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Saturday, November 15, 2014


There are those at the SF Public Utilities Commission - that are arrogant and think that they can hoodwink the public at large - when it comes to important issues that the SF Public Utilities Commission must address - but is circumventing.

Right in the Bayview Hunters Point area - all sorts of deals are being made. Incentives given to those - not, from the community - but those from "outside" - who do not have the best interests of the community at large.

Devious players the likes of former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr are partnering with folks - who will buy land - to do as they please.

Permits given to them on a platter - and no one in the community - cares - not so much because they do not care - but, because they "know not what they do" - and more because they are not educated on issues.

Malia Cohen, the now District 10 Supervisor, who is Black and corrupt - thinks she has affirmed herself - by the results of the recent election.

In fact she is despised by all who understand the circumstances of the moment - she has fought the poor and failed to support building a shelter with 100 beds - paid for by the State of California.

Malia Cohen - took matters into her own hand - and changed the zoning of over 12 large blocks from industrial to allow - health institutions to be built.

There is a big difference between industrial zones - and putting innocent people - in areas where we put hospitals and clinics - that mostly in the Bayview are contaminated and called " toxic hot spots".

It does not matter to this woman - Malia Cohen and others like her- the likes of one Dr. Burke - that a clinic has been established at 3450 Cargo Street - putting our infants, children, and youth in harms way. An area so contaminated - that is defies - common sense.

The paradox is that our Mayor Edwin Lee, the Director of Health - Barbara Gracia favor such actions. California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) gave a donation of $4 million to this project. The 49ers another $300,000. Facebook another $4 million.

No one is thinking about the location - and that is is a proven "toxic hot spot". More bombarded by the foul smell of the near - Phelpls Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

What is the Environmental Division within the District Attorney's office doing? What is the Environmental Division within the Federal Bureau of Investigation doing? What is the Division of Environment with the SF Health Department doing - now, that Dr Rajiv Bhatia was ganged up against - and let go?

What is Tomas Argon and Barbara Gracia  - the SF Director of Health doing? Who is really serving the community.

Why do you all not think - this is the right time to bring in the Republicans - these corrupt folks - are putting innocent people - in harms way.

No one take into account the Precautionary Principle?
No one cares about the Mather Act - linked to contamination, liquefaction, flooding and other adverse - impacts.

Where is the conscience of the City and County of San Francisco - the Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions - busy selling us out.

This land belong to the Muwekma Ohlone - and all of it was stolen. You thieves and crooks do not have the blessing of the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent on this matters of infrastructure, pollution, contamination, liquefaction, flooding - in general Quality of Life - issues.

Millions of vehicles ply by this Wellness Center at 3450 Cargo Way by Third Street.

Daily this Wellness Center for infants and children - is bombarded by the foul smell from the near by Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - situated at Phelps Street - less than a quarter mile away. More contamination from the near by Islais Creek - a few hundred feet away. The dangerous particulates in the thousands of tons - from Cargo Way and Third Street - less than hundred and fifty feet away.

Of importance to the community at large - is the fact that high levels of radioactive elements are found at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Those that know about this - are keeping quiet - because they think the public at large - are not aware of this important issue.

At every stage of the operation - innocent people are affected - and most everything land in our Bay - affecting all life - mostly the fish. Shame on the SF Public Utilities Commission - who think that we cannot think - just because most of them are dumb - and have sold their souls - to the highest - bidder.

Over $2.6 Billion are set aside for the Design of the Digesters -  6 huge tanks at the Phelp Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - that store the treated sewage - a new site has been chosen - but right now - the majority the digesters - these huge tanks - are not operational.

Daily, the entire area closer to the Phelps Raw Sewage - an area of over a mile - stinks to high heaven.

Apparently the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - do not feel the pain of the community.

The so called representatives be they Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, at the local level Mayor Edwin Lee - and the shallow, spineless, and inept - District Supervisor Malia Cohen - could not care less.

A $ 7 Billion bond measure passed by the voters to totally revamp the Sewer System Improvement Project - is crawling - with the corrupt SF Public Utilities Commission - now trying to put words in the mouth of the public - to curtail public comment.

In fact when the public speaks - there should normally be NO dialog - between the person speak - and those that are listening - namely the Commissioners - only on certain especial occasions - and those comments - should be very brief - no long tirades - no diatribe - like those made by Commissioner Francesca Vector.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - must comprehend and further get some orientation about  - "public comment" its importance - within the purview of the Brown Act - and Roberts Rules - and the rules and regulations laid by the State of California governing - public comment.

Our Constitution governing of First Amendment Rights - that must be followed and respect. We are not dictatorial in our governance - and as the days go by - we are lectured - much like little kids - when those who should be lectured - must be the few corrupt - SF Public Utilities Commission staff - who continue to " shaft " - the community at large.

