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Monday, August 15, 2016


The United States is at a cross road - and we must make up our mind - to VOTE for a candidate that is not contaminated - less can be TRUSTED.

 For sure Hillary Clinton is not that candidate - and forget even voting for the man - who talks from both sides of his mouth. His mouth runs faster than his brain.

The Independents in San Francisco - must choose the candidate - that will bring succor to the millions of voters  - all over California - and the Nation at large.

The Democrats have screwed us all - all these many years - and we know from personal experience - what they have accomplished here in San Francisco.

The problem starts with the San Francisco County Democratic Committee - the many failed platforms - the promises made and less - kept.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the State Attorney General Kamala Harris - and the others too many to mention -  one worse than the other.

At ground zero we have hot spots - that have turned into hot beds - of corruption. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is one of them. You pay to play.

The SF Public Utilities Commission having failed - with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - with glaring loop holes at Mountain Tunnel, Calavares Dam, and Irvington Tunnel.

 Thousands of miles of clean water and sewer water pipes - over 85 years old - and leeching into the ground - millions of gallons of foul, contaminated, sewer water - in many places contaminating the Water Shed.

Brand new valves - have been burst - spewing millions of gallons of clean water.

Much of this happening -  before - we had the heavy rain - which turned out not to be so heavy - after all.

We have technology to monitor real time leaks - but the SF Public Utilities is Smithsonian.

More with crooked and corrupt folks like Juliet Ellis who is the Assistant General Manager - trying to pull wool over our eyes - nothing good comes - from anything this EVIL woman touches.

Years ago - she funneled over $200, 000 to Green For All - the former non-profit she works for. The Fair Political Action Committee adjudicate her case and fined her - and she paid the fine.

The SF Ethics Commission adjudicated her case and fined her - she use the maximum pressure with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others backing this EVIL woman - who should not be working for the great City and County of San Francisco.

She keeps doling thousands of dollars - from the $150 million - Community Benefit Money - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

The Democrats favor such villains - the likes of Juliet Ellis who brag the she has access to the White House - where the Barack Hussein Obama administration - has NOT made a dent - with the great divide.

Here is San Francisco realistically speaking - we rank lower than Rwanda a Third World country - when it comes to real and practical " income disparity" - the filthy rich and the poor.

We the tax payers - pay over $200, 000 to folks like Juliet Ellis - others too - inept and lacking ethics and morals - receive in access of $300, 000 with special contracts - and have NO leadership qualities - to take us - San Franciscans - to a better place.

Closer to Hetch Hetchy - we have employees who treat women with disdain - all with the jurisdiction of the SF Public Utilities Commission - that has more White men - many of them red necks.

One case where a White woman was harassed  sexually - so much so that she was traumatized - other Federal and State Agency had to step in to offer her support.

Finally - the SF Public Utilities Commission - had to pay her thousands of dollars - to leave her job - while she heals - she suffer from the scars - afflicted at her job - and will  for a long, long time.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is an Enterprise Department - they generate their own income - from clean water rate fees  and sewer rate fees that will increase -  soon.

They generate hydro-electricity and sell it to Tulare and others entities - some comes to San Francisco to power Municipal Departments.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - once touted and encouraged us all to conserve water - and flush less - and when we more than exceed conservation - saving millions  of dollars - it hands out an increase in clean water rates and sewer rates - for a job well done. 

There is only so much shit one can take from these idiots - who have no long time planning skills, the ability to discern - daily they gather in groups - to come out with ideas and concepts.

Idiots and stupid folks cannot think outside the box - less contribute to society.

We must get rid of Juliet Ellis - and those her surrounds around her - mostly women - who " hate men " - and think that they will succeed. These " vermin " - deserve no good jobs - within San Francisco - not in the private nor City government.

The SF Public Utilities Commission would do well - to first stop the millions of sewer water and clean drinking water leaching into the ground.

Provide real time data on the leeching - be sincere and truthful and not play with those that know better. Morons leading morons - while our clean resources are wasted - and sewer permitted to contaminate the ground and in place our water shed. All this in the year 2016.

Some one thousand and two hundred miles of clean water drinking pipes most over 85 years old - leeching. 

