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Thursday, November 27, 2014


This Thanksgiving and the many more to come - we who came here to Turtle Island   -must give thanks to the Native Americans - closer to home the Ohlone - and even closer to San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Again and again - we forget that we live on Ohlone Land here in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

All over this Sacred land were Shellmounds - Sacred Burial grounds - that were desecrated - the most significant - Emeryville - where sits a large Shopping Mall; that project has fallen on bad times.

Kofi Bonner from Lennar Urban - the lead person who help built that evil shopping mall. This day every year - the Ohlone and other tribes gather by the mound and protest.

 Even as Kofi Bonner embarks - bringing together mostly Black sellouts the likes of Aurelous Walker, Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Malia Cohen - other worse - Blacks - who do not represent the community.

These sellouts - evil to the core - greedy and lacking fortitude -  attend Public Press meetings and other meetings - doing their "dirty deed" in public.

They fail to comprehend there is a God - and that their day is coming. Many of them have fallen prey to cancer - and even today those that venture - to put that hand - to grab some "stale bread" - and weak at their knees and spiritually - bankrupt.

Lennar Urban is a 'rogue developer" that has failed to realize that Candlestick Stadium has "Sacred remains" - that were removed with the dirt from the nearby Bayview Hill - and used as infill - when the Stadium was built.

We have witnesses who will state that fact - the City officials know this - but do not have the guts to do the right thing. This desecration cries to heaven for justice - and those that play with fire - will perish by fire. Aho.

Again and again Lennar Urban has failed to respect the "Muwekma Ohlone".

It is just a matter of time - that Lennar Urban and those that join them in any venture - will fall flat on their face. Make no bones about that.

MACERICH may have made a hastily arranged pact with Lennar Urban - but it is one that is ripe with convoluted ploys and machinations.

Less housing units and a glorified Shopping Mall - that will be a White Elephant.

Lennar Urban has no money - and has raked up its "credit card".

It plans to use - some high class - shopping mall - in the worse part of town - plagued with liquefaction, flood, and what is more contamination. It plans to attract the Chinese from mainland China - who already know - how polluted the area is - and will have nothing to do with it.

The area surrounding Candlestick Point - has the highest rate of cancer and respiratory diseases.

Many women give birth to still born babies - the near by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has high levels of radioactive elements - the likes of cesium, depleted uranium - much of it carried by the wind and land at Candlestick Point.

Add to that heavy metals like mercury, lead - in addition - dangerous particulates - from the many rigs and vehicles - that ply - on the near by roads that need urgent, repair.

On Carroll Street - flows raw sewage and has been flowing for the last 20 years - from the near by Alice Griffith Public Housing - where the resident have been treated with disdain.

The City and County of San Francisco - thinks it can fool all the people all the time.

We saw this with TWITTER - that is now reeling from bad press - and is doing pathetically poor - on Wall Street.

At home the area where TWITTER makes it home - is filthy and this news was broadcast for all the world to know.

Those living in and around Mid-Market - have not received any benefits - but hype.

It does not help that Jane Kim and Ed Lee still think - they did right - by backing TWITTER - with tax payers money - some learn - but those I continue to mention - live in oblivion.

The Southeast Sector is the last frontier - and was contaminated by the United States Navy - as part of the World War II - operations.

95% of the land some over 800 acres is landfill - poor landfill - spewing methane gas - and yet we think we can build on such land. Sea level will inundate this land - and those that are planning for such project - are defying Mother Nature - and will pay a very, very heavy price.

So it does not matter if it Pier 70 - contaminated with over 1 million tons of coal tar, 4 very contaminated hot spots the result of Ammonia Spills.

The SF Port Authority - and others -pretend some hastily half-baked Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - will suffice.

Evil folks like Joe Boss, Malia Cohen, and the other - mostly Black sellouts - who take money and sell their souls - can get some short time gratification - but not for long - they will reap the result while they are alive - and repent for their dirty deeds.

Foremost Malia Cohen - who has done nothing - but sell out the community and rake in money to fill her own - pocket.

History will not be kind to these mostly Black sell outs who have partnered with Forest Hill, the John Stewart Company, Lennar Urban - mostly "greed" developers and Property Managers - who do not have the best interest of the - constituents of San Francisco.

Every Thanksgiving people think the "Turkey" and the many platters containing Turkey meat, Cranberry, yams, and other such fake dishes - suffice to give "thanks" - thanks to whom?

We have had this discussion umpteen times - there was wild fowl, there was corn, some wild berries - most of all there was harmony, rejoicing, respect - at that one glorious Thanksgiving Day.

Today, this day where the Native American came to the rescue of the dying, sick, and hungry - Mayflower strangers - who had landed on some land - they knew little about - should make us reflect more humanly with humility - but that is not the case.

There is not one single legal document that states that San Francisco and the Bay Area was handed over to the 'strangers" by the Ohlone.

18 treaties signed by the United States and the Native American Tribes of California were not "Ratified". Thieves stole the land - and up to this day - do not have the humility of admit that they are thieves.

Yet, the thieves do as they please - and dole out "stale bread" - thinking they can hoodwink - all the people - all the time.

Stick to the basic, eat less, rejoice that you are here - and always remember whose land this is.

Some do not - even know this history - they know the "crap" that is told to them and taught to them.

Some even defy that this land is theirs - when their ancestors - fled from plagues, lack of opportunities and so on and so forth - to come here with nothing - nothing at all.

Many landed on the shores of "Turtle Island" with papers - now they do not want the "immigrants" the Ohlone wish to help to come here and contribute to Turtle Island.

We know who is NOT welcome - but to say it - would not be polite.

Today we must give thanks to the "Great Spirit" and in giving thanks - give thanks to the Ohlone - and to the other tribes -  all sisters and brothers - the ancestors who were deceived, killed - and all this until 1924.

Edicts were sent from the California Governor's office - to kill any Indian - and fetch a measly $5. Native American children rounded and sent to boarding schools. Other atrocities committed - to horrific to describe.

Most of the ignorant - drowning in their sordid greed, avarice, gluttony, malice, sodomy - have NO clue about this sordid history - and yet call themselves - educated and civilized.

They should be ashamed of themselves - and their lack of being educated on issues and mostly importantly - spiritually bankrupt. Aho.