One of them for sure Juliet Ellis - who should be removed from office - now.

At the last Special General SF Public Utilities -  meeting, held November 12, 2014 - all the rules were not adhered to.

There was " unwanted dialog" - held November 12, 2014 - more comments - most of them not warranted - in particular from Commissioner Francesca Vector.

Then more comments - people trying to defend themselves - while truly failing to be really concerned - about the people of San Francisco.

The community in the Southeast Sector - that must be heard - and something done about - this stinking sewage treatment plant - stark naked in the middle of a residential area - that adverse impacts thousands - and must be addressed - on a "war footing".

Has the SF Public Utilities Commission really thought what the Grand Jury has ruled before - and why are they failing to take into account and adhere to the the "wise judgments".

Why the SF Public Utilities Commission - continues to pander - and come to the rescue of some the SF Public Utilities Commission staff - that must be fired - I said fired - the likes of Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis does not know what she is doing - she was caught - diverting over $200,000 - our SF tax payers money to the East Bay. 

She was receiving remuneration from her old Non-Profit while on paid maternity leave.

She lied again and again - and admitted on all counts her transaction - first before the Fair Political Action Committee - at the State Level and then before the Ethics Commission - on the local level.

Corrupt and failing to repent - sending her friends - folks like Van Jones, Fred Blackwell, Dwayne Jones, other very corrupt folks to vouch for her. Is this what we are becoming - crooked to the very core - this woman has made her nest in San Francisco - for all the wrong reason. Much like her sister who despised - in the East Bay.

Such actions must NOT be tolerated - and Juliet Ellis and her minions she hired - depriving local San Franciscans of good jobs - must be let go. Birds of a feather - flock together.

Anyone can make public comment - and our First Amendment - protects the right of anyone to make public comment.

At second thoughts - after reviewing the tape on the Special Meeting - the way the SF Public Commission conducted themselves - was improper.

When public comment is made - do not give your own commentary - keep that commentary for another time.

Do not entertain - further comment - when the item - has been closed.

Do not further add comments to an item that has not been ruled to be active - and this issue about what was really said - and what the SF Public Utilities Commission - made of it - can be adjudicated in the court of law.

On many counts - the SF Public Utilities Commission - which is a very corrupt entity - will be faulted. Make no bones about it - but more take note of it.

Francesca Vector for example requested to be heard - after the matter was CLOSED - the Chair should have said the matter is closed. Period. No comment.

Right now the public from District 10 are fed up - while some folks mostly Blacks who are sell outs - are raking in the money -  linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - Consultants Al Williams, James Bryant, Derf Butler, others from the same cesspool - the same people - committing sordid deeds - in open defiance - corrupt to the core - and proven to be corrupt - by Law Enforcement.

Al Williams has raked in thousands with the Water System Improvement Project.

Most of the Community Benefits - linked to the Water System Improvement Project - $4.6 Billion is all - $2.6 Billion of it - contributed by San Franciscans - we in San Francisco - have yet to get an audit of that money.

When we the constituents asked - where did those Community Benefits go - linked to the Water System Improvement Project - all sorts of excuses are heard.

The one most heard - this was a Regional Program. Give us a line item of how those monies were spent - before the end of this year - 2014?

Give us a line item of how the line items are being spent now with the Sewer System Improvement Project - before 2014 ?

Who truly authorized Juliet Ellis - to send over $200,000 to her former Non-Profit that she headed - and why is this not a crime and a conflict of interest?

There are not too many people - who are ready to involve themselves in the technology, the higher mostly scientific aspects - linked to the Sewer Systems Improvement Project - the few that are - are now targeted. Bring it on.

We are now free to bring it out to the public - and future articles will reveal the empirical data.

That is all that is needed. I ask again - is it true that the Phelps Street Raw Sewage System now encounters high levels of radioactive elements - at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant? 

If so do you "smart people" - have a way to deal with the situation at hand?

Do you still release Methane Gas into the environment - one ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two tons - of Carbon Dioxide?

Why are you all wasting so much time are not addressing the failed WEIRS - that hold the secondary effluents?

And there is more to come - and we the public want answers - now.

The recent results have caught you all SLEEPING -  mostly because of your arrogance - we the public speak and speak to the TRUTH - you speak to the hidden agendas you have - go behind "close doors" and plot - your deeds will reveal the acts - and none of you will leave a - legacy.

None of you will leave a - legacy.

What the SF Public Utilities Commission and Harlan Kelly encourages today - at many levels - dealing with sell outs like James Bryant, Al Williams, Derf Butler.

Other pathetic mostly Black sellouts - who cannot leave a legacy - except to say - they made some stales bread crumbs - and sold out the community. Time will tell.