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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The prosecutor in a pompous tone laid down his law - and three minutes into his diatribe - those of us that know the law - clearly saw the end result.

With all the time spent gathering the empirical data - the facts - forensic and all - "there was no probable cause" - to fault the police officer Darren Wilson.

This adjudication will be debated - and again and again - those that have "no compassion" - will say our Nation is a land of laws.

No mention of fairness, understanding, fortitude, and most of all compassion. Which reminds me Jesus on the cross - follow me - it will not take too long.

President Barack Hussein Obama waited for the Grand Jury decision to be made - " we are a Nation of Laws and we must abide by the decision of the Grand Jury".

So, how many people of color have been shot and killed - and how many Grand Juries have come out and said - the "police officer was at fault".

To the ordinary people I say - we the Commons - have we pondered hard and deep - and asked ourselves - the cause of these happenings? 

Why do we avoid - "spirituality" - fail to foster and chose to do right - and not wrong?

If this was the case - no one would have gone into a store - and stolen - for to steal is wrong.

Especially, some stuff that as mundane as - cigars - blended with weed - to make one feel good - temporarily. 

The prosecuting attorney Bob McCoullock comes from a family of Law Enforcement - he remembers well - how his father a police officer - was shot and killed - by a Black man.

In his fifteen minutes of fame - he changed what he wanted to change - set the tone - the time - and everything. 

Never mind if people had to wait for 8 hours plus - to know what - the decision was made - that had already been leaked out early in the day.

Whoever, decided to reveal an adjudication such as this - when it was pitch dark -  was close to the "devil" himself. 

Hate is something - that destroys - and when one plants the seeds of hate - it does not matter if it is in Paris, Ferguson, Kabul, San Francisco - hell fire reigns supreme. Lucifer.

Governor Jay Nixon said a lot - but most of it - was diatribe.

The Grand Jury nine whites and three blacks - how many truly could adjudicate - fairly?

The Grand Jury behind close doors - were all dictated to - close doors shut to the world.

Conditioned for weeks on end - by rules, regulations, dictates, other shenanigans - that will be revealed - in good, time.

An important factor to note - in cases where the deliberations and adjudication are carried behind close doors - as in this unique case - it favors all the mandates of "Sunshine". 

I often say where there is abject darkness let shine light.

There is a Federal case that is brewing - and the Feds - can step up with the Federal Attorney General and other Supreme Court bodies - adjudicating - the material and facts at hand.

Some contaminated - and others that have yet to be looked into with fortitude and deliberation - more fairness and compassion.

Here in San Francisco and the Bay Area - we have had many such cases.

Oscar Grant comes to mind - and I was one of the first to write about the case - back then when I would  contribute to Indymedia.

Few know about the moment - we took the fight to Oakland from San Francisco - met at the Baptist Church by 24th Street - for weeks on end - and saw before our eyes - who truly stood for truth and who did not.

Few know that we the chosen few brought about the resignation of the then District Attorney Tom Orloff from Oakland.

Time flies and those that protest - loot and destroy - do not know the deeds of those that stood for the truth and won, some at great sacrifice and hard work. 

All documented and all laid bare - for all to see - more those - fair minded women and men of good - faith.

In recent months we have had four cases - where there was no need for brutal force - and less for someone to die - but they did - and these crimes cry to heaven for justice.

Michael Brown was a young man - who never thought - stealing would lead to his death.  The President said we are a Nation of laws - and we must first learn to understand that.

We have Law Enforcement - with all the talk - and training - shoot first and then ask questions. You have the "bad guys" and you have the "other guys".

Daily millions of us - work hard - and we do not break the law.

Many of us want the best for others - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors.  We are shaken up - we feel angry - a life is a life is a life. Never mind the deed.

Jesus was on the cross - suffering and dying.

Two thieves were hanging too - one to His left and one to His - right.

One rebuked the Christ - " Are you not the Christ?" - "save yourself and us as well".

The other chided the arrogant thief and said: " we deserve our sentence" - "this man has done nothing wrong".

Turning to Jesus he said: "remember me when you come into your kingdom".

"Indeed, I promise you" Jesus replied - "today you will be with me in paradise".