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Monday, November 17, 2014


It is simply not right to think that building a large shopping mall - in a neighborhood that is being "gentrified" - is the right thing to do.

The Bayview neighborhood is suffering - and in many hot spots the unemployment is as high as 30%. The general figure given in San Francisco is 6% unemployment. Many beg to defer.

There is no way - coming into a community - and suddenly put a huge shopping mall - will suddenly come to the rescue of the hurting neighborhood "economy"- and turn - things around.

For sure not  - with LENNAR a "rogue developer" - leading the charge - of all the wrong - reasons.

Sea level rise is a real "threat" to the area prone to liquefaction and flooding.

In fact Candlestick Stadium is in a real - flood zone.

Anytime there is some rain - the entire road in front of the Candlestick Stadium - gets flooded.

If there is three or four inches of rain - a huge pool is created that takes days to clear - even if one use the "pumps" to try to remove the huge - puddles.

On Carroll Street we have raw sewage - spilling on the road - no one seems to look at the bigger - picture. No one wants to analyse and bring about some solutions - to address - Quality of Life issues.

The neighborhood is treated - as if those who are home owners - are dirt - Dr Espanola Jackson lives in the area - the Mayor Edwin Lee does not want to talk to Dr Espanola Jackson about her community - she has lived in the neighborhood since 1948.

So, Dr. Espanola Jackson goes to Candlestick to see how the Press Conference at 12 noon is going on - she is told at 10 am - to attend she has to be on the list. On the list of sell outs and crooks and we already know who they are. 

Dr. Espanola Jackson is not on the list - so they "big guy" calls - only to be reassured by the "devil" himself - that only those who are on the list - can be present at this "sordid" - Press Conference.

You all want to play this game - well, bring in on - and on those who have invaded the community - you asked for it - so you will receive it -  in abundance. Always remember we are in the cockpit.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - all of it - stolen by the crooks - and today the same snake - different head - wants to be build a Shopping Mall - when the community is hurting and has not been given opportunities for ages.

The sell outs on the pay roll - and we watching you all - like a HAWK.

On occasion the rigs plying on the road - by Candlestick Stadium - have to wait for hours - before - moving along.

 I have seen this - again and again - because my office is not far away from this location.

It is simply wrong to first try to build a Shopping Mall - when we already have a lot of shopping malls - in San Francisco.

The community has been kept out - and very evil people the likes of "Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr." - and his minions that he has chosen to plant in the community - but are not from Bayview are acting as Brokers - when it comes to trucking, go between thug - much like a "MAFIA OPERATION"  pushing for this shopping mall and inferior housing.

More in an area that is rife with access Methane Gas spewing in the air. We have Mr. Jack Broadbent from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - do - due diligence. 

There was talk about such a shopping mall and a stadium years back - that Proposition was shot down by the people of San Francisco.

More by the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point - Willie L Brown Jr. backed the proposition years ago - and his ugly head has propped up - again.

God sees it all - and those that defy the decent people will FAIL.

This City is all about GREED - where the poor are treated like dirt - and the few advocates that we have must stick together - and we can and we will - defend those that need to be defended.

We brought down LENNAR to their knees not long ago - and this time LENNAR will be drowning - literally in the "cesspool" of their own creation.

We have advocates in the Mission, in the Exelcesior, in the Fillmore, in the South of Market Area, in the Portola District, in Mission Bay, in the Bayview Hunters Point, all over the place - ready to act.

Make no bones about it - this time - the action will be - lazer beam focus - and there is no need - for thousands to be in the - "street".
Think about it. We have the "empirical data" - we have the "fact" and we know what the Housing Element calls for - and more the SF General Management Plan.

All of the above have been circumvented. God is watching these "thugs" - greed thugs - the likes we have NOT seen - before.

Mayor Edwin Lee would not like us the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and the Southeast Sector - tell the Chinese constituents what to do in China Town? 

Or for that matter the Zionists - how best - what to build in the Pacific Height - area?

So what is Mayor Edwin Lee doing in our neighborhood?

Working with thugs - on some payroll, some of them dead and gone - other getting "strokes" - and even as they live they want to make money - before the give up - their last - breath.

The Mayor Edwin Lee - does not comprehend that a shopping mall of this nature - does not do good - but brings in traffic, congestion, and segregates the community.

We have Little Hollywood - most San Franciscans do not know about this community - it will be adversely impacted.

Executive Park does not need any traffic. We need good roads - the road by Recology and Bayland Soil Processing - which is full of pot holes - and is being water by cleaning drinking water - from SF Hydrants - by folks who are not respected by the community at large.

