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Friday, November 28, 2014


All over the world - there are those - who take away from those that need it most - led by greed - and then - make rules and regulations - to take more and more and more - until there is NO MORE.

The world population is now in the billions - for sure over 9 Billion - but here in the United States of America - Turtle Island - our population is about 315 million and we live in an area - that is 3,717,812.8 square miles.

On another note we have about 250,000,000 Internet users. There are about 152,000,000 Facebook users - just to give you some statistics - on some things or tools that matter - in our daily lives.

Even as we have access to the Internet, our First Amendment Rights, our unique Constitution and more.

We have, the United Nations that has its headquarters in New York - where international policies and laws flow from.

Some of the best National newspapers - the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times - we constantly are told and read - that our rightful access - more linked to broadband will be curtailed - in one way of the other.

As human beings - we must learn to be educated on issues.

There is a lot of information out there - but the ability to "discern" - the ability to find the best information and learn more from the source.

Use the information - more for its quality, less from from being drab, shallow, worthless, and lacking standards  - it is simply -from quality and filtered information - that leads to sound education.

So as I write and sound the clarion call - I get a lot of emails - from all over the world - and I treasure the sentiments - and as I age - and am privy to information - from my past and present positions - I can do some and make a difference - speak to the TRUTH.

So to you all - I say thank you - and God be with you - may you all enjoy good health and peace of mind.

Closer to home Arshad Muhammad a young man - will rise to the occasion and shine light where there is darkness.

Even as Olavo de Souza who lives in Germany - stands for the TRUTH and more.

We two have shared what we could share - and spread joy - when we could - and excelled in sports and knowledge and more - and still do.

Ruben Santana a business man that the White House honored some years ago - and who is my dear friend - facing the trials and tribulation -  in this spiraling economy - more in the year 2008.

Together we speak to the TRUTH and rise up again and again. Always remembering what his grandmother said - " be humble" - prodding us to go to a better - place.

Yolanda Lewis a "fire cracker" that has put to shame - those that are closer to "greed"  - having no standards - more those that think they are leading the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission projects some where.

Never caring for the population that matters most - always working behind close doors - to fleece the community at large.
Their time is coming they will  land in the "cesspool" - of their own creation.

Samera Edwards from San Francisco now working in Uganda - a good soul - always willing to take people to a better place. God bless her and all those she interacts and cares for.

Thousands more that I can mention -  in our movement - Stop Lennar Action Movement  (SLAM).

We the people won - when we made Lennar Urban - spend $10 million - while we could only manage to dole out just $5 thousand.

God is good - and God will see that we attain our rights - while the "devil" that is Lennar Urban and those that side with it - perish in less than 5 years. Mark my words. 

Macerich will be in for a surprise - even as Kofi Bonner - will be bringing up excuses - it will be too late - perhaps there will be a long silence - and after that more silence.

Again and again major corporations are doing their best to brainwash the constituents of the United States of America - that I prefer to call Turtle Island.

The Koch Brothers, Monsanto, the Main Media, other nefarious media outlets led by the Zionists - are constantly - putting out "fake information".

It is amazing to witness - fairly educated people - fall prey to such shenanigans, ploys, and machinations.

Black Friday was the day after Thanksgiving.

The slave owners - in preparation for the up coming harvest - would have sales - sales of "slaves".

Few understand how for hundreds of years - "slave labor" was used - by heartless, mean, evil folks - to make money - off human sweat and blood.

Now, to think of it that on Black Friday - without comprehending the origins of this day - "Black Friday" - today - so many have fallen prey - to celebrating a day - without any second thoughts. Go figure.

It is all the more disgusting - when "people of color" - grinning, smiling, nonchalant - make a big deal about getting some - "deals"  - forgetting themselves - and less the "origins" - of this day - participating in the orgy of buying - just to satisfy some fleeting - greed of the worst, order.

I once happened to be at the Emporium - some 15 years - now no longer - at 5th and Market - downtown San Fancisco.

People waiting to enter - the Emporium - and when the doors opened - there was a stampede - and a woman was down on the floor - and the people just used her like a "bridge" - stomping on her - and dashing for what they wanted to buy - filled with greed and avarice. 

The humanity of their actions - was there fully displayed - and no one paid attention - until I raised a ruckus - and brought some sense to the melee - what has happened to our people - and why have we who participate in these convoluted sales - brought ourselves to the level - where we have lost our mind.

These shopping sprees - these days set aside - all have calculated ploys and take one no place that is good.

Only those who are spiritually sound, grounded in principles and standards - those educated on issues can see through the sordid materialism - that has made us all - so spiritually - bankrupt.

Can you imagine having a "high end shopping mall" in the Bayview Hunters Point and Candlestick Point?

A place where this City and County of San Francisco with intent - has kept the people down - by depriving them of opportunities?

We have the largest population of children in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - yet, one in three children do to bed hungry?

We have the highest number of cancer patients. The highest number of infants, children, and adults with respiratory diseases.

The Bayview, Candlestick Point, Hunters Point - that does not have a high end Fresh Produce Market - even though we have a Produce Market - in the vicinity? 

We have Blacks the likes of Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Kimberly Brandon, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Lola Whittle, Doris Vincent, Dwayne Jones, Malia Cohen, Sophina Maxwell - others; mostly Blacks - who have lost their mind - and work with the "devil" - to carry out the nefarious activities - linked to Greed, avarice, closer to the works of - Lucifer. 

Let me state categorically that " no good will come at Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, the area around the State Park".

Lennar Urban will fail much like what is happening at Emeryville Shopping Mall in the East Bay - built on top of a Shellmound.

Go to the source and learn why?

You cannot desecrate the Sacred remains of the Ohlone - and think for a second that you will prosper. No way.

This is Ohlone land - in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone -  Aho.