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Sunday, November 30, 2014


This Nation was build on the "fair name" of the Native Americans.

Our very Constitution - created by our Founding Fathers - was highly influence - by the Six Nations - more the Iroquois Tribe.

Democracy was practices by the Six Nations for thousands of years. Not the convoluted one we think we discovered - but one that worked for thousands of years.

This history is not taught in our schools and institutions of higher learning - by those in authority.

Th simply fact being they lie, cheat, steal, fail to abide by ethics, sound morals, and standards - and are constantly running away - from the TRUTH.

The Long Cabin and the Matriarchal Society associated with the Six Nations - astounded the Found Fathers - who incorporated so much of these vetted values - in their writings and more in their interactions with the Six Nations - many of them very invited to the White House and at other important - meetings.

Again and again our Nation has forgotten whose land this is - using force and creating some notion that if you see something - you can grab it - more steal it.

It has long been the forte of the 'thief" - which favors the mentality and works of the Colonists - clearly stated the White men.

All over the world we have seen Capitalistic Forces and those who claim to be Communist - perpetuate horrendous crimes on the indigenous people.

Be it the Belgians in the former Congo, the British in East Africa, the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, the Dutch in the early days in Ceylon - now known as Sri Lanka - you get the drift.

The Russian are exerting their power as they did in Georgia - the Chinese bulling the smaller nations - invading islands - and using their Naval power to intimidate.

North Korea - fooling themselves - by shooting rockets up into the air - half of them - fail and the rest hit the wrong targets.

It is the same in the Middle East - be it Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan - we did the same in years gone by in South America - fostering the many Banana Republics.

We think that - if we use - force, intimidation, buy governments with sordid money - we are doing something - that is right - when it is - totally - totally, wrong. 

In Europe we took charge of things after World War II - and helped build nations - like Germany, France, Italy, Austria - and those that are educated  - remember that are mindful of our kind - actions.

We helped Sweden, Denmark, Norway and more - and all these nations - still remember us.

Pakistan, India, Burma, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea.

The nations small like Timor, other smaller nations - associated with Mainland China - Macao and Hong Kong.

Taiwan standing alone and opposing any entity that wants to mess with Taiwan.

All over the world - the people of these nations - look at the citizens of America as good people - having compassion and fortitude.

Not so the government of the United States - more so in recent years - with George W, Bush and Barack Hussein Obama - both of them failing to up hold justice and fair play.

We failed in Vietnam - and failed to admit this fiasco.

We created the mess in Syria - anyway you look at it.

We created the mess in Iran - anyway you look at it.

We did the same in Afghanistan - and to deny it - would be foolish.

We toppled the many governments in South America - and propped  evil entities.

We thought - the U.S. Government -  could get away with murder in broad daylight.

These evil forces failed the American people - and those that are educated on issues - remember that.

Evil forces that take dictation - from those that have failed the Constitution of the United States of America - and failed the citizens of America.

Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia - with intent - we have created polices that are detrimental to sound relations.

With intent for selfish reasons - having cozy relations with dictators - and failing to abide with the standards, morals, ethics - found laid clear for all to see, read, learn, and abide - in our Nation's Constitution.

At home we have destroyed the Middle Class - what else is left - but the revolution that is brewing - and some can see it coming - and others are nonchalant.

We must take a stand and abide by those standards that embrace all - we cannot dabble with vain talk - we must act with determination to do right - we must be spiritually strong.

It is pathetic when we see liars, thieves, immoral people, in places of power - doing wrong - with a in your face attitude - and thinking all is well.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors fall into this category - our Mayor with all the back room deals in Room 200 - has these actions - written on over his face and brow.

We must be a Nation that is spiritually strong - we cannot influence anyone entity - as long as we continue to spiral down a path - a route steeped with blatant corruption.

A path that takes us down the sordid route - those lack fortitude, lacking compassion - all because they are - spiritually, bankrupt.

People try to make a point - lying and using premises that are devoid of ethics and more illogical. No one can fool - all the people - all the time. Go Figure.