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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We have seen the most "despicable" ploy - play right before our eyes - right at City Hall - in Room 250 - which has become a den of thieves - Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

David Chiu did all in his power - using blood money from evil Corporations - to tarnish the name of David Campos. And put in one of his side-kicks - Katy Tang the District Supervisor from District Four.

Lying through his teeth -  now while David Campos was on vacation - he wanted to shaft the leftists and more David Campos - as hard and deep - as he could. He came up with a good plan - so he thought - but it will NOT serve him in good stead. Time will tell.

I hopes  of depriving all those who had higher aspirations - muddling their names - depriving them - making any headway - in some higher - political circles. When one has such deep envy - the rest is plain to see.

San Franciscans you are warned that this man David Chiu will ruin the "fair name" - of this great City and County of San Francisco.

I keep saying that: " this is not Taiwan" -  the way this man - plays the game is disgusting - and he will do all in his power - hit below the belt - and pull out all the sleazy plays - to make his sordid, ugly - point. He will use money - blood money - he makes it possible to pay for others to play.

The progressive once handed the baton to David Chiu.

Yes, Chris Daly did that - and we all we present.

Saying umpteen times - and declaring to the world - that he - David Chiu brought order - to Room 250 where the SF Board of Supervisors - carry out their deliberations.

David Chiu dreams he did bring order - but in reality he deprived us - the constituents - of public comment - the three minutes we had - brought it down to two.

Now he has installed a stooge - in the person of Katy Tang - backed by David Chiu himself.

The two Black sell outs London Breed and Malia Cohen.

Of course the Zionist Scott Wiener who aims to be Mayor one day.

Norman Lee and Jane Kim who went with the flow.

Mark Farrell who made the proposition - to appoint Katy Tang as the interim President.

Katy Tang - declaring - herself running for President of the SF Board of Supervisor - boldly declaring Tang for Tang - now we have the whore from District Four - declaring war on the Progressives and favoring the shenanigans of the corrupt.

The City and County of San Francisco - in now in the hands of some devious so called Representatives of this City and County of San Francisco.

With Malia Cohen trying to make a statement - that each Supervisor represents the entire City - that may be so - generally speaking. Actions count more than diatribe - and more hot air.

Malia Cohen had to open her dirty mouth - and speak from both sides of it and pretend that she understands it all. When will she fathom the reality - and comprehend - that she is an air-head - shallow, inept, immoral, unethical and absolutely - has no standards.

Right at home - in District 10 few trust her - she has disdain for the poor and she has with intent put our infants, children, and youth, and young adult in harms way. Pathetic and a crook at that.

While there was a lot of talk about civility and so on - last night at the SF Board of Supervisors - November 18, 2014.

The most important point to note - is that SF Board of Supervisors - more those that voted for Katy Tang - are spiritually - bankrupt.
They can never ever be trusted - not now and not in the future.

Eric Mar is perhaps the only decent Progressive we have - who will weigh the pros and cons.

Eric Mar is for the people - falls on the good times at home - as his parents raised him well.

More his mother - and for sure with the support of his twin brother and others. I have known Eric Mar for a long time - and God bless him for standing for the Truth - doing Right - and trying to take us to a better - place.

John Avalos tried to reason with the devils - but you cannot do that when those he was trying to persuade - had already sold their souls - to the highest bidder.

London Breed the heifer thought she had a chance - but the White backers - will not take chances.

More when London Breed is reported to have remarked - that Willie L. Brown Jr - "can go fuck himself" - declaring she - London Breed will not be dictated to. She is proud to declare she is from the "hood" that has its advantages and disadvantages.

White folks who put their money on the table - and back nefarious ploys and machination - want slaves on their side - that do as they are told - good, bad, or ugly.If they do not - out with the "dirty rag" and they can pay for more and more - sell outs waiting in line - to sell out the community and their - pathetic souls.

Of course Malia Cohen could have done better - but that was not the case - and that will not be the case in the future - for, Malia Cohen is out to sell out the community. She will whore and sell her ugly self to the highest bidder. You saw just a flicker this time - and the last time too - when she proposed Jane Kim as President of the Board.

Then Jane Kim withdrew and proposed Malia Cohen as President of the SF Board of Supervisors. Only for Malia Cohen to withdraw and propose David Chiu as President - the woman is pathetic - and does not have her heart - in the right - place.

Some of us advocates and leaders who can call thousands at any moment -  are watching her like a hawk - and will give the clarion call.

It is just a matter of time - fire will have to be fought with fire.

Katy Tang will be there for two more SF Board of Supervisors meetings - just to tide things over.

Then David Chiu just before he is sworn as the Assembly Person - replacing Tom Ammiano - will like a weasel - declare war - even as he props someone else - it does not matter - whom.

That person - whoever the person is - will be the "devil" and the next President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Progressive and independents had a change to bring about change - we had the ability to vote - we failed and have only ourselves to blame - so now; we can bark up the wrong tree - all we want.

We can huff and puff - the only fact that counts - is that do we have the right people representing - should be have to deal with a dirty hog like Scott Wiener, lap dogs like Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Jane Kim.

Others that I do not want to name - we brought it upon ourselves.

We the constituents of San Francisco - are a far cry from the days of Tom Ammiano, Aaron Peskin, and Matt Gonzalez - and before that Angelo Alioto - you get the picture.

All this in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - all this land belongs to the Ohlone - and the strangers stole it - and look what they are making of it.

In the years to come we will witness the worst corruption ever seen. 

While we are at it - investigations linked to the the Central Subway, the Transbay, projects linked with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - other ploys and machinations - that I am not at liberty to state - will be initiated.

You will see those pontificating now - cheating and stealing - lie low - walk slowly handcuffed - and you will say - WOW!