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Thursday, November 6, 2014


San Francisco constituents are astute - I say that because much has been made of the many slates - and that our Mayor Edwin Lee and former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - the MACHINE - who brag that were instrumental and had a say - in the end results of the November, 2014 - local, elections.

On certain ballot propositions - we have seen - vast amounts of money - spent on advertisements.

Such types of advertisements may sway some - who are not educated on issues - one such measure - Proposition F.

Not a word about a million tons of coal tar that has to be abated.
Coal left for over 50 years - coal was once used to fire the huge -
boilers to fire the Power Plants.

In later years - natural gas was used - until the Mirant Plant was shut down thorough our efforts - the Environmental advocates.
The power plant once owned by Pacific Gas and Electric and sold to Mirant - both entities polluted a two mile radius area - with mercury, lead, and thousands of tons of dangerous - particulates.

The land is polluted and so is the Bay. Millions of fish - notably herring were killed - in later years - deformed fish were found - and no cares - about building on such contaminated sites - and no one cares about a through - clean up.

Not a word about 4 large sites by Pier 70 - where ammonia spills occurred and the sites have NOT been cleaned up - all these many years.

Not a word about the many other very dangerous chemicals - in the dirt by Pier 70 - part of the World War II efforts.

Abatement and mitigation - that should have been done - by the U.S. Navy and other steel, electro-plating businesses, other such operations generating contaminants.

Much of that was dumped on Pier 70 site and by Pier 98. The crooks that polluted the two sites - polluted the area and walked away.

It will cost billions to clean up the area. No one will be allowed to dig into the dirt - but the advertisements wrongly show a child watering some plants - what plants.

Any one who wants to have plants - will be instructed to buy planters, fill them with clean dirt - and grow the vegetables, flower, and what have you.

People sitting on lawns - to give an impression that the area is clean - it is not.

Joe Boss, Malia Cohen, the SF Port Authority, Forest Hill Developers, Mayor Edwin Lee, others who back the Pier 70 project want something - that they have no clue about.

Big money developers - could not care less - it is simply wrong to put innocent people in harms way. Time will tell.

The conceptual plans shown in the Proposition F advertisement - are just that - fake.

Conceptual plans are like a dream - you wake up - and it could be your worst - nightmare.

Malia Cohen has not served District 10 - not at Hunters Point and Parcel A - where daily the workers are exposed to Asbestos Structures - and other contaminants.

SF Department of Building Inspection - is NOT doing their job.

The SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia is not doing her job.

More tomorrow - let us be vigilant - and report the adverse impacts - to the authorities. Some one else is in the cockpit - and we can do it - this time, around.

This is time - it is very possible to send these very corrupt politicians to jail - and  may they linger there - for a long, long time.

The November, 2014 elections at a glance: