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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The first of six public meetings to choose a San Francisco Police Chief - was held at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - August 15, 2016.

The outreach was pathetic - and those present - who spoke up - really did not address the pressing issues - of the times.

 As most of us  know - the Southeast Sector is experiencing - some dangerous time - and more the importance to appoint a Police Chief that has local - experience and has contact with the community at large - is what we want to address and find solution - now.

Thousands of dollars are spent on Consultants - inept and drab - and facilitators - who have absolutely no experience - and secondly jeopardize the quality of the discussion - at hand - by have facilitators - dumber than dumb.

We all are busy - secondly for us to travel all the way to the 1800 Oakdale facility is not easy - then to encounter immature facilitators - on such an important and pertinent - issue.

Make some attempt to bring about meaningful discuss - and find it difficult to do so - is boring - also mind boggling.

Typical behavior -  one would expect from the House Negros - who are behind the scene - trying to use the youth - to make some money.

I hope this in not the case - at the other meetings - that I will make a point to attend.

I hope no one dares to pull another fast one - that these important meetings - are not been facilitated by those that have no experience nor sound information on the subject.

The Main Media reported on this meeting as if it was nothing at all - more KTVU 2 - and that speaks volumes - when the outreach has not been done- and the manner in which the meeting is facilitated - further water downs the pertinent subject at hand.

The methodology used to facilitate the meetings - should be reviewed - by an independent body.

The Mayor's Office must be involved - unless the Mayor' Office and folks like Paul Henderson and Sheryl Davis - are involved - in messing this important meeting by further helping to steer away - from the much needed  meaningful dialog.

Youth from Mo'Magic were present - to facilitate - and this one action - is a slap on the face of the community at large.

We treasure our youth - but to use untrained - uneducated on issues youth - to facilitate such meeting - just to earn some money on the side - is something the public at large - will not tolerate.

The youth have no idea about the history of the Bayview - less about de-escalation - even less about the corruption and politics that goes into choosing a new Police Chief for San Francisco.

It did not help with outsiders - meaning not from the Bayview - who were there to vent - rather than offer solutions.

This one singular factor - with a few choosing to speak again and again - and the facilitators not having any controls - soured the meeting. disappointing many of us.

At the SF Police Commission meetings - the public at large is fed up - with the nonchalant attitude - of the SF Police Commissioners - who busy doing other things - rather than listening to the community at large.

This spills into the meetings - such as we had yesterday - with Joe Marshall - walking around - making small talk - and having no purpose - what so ever being at yesterday's meeting - more of a nuisance.

The Bayview has contributed a lot to the City and County of San Francisco - the first Human Rights Committee was held in the Bayview - in the early 1960s - which in the course of years - now is the Human Rights Commission.

The Bayview was instrumental is lowering the height limit for SF Police Officers - allowing Asian Police Officers - to join the SF Police force. One SF Chief - Chief Lau benefitted from this action and law. 

It was shocking to learn the last incident - involving the murder of Jessica Williams - was committed at the hands of a Asian SF Police Officer - in the Bayview.

Three circles were formed - and then reduced to two - the meeting began without permitting those who sat in the two circles - with about 20 chairs - failing to introduce themselves.

An introduction of those present is vital - and the absence of such an introduction - proves once again - those involved and behind the purpose of these six primary meeting - have no clue who they are dealing with - and less this important subject - choosing our next San Francisco Police Chief.

When you looked around and saw more than 80% - did not live in the community - the matter gets worse.

When very poor outreach is done - the result is a mediocre turn out - and the input - drab - again adversely impacting the Bayview and the Hunterspoint community - that has suffered the most.

While much is made about the killings and shootings in the Southeast Sector - those sell out that take money from he City and County of San Francisco - were not present.

They know who they are - and they put on notice.

The Supervisor from District 10 was not present.

They were about 8 SF Police Officers - some actively participating with their uniforms and a couple without their uniforms - which shows some concern - that the SF Police Officers and the present Chief - wants some concrete - feed back - from these community meetings.

Personally I do not see - why keeping and  retaining Chief Toney Chaplin - with all the true experience he has - is an issue. 

So far he has held his ground - and he is not afraid negotiating with the Police Officers Association (POA) - which has tried to make headlines - and each time it does - the POA falls flat on their face.

Chief Tony Chaplin has found some solutions that have already won people over - and in the course of time - will and can make drastic progress.

We have a night population of about 850, 000 with a police force of about 2000 - with about 400 more officers - joining the Police Academy - other retiring - many of them baby boomers.

On another note - I make it a point to attend meetings - in other communities - more were Whites live - and where they enjoy better amenities. Where the SF Police Department - tolerate young whites - drinking and having fun - and on occasion join them.

That does not happen in the Bayview - on in the Western Addition - or for that matter in the Excelsior - or the Mission - where more people of color - make their abode.

I have gone out of my way to understand the dynamics and more the changing demographics.

These meetings are critical to get the best input - in an environment where qualified facilitators are in charge.

Those behind choosing these facilitators - must be questioned - and if this action was done - with intent - carelessly - letting our youth try their hand - at something - they have no  understanding about and more clue about. 

Those adults - behind this acton - must be taken to serious - task.

I attended the meeting at the Calvary Presbyterian Church - 2515 Fillmore Street - where Chief Toney Chaplin - addressed Church leaders and elders - from all over San Francisco - and from all denominations.

We could not directly ask questions - but we could write our questions - that the Chief Toney Chaplin - answered and eloquently pointed out - what needed to be done - to bring about progressive changes in San Francisco.

I had the opportunity to speak to a number of those who attended the above meeting.

More individuals  who are involved - to bring solutions to the many social issues that are adversely impacting our great City and County of San Francisco.

All of them praised Chief Toney Chaplin - who has a lot of experience - and more understands what is takes to improve Community Policing - and streamline the San Francisco Police Organization.

It makes no sense to bring someone from outside - as we did  this with George Gascon - who did nothing much as a SF Police Chief and less as the District Attorney.

George Gascon - he is now poised to seek the position - that will be left open - when State Attorney Kamala Harris - become the next Senator - filling the seat of former Senator Barbara Boxer.

The present SF Police Commission is Smithsonian - and many of the present seating SF Police Commissioners - should step down - one of them for sure - Joe Marshall. Good for nothing.

San Francisco is about our neighborhoods - and the SF Police Commission does not get it - our neighborhoods are not  our eleven Districts - and less our ten -  Police Precincts now called Districts.

Each neighborhood has contributed a lot to make San Francisco better - and in each District or Precincts there are many neighborhoods.

Do not treat San Franciscans - like buffoons - because if you do - you will meeting with resistance and an ire that will very difficult to address - people now are fed up - and the few of us advocates - are keeping many under control - hoping against hope - for a meaningful - change.

It does not help our SF Police Commission - the African American Police Review Board - other mostly Black sell outs - are working with vested entities - to make money - selling out the community.

The demographics of our neighborhood - be they many - with the eleven District and the Ten Precincts - now called Districts - has drastically - changed.

At yesterday meeting held at 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - the Latinos, the Asians, the Native Americans, the Whites - and the Blacks - more the important leaders - were no where to be seen.

The facilitators - our youth - should not be used as pawns.

MoMagic and who ever was behind this ploy - better comprehend - you do not have at the ability - less the comprehension - to conduct and facilitate meetings - on such an important issue.

We know who are are - the likes of Paul Henderson and Sheryl Davis - you two are NOT respected in the community.

We hope you all learn a lesson - and at the next meeting - which I will attend with a sizable members of the community - you in charge - better have your act  - well organized and tweaked to deliver - a class act.

The last one - was buffoonery - of the highest order.