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Monday, August 8, 2016


The 2016 Summer Olympic are here - and Rio is packed with tourists and Olympians from all over the world.

Even the refuges are represented - to open the eyes of the world -  to the on going - " refugee problem " - all over the world  - under the auspices of the United Nations.

I had a blast watching our women swimmers from the United States - making a clear statement - to the Russians and others - we need to keep our sports free from - steroids and other enhancing drugs - that permit one - to run faster, lift more - do things - that ordinarily would be difficult to achieve.

It is not as if we in the United States are free from this disease -  greed and vain power - we have had players take  drug enhancing drugs - who play baseball - and other contact sports.

Even a famous rider - who had to give back all his medals - having won the Tour de France - cycle race - a couple of times.

Legend has it that the Olympics started here 
at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia.

Legend has it that Koroibos a cook from the nearby city of Ells ran a distance of about 600 feet and won the race.

The ancient Olympic games began in the year 776 BC.

The first 13 Olympic festivals were held at Olympia every four years for almost 12 centuries.

The marathon as we know it was introduced  in 1896 in Athens.
The marathon was not an event of the ancient Olympic games.
In 1896 a race from Marathon northeast of Athens to the Olympic Stadium was first introduced - a distance of 40 kilometers (24.85 miles).

Earlier Pheidippides carried the news of the Persian landing at Marathon in 490 B.C. - he carried the message to Sparta - a distance of 149 miles.

The modern marathon was standardized to 26 miles - 385 yards - or 42.195 km. at Olympics Games held in London in 1908. 

The distance between Windsor Castle the start of the race and the finish line - White City Stadium.

The Olympic flag with five rings was introduced in 1908.

After a stalemate of 1503 years the modern Olympics was held in Athens, Greece in 1896.

The Father of modern Olympics - had in mind to hold the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900 - delegates from 34 games convinced him to hold the games in 1989 in Athens, Greece.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin -
the Father of the Modern day Olympics.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin is called the Father of the modern Olympics - born in France - he passed away in Switzerland.

Early is life he was traumatized by war - and sought ways to bring people and nations together - for peace. We know this concept of bring people together - much before the United Nations and other forums - was not easy. Suffice to here - the Summer and Winter Olympics are here - for good.

It was not easy to organize the first Olympics - but he over came and created for us all - the well known games - to bring people together - foster togetherness.

Giving human beings an ability to display - the outstanding abilities we human being posses  - not only winning but losing with honor.

The Olympic torch was first introduce in 1928 at the Amsterdam Olympics.

The modern Olympic torch relay was introduce in 1936 Olympics - where so many Black runners from the United States - shocked Adolf Hitler - and shattered his theory of the supremacy of the White race.

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924.

The ancient entrance to the stadium at Olympia

The Summer Olympic 2016 started some days ago - I just got an opportunity to witness some of the competition.

 I love what I saw and admire human beings - who work so hard - to bring honor to the Nation they represent - but also to the world at large.

At times one single person represents their Nation.

One single person like the Tongan - shirtless but handsome - representing his Nation - he already has displayed kindness, grace, and ability of a human being to put his best foot forward. - spread happiness.

Our United States women swimmers - who have all been tested - and have passed the test - had to compete with some competitors who had tested positive - and still they put their best foot forward - and did our Nation - the United States of  America and the world - that is watching proud.

The young man swimmer from Britain - who won with grace - and praised the American swimmer who won a bronze - for helping him to break the world record.

One was so happy for having won gold for his Nation - Great Britain - the American swimmer besides himself - having won bronze but also against great adversity - winning a medal - beaming with joy - that uplifted millions - all over our Earth.

All of my life - I tried my best - to help young men and women - play sports - so that they could better themselves.

Especially women - some living far away - who would never have  got an opportunity - to see less play contact sports. 

We made it happen - and today - looking back - that was a piece of cake - the joy is untold - when you know - how  many of them touched by us - have done  so well  - for themselves - become doctors, engineers, teachers - the sky is the limit.

All over the world those that we touched - keep in touch with me - and this blog is for all of you.

I am proud of you all - those of you that live in Europe - others in the Middle East - still others in Australia - South America - many of you here in the United States - more in Canada - Southeast Asia - you all get the drift.

Our teams were stellar - we played the game and won most of the time - because you all remember - we agreed " to enjoy what we were doing ".

We took care of business - traveled afar - to bring all together.

We provided the equipment and nourished our bodies - we are spread all over the world - and what a joy - to hear and read and know - the great achievements - you all have earned.

 God has blessed us all - and kept us contributing to the world - in this digital world - we all can stay - connected. God Bless You All. Aho.