Right now - the community is being impacted - by an infusion of other segments of the community - who once lived in China town and other areas - who have difficulty - living in the Bayview Hunters Point - because they have no clue about culture and less about the history of San Francisco.

Crime is on the increase - and each entity keeps blaming the other. When will this City learn - as it keeps destroying all the committees, the many organizations that are not funded - we are help this City because we love the City and good San Franciscans.

We also of fully aware of sordid City employees who are selling our the community. We know them and we are watching them - like a HAWK.

The City is not providing any services - no succor - and I have spoken to those in charge - and there is nothing forthcoming in terms of - practical services - to those that need them most.

We cannot treat our infants, children, youth and young adults with disdain. What is Maria Su doing for infants, children, youth and young adults - in practical terms - within Little Hollywood, Executive Park - except have City employees - rent space - and spread their evil plans - remote control - from a Safe Haven - Executive Park. 

Our taxes are receive and very little is put in the area I have mentioned Little Hollywood, Executive Park, the area near Gilman Park. When the Mayor ask this questions - all sorts of excuses will be made - and that is the crux of the problems.

City employees making over $200,000 with benefits - shafting us the taxpayers - every opportunity they - get.

The authorities at City Hall more in Room 200 - want to shove - their sordid plans - down our throat.

A Causeway from Highway 101 South by Candlestick Exit - clear across Yosemite Slough - all the way to the very contaminated, Superfund Area - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

An area known to have high levels of Radioactive Elements - Cesium, Uranium - depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard. 

A six lane road that will completely change Harney Way and no one is having meaningful discussions.

The discussions being held - by SF County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - and the Municipal Transportation Agency  (MTA) are half-truths.

The people attending these meeting - have no clue about Land Use, less about Transportation issues, even less about the General Management Plan - and even more less concrete information when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

No talk about Recreation Facilities, Childcare, Community Facilities, Training Centers, High Schools - it is all about dense housing - for whom and why in our neighborhood.

The constituents of San Francisco are fed up with the high rise buildings all over down town.

We in the Executive Park area - want meaningful discussions - and we have a height limit - and was in place - but project by project - some devious people - want the raise the height limits, create dense housing, bring in a lot of techies and those type of vermin - who adverse impact the community.

In the interim the Violence Prevention and Intervention is not being addressed - in a systematic manner.

The City and County has millions of dollars - and uses a technique - that is detrimental - to any type of meaningful, practical, and holistic delivery - is is called "out sourcing".

We once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. No more.

We once had employees working in the area of Criminal Justice in an office that made sound policies - we now have - folks who take orders - and use band-aid methods - to hoodwink the community.

There is no way any development can take place in a war zone.

The para-military tactics will not work - right now there is little dialog - and opposing sides - are set for war.

The Mayor is not aware of this - and Law Enforcement - thinks using force will solve the problem - it will not.

I have the know the Captains from the Bayiew Station going over 35 years - each and every one of them - including our present Chief of Police - who I know - and was the Captain of the Bayview Police Station - not long ago.

As far as construction is concerned - all the Local Business Enterprises are given no opportunities. 

We all know that SILVERADO has got some contract.

The outreach is pathetic - to say the least.

Mostly Black thugs - have flooded the area - folks who work for commissions - positioning themselves to get money - and do not help our youth, young adults. These leeches have been in the community and have no conscience - 'thugs" who all have served jail terms and now work for LENNAR URBAN and now a Corporation named MACE RICH a good MATRIX - to MACE any project.

In recent history - linked to any shopping mall - no shopping mall has totally ignored the local residents - with the Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions - thinking they can - do as the please - without a Blue Print that has NOT been vetted by the residents - and a display of arrogance - second to none - an attitude that will reap - chaff because that it was you have to offer. 

Koffi Bonner is not to be trusted - he built the Emeryville Shopping Mall in the East Bay - on Ohone remain and now wants to do the same - at Candlestick Point - well, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Bring it on.

Time will tell and more reveal - and when the time comes - it will not be - pretty.

Those that have skills - and are from the community -  are discriminated - because of the color of their skin.

We do not want anyone making promises - promises with no meat - promises that are more like hot air - spewing a lot of diatribe - openly - and fostering the worse type of - GENTRIFICATION.

Another project in our neighborhood - barring the public at large - closer the neighbors - who these "demons" plan to interact with - we will call your - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Here are the lying dogs with fleas - and their vain, conceptual plans: