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Thursday, August 18, 2016


San Francisco cannot and must not have it all - when it comes to skyscrapers and development that we the people do not want - that impact Quality of Life issues.

We should stay satisfied - with AT&T Park and the base ball facilities and the quality games - played there. 

There are only so many stadiums and facilities for sporting events - we can have - in San Francisco.

The more of these facilities we have - the more problems linked to congestion, rude behavior, and stressing our law enforcement and other critical emergency services - transportation services, public transportation - that are in place to serve the tax payers and decent San Franciscans - we tax payers - are adversely impacted.

Mission Bay once contaminated, prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - cannot be used - for anything and everything that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - says - comes to his sordid mind.

More building homes and facilities that are more than forty story tall - on land that is poor land fill - prone to liquefaction and flooding - and already the raids - are buckling up -  seeing is believing. Some ten feet under the asphalted roads is salt water - all poor in fill - land that once was the Bay.

The Mayor is not an Engineer - he thinks he knows engineering - he is a " Civil Rights Lawyer " whatever that means -a sell out - who has - " sold out the community at large ".

WE have had sufficient development in San Francisco - the congestion, the contamination, and adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - has reached - saturation point.

We must always remind ourselves - in the land of the Ohlone - the Muwekma Ohlone - this land was stolen,  all of it - every square inch.

This is NOT China - I say this - because if the Mayor reads these words - he will understand - what I am saying. The man is a maniac - when he sees " money " - the wheeling and dealing - in Room 200 - he salivates - he wants the money - and to hell with the welfare of the community at large.

The atrocities committed against the Native Americans - the Ohlone - but be understood and comprehend - with one's heart in the right place.

The  Ohlone - First People of San Francisco and the surrounding area - the women raped, the children taken to boarding schools against their will - the men killed.

The land taken - and so many atrocities committed - all recorded and there to read - for those humane enough - to care.

Again the above all recoded and there  for those that care to read.

18 treaties signed by the United States government and the Native American tribes  of California - NOT ratified - promises made and none kept.

As the saying goes - do not trust those - who speak with a - " Fork Tongue ".

The California Governors issued edicts - mostly Whites could fetch - a measly $5 for a scalp of a Native American. 

That was until 1927 - not too long ago. 

This history can be studied and read - in any Main Library  in San Francisco - shocking and despicable.

Influencing today as it did yesterday - to the core -  the mentality and thinking of those times - that continues to this day - in SOME - we cannot generalize -  in the DNA -  of those who practice and ignore " implicit biases " that can be addressed with humility and practice.

San Francisco is not Manhattan - and the talk of " shared prosperity" - and other sentences with the word  - " shared " - are cliches that those - who comprehend - pay little attention - because those who utter them - are full of it.

Diatribe and verbosity - take some so far - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

As more and more development is taking place - open space for the people - with facilities to go wash up - seat and relax - drink water from a fountain inside a facility that is maintained - hygienic and other standards in place - are becoming rare.

True Community Benefits - are spoken as if the developers - may or may not - deliver them - dividing the people - much like we see with Forest City at Pier 70 - a contaminated site - 5Mission Project - pity one community against the other - another Forest City project.

Developers want to make money - using high density as a model - to pack - thousands of people - in tall buildings - one next to the other - no one knows who lives next door.

There is no sense of community - people are kept divided - divisiveness is used - to pity one community against the other - one issues against the other.

The developers can go some where else - we do not want them in San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and have said very clearly - we need meaningful development - with the public in large - having a  bigger - say.

We do not need the thousands who come to San Francisco - to saturated their  sordid " GREED ".

 The " techies " - who do not contribute to our neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The more these " cardboard like " people come and destroy  and foul - everything they touch.

The more " despised " - these strange looking folks - fixated and deep into their lap tops and iPhones.

Technology can do wonders for them - but " the techies " become zombies- and have failed to be human - less compassionate - less animate - and for sure - they are mundane.

This Mayor  of the City and County of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee is one of the most corrupt Mayors - San Francisco has had in office.

The last time around - he did not want to be Mayor - but now that he is - propped up - by the crooks - he has gone full steam ahead - to rake in the illegal money .

Here in the United States - and in off shore accounts - and thinks - that his hay day will not come - lingering in some jail - for all the harm he had caused with intent.

Time to enact the RICO ACT.

