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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Our City and County of San Francisco is mandated by many local, State, and Federal laws - to protect our workers - you would not know that from the exposure of our workers and the constituents - living and working - around Parcel A - at Hunters Point in San Francisco.

It has been some time now that high levels of Asbestos Structures that can kill one slowly and more when one suffers from Mesothelioma.

You City officials are fully aware of this disease - but right now - it is business as usual. No once seems to care about San Franciscans, the workers who are put in harms way - and innocent people who may - just be in the wrong place -unaware of all these real - hazards.

I have sent the Mayor Edwin Lee, the City Attorney, others like Barbara Gracia and Tiffany Bohee - pointing them to a location - where our workers and constituents - must be protected - none of them - deem to care about such - issues. They all  talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

The MUNI bus 19 - parks itself a few hundred feet - and is covered with dirt and of course by Asbestos Structures - and then this MUNI bus goes all over the City and County of San Francisco - all the way to Fisherman's Wharf. Ed Reiskin who is the Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency - is not aware of this fact - or is he?

Bottom line there has not been sufficient water poured on the site - to keep the high level Asbestos Structures down - that have been lying there - waiting for some wind - some disturbance to fill the air with these dangerous - Structures.

When Serpentine Rock is crushed - it releases Asbestos Structures - if these structures enter one system - what follows is the most horrendous disease - spikes from tumors - that are painful - it is known as Mesothelioma.

God forbids that anyone suffers from such a disease.

The workers - working on Parcel A - have been bombarded with these Structures and many of them have been complaining - and some of them have come to me for help.

Well, I know who can help them and so as I last resort I have sent an email to Mayor Edwin Lee, Barbara Gracia, Amy Brownell, Dennis Herrera, Ben Rosenfield, Tiffany Bohee, Johnson Bronson from Lennar - to address the situation at hand.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and one Jack Broadbent has been informed.

It is a crying shame - that an advocate must step up - and look at  these types of situations - when all these City officials -  are fast asleep at the cockpit - the left hand not know what the right hand has to do and is mandated to perform.

We are a Nation of laws - but you would not know that - from all the ploys and machinations going on in our City and County of San Francisco.

The many ribbon cutting ceremonies - the talk about condominiums and what all - daily construction workers are put in harms way - and no one is paying attention.

The Department of Building Inspection has no clout - the Division of Environment within the SF Health Department - is not doing their job - more since the firing of Dr Rajiv Bhatia.

What the hell is happening? What is Barbara Gracia doing?

Do we have a Toxicologist on our SF City's payroll - and if so - what is her or his name?

Barbara Gracia rubber stamping a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street at Third Street - run by one Dr Nadine Bruke and her side kick Malia Cohen - one worse than the other - putting our infants and children in harm way - surround by the worst contaminants.

Funded by California Pacific Medical Centers to a tune of $4 million. Another $4 million from Facebook. Antoher $300,000 from the 49ers - who are these thugs and who invited them to our community.

All backed by Malia Cohen - who has NOT been representing our community - and is a well known, sell out.

SF City enforcement entities - rubber stamping and not conducting random visits at the Parcel A site - that has adversely impacted - thousands since the year 2004 - with Lennar Urban - a rogue developer and Kofi Bonner - at the helm of affairs.

Hundreds of trucks coming in and out of Baylands Soil Processing - and no monitoring from the City and County of San Francisco, less from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and even less from those who must issue - Notice of Violations.

Crooked folks using - clean Hetch Hetchy drinking water - from San Francisco hydrants - and no one is monitoring this on going - theft in broad daylight.

What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco?

What protocol has been put in place - as Candlestick Stadium is going to be deconstructed?

Candlestick Stadium contains the worse types of Asbestos - and we have people in charge - put in charge of trucking and other ploys to make money.

There is no vetted protocol - linked to stringent - hazardous material - how to contain the hazardous material - the community has been kept in the dark. 

No protocol that goes into the transporting issues.

The precautions the truckers have to take and abide by.

The hazardous material NOT being covered while passing through homes - in a residential area - and where innocent people congregate - none of the above is in place.

We have no called "thug brokers" making deals - people who have been in jail before - undertaking such contracts - and all there because of Lennar Urban - a rouge developer.

Why is Lennar Urban in our community?

And now Macerich? Who invited these "thugs" to our community?

There has not been one single meeting with the community - informing us - how all this hazardous material will be handled - and more how it will be disposed.

How will liquefaction and flooding be handled? Who is profit from all the hog wash - the large malls that bring added problems - all the Gucci Cuchi talk - the blind leading the blind - Viagra!

In the interim hundreds of trucks - mostly uncovered - ply on our roads with the Bay Area Air Quality and Management District - fast asleep at the cockpit.

Wake up Mr. Jack Broadbent - you failed us on Parcel A and now you want to do it again.

The California High Patrol has do better - but it too - has been slow to do it job - and maintain standards. We have had patience - but some one must step up and do the right thing.