Francisco which is a filthy rich city - where we have Billionaires - who do not pay their fair share of  taxes.

Where we have City entities - wheeling and dealing in land and other issues.

 When all the time - with intent - they know they stole the land -
each and every square inch - this land we call San Francisco and the neighboring area. All belonging to the Muwekma Ohlone.

 Depriving those that most need housing and other essential amenities - those in power - corrupt to the core - evil - look the other way with disdain - and give a hoot.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a good for nothing fellow -
a person that could have done something -
he will never, ever leave a legacy.

Mayor Willie L. Brown -
he wheels and deals -
and he comes first - and all others - last.

Right now San Francisco is in a crisis.

 We do not have the leadership - to put things on track.

City officials - exercising blatant discrimination - pitying one against the other - the situation at hand - has reached - saturation point.

Innocent people living on the streets of San Francisco - in tents - facing the inclement weather - and while some of us lend a helping hand - the majority see what the see - and move away - not bothering - to ponder and comprehend the sad state of affairs.

We all have a conscience - and we all know right from wrong - but when it comes to genuine love, sacrifice - only those whose heart is in the right place - deliver.

God sees it all - and some may think - the present situation - is not of their making - and it may be not.

 We all are  - our sisters and brothers - keeper.

We all share in the humanity of living and giving - compassion and sharing - rejoicing and hurting - in our common destiny - of daily living on this Earth.

The infants, children, youth, young adults, the seniors - those with compromised health - the mentally challenged and the physically challenged - need help - there is no help to be found. - with our City - doling out tax breaks to the Corporation who must pay their fare - share.

Anyone who goes to City Hall  for urgent help - is referred to another entity - passing the buck as they say - and the victim - whoever that is - is left high and dry.

The heads of department do not like to be taken on - they do not like to be told.

For sure - they like to receive their fat salaries - that we the tax payers pay them - our hard earned taxes - that we work hard for - such are the norms of the day - and more at San Francisco - City Hall.

The famous steps of San Francisco's City Hall.

The late Warren Hinckle 

We lost a good man - and a great journalist - who called a spade a spade.

They do not make them anymore - in today's world - it is all about being " politically correct " - which allows the many crooks and corrupt - to do as they please.

We live in a Nation supposedly - of law and order - but you would not know it - if you saw what you saw - and deemed it to be illegal - and yet the many crooks - go Scott Free - even in our Court - where judges - judge - and adjudicate - seeing what they see - and knowing what they know - the closer the relationship - the further the true - justice.

Warren Hinckle loved a good story - the investigative reporting he did was great.

 Those that feared him most - were the corrupt - he would ferret the rat - and expose the corrupt for what they were.

He loved his drink - and he keen mind - seemed to work best after a shot or two .

 I saw him in action. He noted what he deemed necessary - to make a point - and he set his mind to write - his style unique - and his penmanship - one of a kind.

When we once visited him - he was so happy to see us.

Some ware house on SF Port property not far from the Ferry Building. He had a small office - and was generous with his time - and hospitality.

We needed his expertise - to give notice to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area - also known as the National Park Service - disrespecting a Shell Mound - Sacred Remains of the Ohlone Tribe. - at Crissy Field. 

He wrote an excellent story - and put the National Park Service on notice. The then Superintendent Brian O' Neil - read the article and had a good talk with me.

 I told him the " truth " - how I had approached Warren Hinckle - and he requested me in the future to come to him - and that he would give me his undivided attention.

 Brian O' Nell did it sometimes - and on many occasions circumvented - pertinent issues. 

Brian O' Nell passed some years ago - and life goes on.