The replacement of clean water pipes - has failed the goals set - with umpteen excuses - when - we the public ask the pertinent - questions - the answer given are deft.

It is the same with the sewer pipes - some one thousand plus miles of  - old pipes - corroded and leaching into the Water Shed in many hot spots - and the SF Public Utilities Commission - circumventing the issues at hand.

The 1800 Oakdale Street - Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - in the Bayview -  that once came under the jurisdiction of the SF Water Department - and later under the SF Public Utilities Commission in 1996 - has been targeted for demolition.

The Green Houses that once operated next to the 1800 Oakdale - Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - are asked to move - the three main entities - paid - to move.

When in operation the 3 main entities paid $10, 000 each - every month. In all $30, 000 plus a month - which the SF Public Utilities Commission took - and has NOT kept a clean record - an audit will prove be right.

While the SF Public Utilities Commission - took in this amount - toilet and bath room facilities were lacking - the mud road in leading to the three green house - were never paved.

Deferred maintenance was used as a ploy - and the three entities told they would be helped - until one day - all the three entities were shafted. 

Well there is Karma - and what will befall the SF Public Utilities Commission - will NOT be pretty and that will come about in less than two years.

Recently at a SF Public Utilities Commission - two women one representing the Human Resources - another acting as an expert onto called Enterprise Workforce Planning - all working with Juliet Ellis made a fool of themselves.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is known - for the sordid condtions where decent, hard working employees - are treated with disdain. More those that come under Juliet Ellis who likes to micro- manage - forcing many to leave the SF Public Utilities Commission - these facts - are widely known. 

Hundreds of employees have approached me - asking for help.
More when they are targeted. Forcing me - sometimes to speak on their behalf - only for these three women - clueless - to engage the public with data - that is flawed - no ethics, less morals, and absolutely NO - standards.

Good hard working employees - have been harassed - many leave - after working for many years - hoping against hope that others - do not suffer the same fate.

At one time - everyone knew the SF Public Utilities Commission was to go to seek a job - more,  if you were connected .

With the Democrats - nepotism stunk to high heaven. It does even now.

Consultants from AECOM and URS - others working for the SF Health Department, even the SF Department of Environment -  receive Full time Employees (FTEs).

I have the list - are paid by us - the tax payers. Many of them over $200, 000 with benefits. Pathetic!

Ten years ago - the SF Public Utilities Commission - should have created opportunities - to deal with the impending - Baby Boomers and their exit.

Its current Succession Planing - headed by three misinformed and dis-informed women - one of them Juliet Ellis - is a JOKE.

We all know the City and County of San Francisco - Civil Service Commission - is full of corruption.

Juliet Ellis should not have been hired - using undue influence she was hired. From the job of a SF Public Utilities Commissioner to one of Assistant Manager for External Affairs.

She has no clue about State and Federal Bills. Less about Communications - even less about Workforce - and she tries to control and implement standards - when she herself is corrupt, has been fined for cheating - what an example?

Again for Juliet Ellis - Assistant General Manager, External Affair totally unqualified - who once was on the SF Public Utilities Commission - to hold to the job she has now - is totally uncalled for.

We tax payers should not be taken for a ride - and we are.

Cindy Chran - Director, Human Resources Services - SF Public Utilities Commission - Danielle Wittorp - so called Enterprise Workforce Planning - have less information of the corrupt institution that SF Public Utilities Commission is.

The on going corruption at many levels - there are some employees who have not got a promotion in 15 years - others prohibited from visiting other department - other than their own -some can receive IPads as tools for work - and others cannot - there a hundred more such instances - totally uncalled for.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - have Managers who are blind and deaf - hundreds of innocent former SF Public Utilities Commission have left - most of them seeking Workers' Compensation - any decent and fair Exit Interview - will reveal this fact.

When asked by one SF Public Utilities Commission - if any EXIT INTERVIEWS are available - for review -  there was no data - available for discussion - at this time.

This data - linked to the Exit Interviews - can shed light - on many other - critical fields. Some can connect the dots - I can connect the dots - more because I have the empirical data.

Newbies who have no idea of the sordid history of the SF Public Utilities Commission - are kept in the dark - and we must shed light - where there is abject darkness. Aho.