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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The present San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - which is an Enterprise Agency - was created in 1996 by the "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Ever since its creation - taking over the the City and County of San Francisco resources - clean water, sewer, and hydro-electricity and a little known fact - some aspects linked to transportation.

Also, having among its many land assets - quarries and more - raking in millions - most of it NOT accounted for.

The many General Mangers since its creation have had to deal with "nefarious politics" - linked to "thugs" from San Francisco - more the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Many chosen folks - are granted favors - given jobs - and placed at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

An Enterprise Agency - that stinks to high heaven and rakes with blatant - corruption and arrogance of the highest - order.

The Raker Act of 1913 permitted the then San Francisco City and the Water Department to have control over clean water, the sewer, and as I mentioned a number of other assets that rake in millions of dollars.

What the layman has forgotten is that the City and County of San Francisco - using the SFPUC as its proxy - can provide electricity - to the City Municipal buildings and MUNI light rail, to the Army - the former Presidio of San Francisco, Public Housing and more.

Having worked for the Presidio of San Francisco - and having created the Infrastructure Group, the Maintenance Technical Support Group, and the Real Estate and Property Management Group - I was privy to a lot of information.

In 1996 with the appointment of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - we saw many changes - and most of the changes adversely affected the poor. 

Public Housing and for those that are ignorant - the ones we have at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Sunnydale, Army Street, Valencia - all received their electricity from Hetch Hetchy at subsidized rates.

In 1996 all that changed - Pacific Gas and Electric - signed an agreement with the City of San Francisco and some crooks that will go unnamed - to fleece the poor.

Today there is talk of Clean Power - and if you follow the Raker Act - the clean water from Hecth Hetchy - some 160 miles away from San Francisco, the hydro-electricity generated and sold to others less coming to San Francisco.

All of the above - reading the Raker Act of 1913 - was meant  and provided for the constituents of San Francisco.

Again and again the constituents of San Francisco - have been shafted - while those in certain circles get their power - at reduced rates. All sorts of sordid deals made and we the constituents have to suffer.

When it comes to electricity - the SFPUC has done all in its power to discriminate, lie, hoodwink, and pretend that it is doing something right - when, it is doing most everything - wrong.

It does not help that we have a General Manager Harlan Kelly who is Black - he is being used like a rag - a dirty rag at that.

It does not help that his wife Naomi Kelly who is also Black - is being used - knowledge is power - but both of them are dictated to - by the worst type of politics and more corruption - adversely impacting all decent, ethical, moral - San Franciscans.

Time and time again - no one wants to address who owns the land - closer to Hetch Hetchy the Miwoks and the Piuets.

Closer to San Francisco and the Bay Area the Ohlone - the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

The thieves stole the land - more the whites - and today some Blacks - adding insult to injury - are selling out the citizens of San Francisco.

We call them sellouts - in some circles they are known as House Negroes - much the same - as were the days - when the plantation and the "masta" - screwed anyone he laid his eyes on - history describes the details. 

Nothing much has changed - when it come to discrimination -  in San Francisco -  more playing one segment of the population against the other.

Not long ago the SFPUC decided using consultants such as Guy Hollings - who is close to Willie L. Brown - and to the Director of Transbay Project - Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - to offer Hetch Hetchy power - that belong to the people - to the COMMONS - to that sordid - project.

Not one meaningful dialog - meeting was held. 

When this matter came before the SF Public Utilities Commission - one SFPUC employee was bold enough to state - that we cannot fully depend on Hetch Hetchy power. The reason he gave - the lack of snow, the current drought and so on and so forth.

I spoke during Public Comment - but those SF Public Utilities Commissioners - all appointed by the Mayors of San Francisco - heard me loud and clear - but pretended they knew - better.

So, let us go to the date when those in Public Housing received notice that hence forward - in 1996 - each unit would get a meter - and that they would pay for their electricity - and that Pacific Gas and Electric would be in charge.

How many millions of dollars do you think Pacific Gas and Electric has raked in all these years - from 1996?

Do you think this could have happened without the present players - right now pretending to have the best interests of our citizens - not knowing - what they were doing then - and less now?

Recently at Public Comment - before the SFPUC  - Yolanda Lewis whose family once lived in San Francisco and now has moved to San Jose - read some remarks.

She pointed to the SFPUC - much the same as I am pointing - lying, deceit, hoodwinking - that SFPUC is famous for - and continues to - foster.

Add to that stealing money - as was done by Juliet Ellis.

Over 20 sex discrimination cases - some solved and other pending.

Other blatant discrimination cases - people promised to be made permanent - and than tortured.

I know what I am talking about - and have spoken about these cases and issues - to no avail.

There is no way SFPUC should allow so many high rises to be built in San Francisco.

Not - without having a VIABLE and SUSTAINABLE plan - linked to clean water, hydro-electricity, clean power, sewer - more with the aging pipes both sewer and clean water - leeching into the watershed.

All connected to Quality of Life issues.

During Public Comment anyone in America can speak their mind.

Our First Amendment is clear on this.

We have the Brown Act - that allows public comment - less questions and for sure NO commentary. 

Again and again the rules are not followed - time for an orientation.

We have ignorant Commissioners - who long after an agenda item is closed - speak on it - and do not follow - the simple, known rules laid by Robert's Rule - and the Brown Act.

Who appoints such air-heads the likes of Francesca Vector. 

Each time she opens her mouth - she shoves her dirty foot in.

Always trying to back Juliet Ellis - who has been faulted  and penalized by the Fair Action Political Committee - and the SF Ethics Commission.

Today the community is hurting and the SFPUC is involved in the worst type of corruption on all levels.

Some added information on the SFPUC to tickle your funny bone: