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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


All the sell outs were cuddled in a space that reeked with "sulphur" - at the east corner of Candlestick Park.

When Kofi Bonner and Mayor Edwin Lee tried to say something about the future of Candlestick Point - at the Press Conference - where only the "crooks" were invited - all the main speakers - could do is spew  - generalities.

Chaff that falls on the way side - nothing comes from chaff.

More from those that spew diatribe and have their heart in the wrong place. 

When you speak to the TRUTH - they get disturbed - more because they have no ethics, less morals, and for sure no standards - worth the salt.

Believe me and you two know me - short ass noise makers - if you are shallow - if you are lukewarm - you will be "spit" out - out into the open and into the gutter of ill fame.

You just cannot keep outs the residents, those that live and work in the Bayview Hunters Point - from attending this Press Conference held at Candlestick Point at 12 noon.

You who polluted the air - and are slowly killing our babies, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors - all those that have lived for so many years - in this the land of the OHLONE.

Coming out with this "Gucci" trash and shopping conceptual plan - that simply does not fly.  Who has the money to buy $300 and $400 bags - all to glorify greed. No folks have no spirituality - is fact you all are spiritually - bankrupt and should be ashamed of yourselves.

For example do you think the Chinese from Mainland China will wait for three years - to come and shop at your shopping mall?

When right now they prefer to go to Los Angeles, to cities in Australia, and to Singapore - to Europe, go to other, better Cities - how dumb could you all be.

If the Chinese come to San Francisco - they like to stay in San Francisco and shop in San Francisco.

So, do not step totally left field and try to figure out - a drab way to make more money - fostering sordid, greed.

Lennar Urban is a Rogue Developer - and nothing good will come from Lennar Urban.

Never mind if some maverick developer - the like of MACE RICH has joined them - the project within six months - will be MACED. You heard it - right here.

Candlestick has the remains of the Ohlone - the remain were removed from the side of the Bayview Hill - and the dirt and remains - used as the foundation for the Candlestick Stadium.

Kofi Bonner knows about Ohlone remains and the shopping mall at Emeryville and now this "thug" from Ghana - is now spreading another type of Ebola - pitting the poor - bringing is unsavory characters - the likes we have not seen in the history of San Francisco.

Lennar Urban learned a big lesson in the year 2008 - and Lennar will learn a bigger lesson in 2015.

Mayor Edwin would not accept - constituents from the Southeast Sector - going to China Town and dictating terms to them.

Going to Pacific Height and dictating terms to the Pacific Height Mafia.

When it comes to the Bayview - again and again Willie L. Brown Jr. who has done nothing much for the Bayview - thinks he can speak for the Muwekma Ohlone - for those those that have the best interest of the Bayview Hunters Point - he should be ashamed of himself - always pushing his ploys - to make more money.

Willie L. Brown Jr already get sufficient revenue - most of it illegal from the Casinos he has interests in - in Macao - which is now under the control of the Mainland Chinese.

In San Francisco most of the developers - are intimidated - and have to pay Platinum Consultants - to get permits and to make any headway.

Let us see what Willie L. Brown Jr can do when funding is curtailed for the Transbay Project soon - by the Republican Party.

I hope some deep investigation is done - and someone goes to jail for a long, long time. 

That includes some Representatives - who have done nothing much for San Franciscans - but in all the time they have been in power - filled their own pockets.

We the people from the Bayview Hunters Point - the entire Southeast Sector - do not want large shopping malls - we want the area cleaned, abated, and mitigated - to residential standards.

The First People the Ohlone must be kept in mind - you disrespect the original people - and all who dream of these conceptual plans - will keep on dreaming forever - please do not play with fire.

If you do you -  all you sell outs and those that back you up with whispers of sweet nothings - will drown in the "cesspool" of your own creation.