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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The Republican Victory - comes as NO surprise.

The arrogant Democrats have FAILED miserably.

President Barrack Hussein Obama - will have all the time - to reflect, ponder, and hopefully reform his party - that has let the Nation - down, on many critical and pertinent - fronts.

Closer to home both Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - who have become toxic to anything decent - will now lick their chops.

We need to replace these vermin - and we must not vote to these good for nothing - selfish folks - who have done nothing what so ever for the constituents - that need help, most.

Within weeks - if these two women - are not investigated - the many ploys and machinations - revealed - watch out!

The many big projects linked to the High Speed Rail, the Transbay, the Central Subway, and I do want to mention what I am privy to - but those of us that have challenged the wasteful spending - have recourse to entities that can adjudicate - and throw the book at these evil - individuals.

We will now have access to heads of departments - to carry out real time investigations - with the empirical data we have - that will shed light - on the reality of the day.

Again and again, Nancy Pelosi has been a pain in the ass.

Acting arrogant - failing to play as a team player -  and blaming everyone but herself and her minions - who pander to her.

In all the time she has been in Congress - she has with intent played games. Much like she like to take credit for everything - that others do - and act like a despot - and round herself with lackeys - lackeys who do more harm than - good.

This woman was behind the Presidio Trust that created a monster - that demolished the Letterman Army Medical Center, the Letterman Army Institute of Research, brought is "thugs" from Colorado - James Meadows who we took out - even as the world wondered what happened. James Meadows who people have forgotten.

Just behind the quarters assigned to the General of the Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - he harbored huge snakes, that he used when the prostitutes would visit him - and have all sorts of orgies. Of course Nancy Pelosi will deny this - and the billion dollar heroin bust - in the warehouse in Concord - well recorded and know - by those who follow things - and have a mind second to none. 

I hope Nancy Pelosi will  learn - the better side of things - more, learning for the first time - to see and hear - someone else's opinion - not for her own good - but for the good of this great - Nation.

This fungi of corruption has been growing rapidly - emitting from some Democrats the likes of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi  - adversely impacting thousands - selling our Nation's secrets, using strong arm tactics - again and again - selling out our Nation - on many critical - fronts.

Soon the truth will only come out - when these scum bags - are taken to Court and the TRUTH - is revealed.

More will be revealed - when for the first time - we will learn who benefits from "Obama Care" - and many "pork barrel" projects - that many in our City and County of San Francisco - benefit from.

Closer to home the many local lackeys - will now be putting themselves at arm's length. Changing their tone and speaking in whispers. They are all afraid - that they will - be investigated.

San Francisco had many chances to rid the hags that I have mentioned above - and the time has come - to discern, choose, and support new leaders and representatives - that can surely do better.

Out with the garbage, the chaff, the contamination - that has failed all of us decent constituents who work hard, have morals, ethics, and are NOT spiritually, bankrupt.

The race between David Chiu and David Campos was a tough race - with David Chiu lying, spreading lies, and thinking it was all well to act and behave.

Now that we know that David Chiu has won, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Kathy Tang, Scott Wiener - four more years of more blatant corruption of the highest order - from all of these good for nothing individuals. All of them lack morals - all of them are beholden to the MACHINE - and all of them are spiritually bankrupt.

I remember the time when the Korean American - Jane Kim - would sit down and not acknowledge the the most Sacred pledge we all take - on important occasions - and before the SF Board of Supervisors - begin their meetings. What was and is this woman thinking? And who does she think she is - pandering to politicians - and acting as if she is something - when she is nothing but a buffoon. 

We have SF Superviors from the even Districts - one from an uneven District - pandering to the minions - and failing to represent - those that most need help.

All because of fake " name recognition" and the backing of "developers" and the MACHINE.

Never mind - if these crooks - who are so called Supervisors - make deals behind close - doors. Leading the pack Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, and David Chiu.

Our only hope to gather the empirical data that we already have - and have Law Enforcement - do what it takes to get rid of these despicable folks.

Promise, smile, and stab you in the back. Make no bones about these despicable - so called representatives.

David Chiu reached out to Mayor Edwin Lee - thinking that this would help.

He got the backing of Diane Feinstein and that says it all.

Once you get the backing of the "Mafia" - then most everything - falls in place.

Most of those backing David Chiu are crooks - and we advocates - who are in the know - make no bones revealing - the truth.

San Francisco is known the world over - we brag about our digital world - having Wi-Fi.

This, that, and the other - but when it comes to City Hall of San Francisco  and the Internet - we always get stumped.

Can you imagine - we cannot get real time results - even as late as 5 am - in most Cities - most of the results are available - earlier.

The San Francisco - Elections Department is Smithsonian.

We, the constituents of San Francisco - cannot access the Election's Results - this has not been the first time - and we cannot accept any change - without sound leadership - tons of hot air - but no change.

All over the Nation we have watched - results - in no time - and a better, faster, more reliable system.

What do we have in San Francisco - hours after the ballots are in - slow results - snail speed.

When we have such a system - we have opportunity for changes - manipulation - and all sorts of ploys that we have seen - before.

This City of San Francisco - once witnessed ballots thrown into the Bay - no one took responsibility.

This City was mandated to count valid signatures - I was involved in one instance - and have seen - corruption at very close quarters. As God is my witness.

The Republicans must now change the way they do business - this is their opportunity to take our Nation - to a higher level, to a better place.

Here in San Francisco - this is the opportunity for the Independents - to take control of our destiny - and select candidates - to remove the "stagnant ways of the past".

Eradicate the fungi that hangs all over the place.

The Democrats" - losers - who spew diatribe - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We have a lot of blatant corruption at City Hall - all documented.

We now have an opportunity - to bring those crooks before the authorities to be - adjudicated - and those found in violation - sent to jail for a long, long - time.