This Mayor, Edwin M. Lee will NOT leave a legacy - he will be remembered well as a - CROOK.

Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - has shown his true colors - a liar, speaks from both sides of his mouth - his heart in NOT in the right place. 

Favoring UBER - TWITTER, GOOGLE - other large companies - giving them tax breaks - and making the tax payers - pay for the filthy rich.

The Corporations - the CROOKS -  who do little for us - true, decent - hard working,  tax paying - San Franciscans.

When it comes to our health - and our San Francisco Health Department that has a $2.6 Billion budget - the services provided to our citizens - some 850, 000 - is pathetic.

The SF Health Commission and its Commissioners - the Director of  San Francisco Health Department Barbara Garcia - the Assistant Director Tomas Aragon - other on worse than the other - have failed San Francisco and its tax payers.

One has just to visit the emergency rooms - at San Francisco General Hospital - where preventive health measures and standards are lacking - resulting in more and more emergency cases.

Registered Nurses worked to death - the same with other nurses who are not Registered Nurses - treated like dirt - enough is enough.

At Mission Bay - the congestion is so heavy - that ambulances are stuck in the heavy traffic - often times for 15 and 20 minutes - the patients in the ambulances - taken to the hospital - is dire straits - often dead on arrival.

We have state of art hospital at Mission Bay - the Children's Hospital - a hospital for Women - other specialized hospitals - and our Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - playing with fire.

We have serious structural problems with the California Pacific Medical Center - part of the Sutter Hospitals - the one being built on Van Ness - poor soil - more sand. Time will tell.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee does not care about this situation. He is more interested in inviting the Warriors - who would do well to stay in the East Bay - or move some where else.

Mission Bay is prone to liquefaction and flooding. We all know about the famous Millennium Tower - a  58 story building that has sunk 16 inches and is tilting 2 inches.

The pilings did not reach rock bottom - and the building's foundation is taking water from the Bay - all well known to the architects and developers - the owners and the investors - who has taken the money - and spent the money.

The owners of the Millennium Tower now want the City and County of San Francisco to bear responsibility. Folks like Tiffany Bohee from the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - are now dealing with the mess.

Tiffany Bohee - who is a peon - meaning has no engineering expertise - to be frank - lacks the IQ to understand and comprehend - development - more in areas - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. She heads the Succor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency. Keeps wasting millions of dollars - catering to crooks - and thinks that we do not know about it.

Tiffany Bohee should paste a map of the Meher Ordinance complete with the areas prone to liquefaction on her office wall.

Look at it each and every day - and wait for the day - the skyscrapers - fall down to the ground.

Most of the developers have taken a great risk - most of them have  - failed to reach " rock bottom " - their foundation floating - and the tall buildings in - "peril ".

Even a two or three story building on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - can cause problems.

San Francisco - the SF Port Authority - the many so called experts who are talking a lot about " sea level rise " that I have been writing about - for the last 15 years - are just now coming to grips with reality.

The have NO money - they talk and bark up the wrong tree.

 They truly have no money - no money from the Federal Government and less from Private Investors - who are looking if they have proven - technical expertise. Ask me - as I have a rap sheet on most of them - pathetic. Pathetic to say the least.

Our Ferry Building situated at the Embarcadero - all the way to Montgomery Street - all that land - some of it comprising our Financial District is prone to - liquefaction and severe flooding.

Hundred of large pumps daily pump water to stabilize the foundations - of the skyscrapers - the public is not aware of this factor.

When we face a  "tsunami " soon with sixty foot waves the Ferry Building will be compromised - and so will the many skyscrapers - their basement filled with water - the three and four stories high - much that has happened in other places - including New York.

Right now the many meetings held about sea level rise - is all about hot air  - and we need at least 10 billion dollars to take care of our 10 mile water front.

 Shore up the dykes - the sea walls - have bunkers and large pumps in place - hydraulic lifts - large cranes to lift and put things in place - rocks, and other materials to stop the heavy damage - and more - time is running out.

Most important we need the personnel - we have no skilled personnel to address this type of " emergency projects " - done by the Corps of Engineers and like entities.

Bottom line our Office of Emergency Services - our SF Planning Department,  our Department of Building Inspection - our Mayor's Office and all the advisors - can say all the want - talking is easy - what we need today is the - " walk ".

This is Ohlone Land - remember that you fools who talk from both sides of your mouth. Aho.