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Thursday, August 4, 2016


This is Ohlone Land  -  the " greedy" developers are trying to impress upon us - make San Francisco - a hub - a center - for sporting events - baseball, basketball, - load our streets with vehicles that spew particulates - further congestion - and compromise Quality of Life issues.

Mission Bay with the impetus focused on bio-medicine, hospitals - more the hospital built for children - other buildings catering to research - is already congested. - the air contaminated.

The Warriors would do well to stay where they are in Oakland. 

If the Warriors - want to move elsewhere - fine.

San Francisco does NOT welcome them.

The Warriors - will bring a lot of congestion - contamination - and adversely impact - Quality of Life issues.

The Warriors have yet  to prove - they are a mature team - more, that they have discipline on their team. Time will tell.

The proposed site to build the Warriors stadium -
very near the Bay - on land prone to liquefaction -
on very - very poor infill - who is fooling whom?

Conceptual plans look good - conceptual plans are like a dream - you wake up and it could be your - " worst nightmare ".

The land is prone to liquefaction - literally the land was created of very poor landfill - construction material - old tires - and whatever the material - that those could illegally dispose off - once the part of the Bay.

We have the Meyer ordinance - complete with maps - and the standards that have to be used - to build anything - so close to the Bay. 

However - greedy developers want to make a fast buck - and build the Warriors Stadium - and adverse impact millions. Compromise safety issues - but more health issues. 

In San Francisco - San Franciscans value their principles and values - these outsiders - scum bags - want to have their way - and we will stand our ground.

Congestion day and night -
ambulances stuck in very heavy traffic -
innocent lives lost because of the heavy back
to back traffic.

Not far from the proposed Warriors' Stadium - we have a state of the art Children's Hospital - that we value.

More and more our children are being affected by respiratory diseases,  cancer, tumors - more infants - and parents many a time - have to fight the traffic - to take their children to the Children's hospital.

Surrounded - near by  - by many medical facilities - for all sorts of tests and treatments.

Parents and loved ones - will be forced to deal with the  congestion and devoid of -  free and safe - movement.

I have seen ambulances stuck in the traffic - the patient has to endure the delay.

God alone know how many patients have died in the ambulance - prevented by the back to back traffic - from making it  - in time to the hospital - all this is happening - now.

How insensitive can these " corrupt and greed developers " be?

This is Ohlone Land - land of the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone.

At the SF Planning Department I have seen - those so called consultants - paid high salaries.

So called experts - trying to dupe us San Franciscans.

 I am telling the Warriors - we do not need you - here in San Francisco - if you persists - " you will fall flat on your face ".

Conceptual plan of the " proposed stadium " -
the many skyscrapers recently built - our City -
is becoming another Manhattan. Screw that.

We recently found out the Millennium Tower - some 58 story tall - has sunk 16 inches and tilted 2 inches.

This skyscraper one of many built - on land prone to severe liquefaction - built on poor infill.

Further prone to flooding - and being built in open defiance and difference - to the views of the tax payer, the constituents of San Francisco - who know better.

The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee is a lackey - a panderer - a wheeler and dealer.

Observed,  monitored  - watched very carefully by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

You know how the Feds do it - they have tons of information - linked to his nefarious activities - and soon - the world will  witness - how this very " corrupt " man will stand trial and sent to jail - for a long, long time.

The same players are behind building stadiums - the stadiums are located on Public Trust Land - in this case technically speaking - the facilities built - should cater to Maritime Uses.

To circumvent the uses - corrupt developers - go to Sacramento - use the sordid laws - and create legislation - to built Stadiums purporting to support - recreation uses.

Paying politicians - millions of dollars in bribes - and this and more is despicable - and San Franciscans are fed up - of all the bulling and disrespecting  our core values - empathy, compassion, and embracing all that is good - not that which is bad.

Every time a family of four goes to a game - they must be prepared spend hundreds of dollars - their tickets included.

Closer as the team get to the finals - thousands of dollars.

It is always about money - and the developers - give a hoot about the health of our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our seniors - those with compromise health - more our Mentally Challenged and Physically Challenged.

Jesse Blout, Willie L. Brown Jr ( a former thug mayor of San Francisco ) others too many to name - and I do not want to give them free publicity - are the scums of this Earth.

The Ohlone - the indigenous people - have Shell Mounds and burial sites - closer to both the stadiums - the AT&T Stadium - once better know as the Pacific Bell Stadium - and the proposed site of the Warriors Stadium.

Shell mounds are Sacred Burial Sites - acknowledged by the First People and others who are " culturally competent " - not so the greed and corrupt - developers.  Developers - more the  corrupt ones - could not care less.

The so called movers and shakers - who wheel and deal - at City Hall in Room 200. As much as the constituents protests - spend  their own hard earned money - in the Courts - the Warriors think - they will win - they will not.

Stay in Oakland - go anywhere else - we do not want you and your likes - in San Francisco. 

You lost the finals - James LeBron - single handedly - proved who are the Champions.

Draymond Green has shamed us all in California with his solid behavior - the Warriors have much to be desired - in this department - more, when it comes to sound - discipline.

Stephen Curry did his best - but he too had to lick his wounds - and stay out of the Olympics - perhaps fearing the Zika virus - and related issues - more concerning the welfare of his family.

Sports must entertain - Sports must also maintain some standard - not so the Warriors Basketball team.

Again and again - we have witnessed - behavior on and off the basket ball court - that leaves much to be desired - by some well paid Warrior players.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wants to spend a billion dollars to build an underground subway - again on sub-terrain that is poor infill and prone to severe liquefaction - at a cost of one billion dollars.

Today in San Francisco stupid decisions like the above - are driving thousands of families out of San Francisco - we once had the 49ers football team - and treated them like dirt - they left.

We have the Giants - and they too - are having some trouble of their own doing. Time will tell.

Paradoxically - both of the above team - have more fans outside San Francisco - than within San Francisco.

Let the research prove me - wrong.

It is the same with the Warriors - let them stay in Oakland - and better serve of the fans - who will be adversely impacted - if the Warriors move to San Francisco - where truly speaking they are NOT - welcomed.